Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the countdown begin

It is just 5 day until the annual pilgrimage to Vegas. Time to meet up with old friends while making some new ones. Silliness, gambling, drinking, talking, and whatnot to occur. A chance to shirk away the real world and indulge for a while.

I love Vegas. I love going to Vegas and meeting up with this crowd.

Things are different this year. That common bond that brought everyone together is now practically nonexistent. Online poker is dead. I guess that gives testament to the bonds that were created over the years.

This year looks to be a return to the past. Gone for now is the Geisha Bar at the IP. In is the old Sherwood Forest Bar at the Excalibur, the former home of drinking shenanigans. This is the reason you want to come in on Thursday night.

Friday see what may be a new tradition. Bam Bam has set up some beer drinking at the Pub in the Monte Carlo. I have tipped a beer or two before. With 300 brews to choose from, it should be a good time. The menu itself isn't that great, but I can find something to quaff. Yes I said quaff.

Hey, there might even be some poker played on Saturday. I am teamed up with Bam Bam and Pebbles for the last longer in the tournament. I wasn't sure I was going to play this year. I haven't played for months. Yeah there has been some shit poker on Zynga but no tournaments or activity that was more than an hour.

Maybe that works to my advantage in some deep dark way. Maybe I won't over think and play loose and wild. Who knows. There is more going on that Saturday with the UFC Ultimate Fighter card and the Wisconsin Badgers playing for the Big Ten title.

And if that wasn't enough, there is some more action going down with the Steel Panther show at GVR. Hell, I may not even sleep and go straight to watching football after that.

Who knows what else may happen. Those sudden runs to the craps table. Yelling Pai Gow and scaring pit bosses. General goofing off with slot machines.

Yeah, that is my kind of fun.