Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Lingerie Football betting syndicate

Ah Vegas. Another December, another trip to meet up with some good people. A time to great old friends and meet new ones. A chance to put names to faces as you slide down the slippery slope of degeneracy.

It is one of the best times of the year.

I'm going to skip past Thursday. I don't recall much of it. Just Bam Bam sending glasses of scotch to me at the Pai Gow table. Motor boating April's friend, Maura, at the low cost of a buck. And more bourbon than I can recall drinking in a long while.

i didn't feel too bad on Friday. After I was up and moving about, I got in touch with Poker Peaker about some food. I jumped the monorail to MGM and had a meal with him and Mrs. Chako. After eating we moved to the Aria to meet up with CK, Jordan and his friend at Todd English Pub. Surprisingly, I didn't get a beer though they did have some interesting selections on tap.

Back to Aria, I decided to grab a brew at the sports book bar. I got a text from Dr. Pauly saying that Derek and he would be arriving soon. I had no problem donning around with some video poker and quaffing Widmer Hefeweizens for a bit of time.

Before doing so, I wandered into the sports book to see what the latest football lines were. It was there that I saw a line that I knew a wager would be placed. I was surprised and tickled pink to see it. There on the TV in the lower left corner was a line for Lingerie Football. The Fantasy was favored by 8.5 over the Crush. Sure I had no clue who these teams were or even what cities they represented, but it was Lingerie Football. How could I not want to bet on this game?

When Pauly and Derek showed up, we soon went into the sports book. I quickly pointed out the TV and began to lay down the idea of making the bet. Pauly put out word to his shadowy contacts asking for some intel on the game. Instant Tragedy warned to watch out for some chick on the Crush. A little searching online showed that it was the Orlando Fantasy taking on the Cleveland Crush. Now we were getting somewhere.

I pushed that we had to bet this game. When would we get another chance to make a ridiculous bet? Yeah yeah it happens all the time with this crowd. Soon we were forming our syndicate. I tossed in $20. Pauly matched as did Derek. Iggy got in on the action. Maudie tossed in some cash and it was done! We proudly went to the cashier to place our money on the Fantasy (you always go with the home team in Lingerie Football. Duh!). We asked the lady if we were going to move the line with our bet. She gave us a snobby no, that we would have to bet thousands for that to happen. What a twat! How dare she try to rain on our parade like that.

We moved on to the Pub at Monte Carlo for Happy Hour. Met up with Kat and soon Chilly. A meal would be consumed as we went through their extensive menu of beers. People began to move back to Aria. I think Chilly and I went into the casino to play some Pai Gow.

After a while, I got a text from Pauly saying I had to get back to Aria. We had won the Lingerie Football bet! The Fantasy clobbered the Crush! We proudly cashed the ticket and another legend was born. Back to the bar to toast our smart, clever wager.

The Lingerie Football syndicate may meet up again next year to make another wager. I highly suggest you mark your calendar now as you will want the inside word on the game next year.


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