Saturday, May 07, 2011

12 questions

  1. Has anyone received a check from PokerStars yet?
  2. Did it clear?
  3. Suggestions for how to cash in those PStars player points?
  4. Any idea when Full Tilt will make funds available?
  5. What can I do with the Full Tilt points?
  6. Who is playing at another site?
  7. Cake? Carbon? Who has taken the plunge?
  8. Is it easy to get some money on the sites?
  9. Anyone playing local poker?
  10. Have the Vegas rooms seen a change since Black Friday?
  11. Am I the only one who wonders what those young rich poker players are doing now? There funds are most likely locked up so are they totally freaking out?
  12. Any chance these geniuses end up working at McDonalds? Yeah, I was trying to be funny.