Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Junkie

Been a long time since I had anything to post here. Been on a bit of a poker hiatus. Other things in life taking up my time. It was the MMA Junkie tournament that brought me back. Let's shake some rust off and see how it goes.

Over 4400 were entered for the tournament. 4400? I wonder how many of these people actually play poker or just got an account for this tournament.

Lots of limping to start. No one wanted to raise pre-flop until I made a move. Then it gets nuts for a little bit. The sleepy table has woken up.

There are now more than 4600 entered. 200 have already busted out.

A couple minutes later, the total is over 4700 and 300 have busted out. Will be 4800 and 400 soon.

Cards are not coming in the first round. A Q and 5 5 are the best I see. I chip up with them but I need some real action. I get it with K K. One limper and I bet pot. He calls and we see a bad flop for me. A 6 8, all clubs. I have the king of clubs. I think I am basically toast. But then limper min bets 40. Wow, really? I'll fish. I call. Turn is the J of spades. Same min bet, same call by me. River is a club. He now bets 240. I raise pot and he calls. He has the Q of clubs and begins to complain. I am upset that I hadn't realized it was a KO tourney. I should have gone all in and collected the bounty. Yeah its only a buck but its a bounty!

I'm a whore for bounties.

Late registration is still packing them in. 5345 as I type. Over a thousand out. Over $1000 paid in bounties already. I want that dollar bad now!

I call with J 10 clubs on the button. Flop is a K high rainbow. Blah! Though tempted to raise his flop bet, I rather move on to the next hand. The guy has been aggressive but I think rumbling right now may not be the best thing. Yet.

After a bit of folding, I raise with A Ko from EP. Get one caller but the BB raises. Hmm... I call as does the other player. Flop is Q 4 4. BB checks. Strange. I check as does the caller. Turn is a 9. Now the BB bets out. My gut tells me he has Q Q and tried to slow play. I have nothing so folding is easy. The caller in MP stays in. River is a J. BB bets again and is now raised by MP. Interesting. BB pushes, gets called, and shows Q Q. Though my play is rusty, the instinct came back quickly. But I am down to 1800. Gave 1000 away on the last couple of hands.

5954 is the final tally? Nope, still some time to get in. Creeping towards 6000. Will it make it?
Yes! I believe the tourney was capped at 6000 so it is full. Over 2000 have already been knocked out. I haven't collected on any. :(

Watching a 2 week old episode of Fringe as I play. Like the show. Hoping it won't be axed. Also hope the Olivia speaking like Bell doesn't last long.

Still spinning my wheels in the tournament. Fringe is over and now listening to Children of Bodom. Skeletons in the Closet to be exact.

Hey, I played another hand! In EP I raised with A Jo. Two to my left calls as does the BB. Flop is all rags. I decide to bet 400 into a 780 pot. Having not played many hands lately, I want to make it look like I have a monster. First guy folds right away. The BB thinks though. In my head I am repeating "fold fold fold fold". After a bit he does. Back above 2000. Maybe I can get something going now.

Remember how I said I didn't want to rumble with the one player? Well the time had come. He raised and I decided to just call with 10 10. Flop was J J 8, two spades. He bet out, 350. I pushed thinking he only had an ace at best. I was right. He called showing A 10. The 9 of clubs hits the turn. But a 7 shows on the river for a split pot. Bastard! Took a chance on a read and did not get rewarded.

At the break I have 2025. That blows. Leader has 18110. I am a bit off the pace.

As Mike Goldberg would say "It's all over!!!" I raised with A Ko and had two callers. Flop is K high. I push and am called by K Qo. Turn is a Q. No A on the river and I am out at 2533.

I feel disappointed. I missed out on a bounty but otherwise didn't play poorly. Nothing I can do about that I guess.