Friday, March 31, 2006


I am finishing up my plans for the WPBT Summer Classic. April has the info. I haven't book a room quite yet.

I received some mail from the Rio yesterday offering me a good rate on rooms during this time. Some day I will stay there but I don't know if it will be this time around. I would like to stay at the Hooters Hotel if I could. Rate is around 90 a night when split between two people. Who wants to stay at Hooters?

The Castle is a decent enough place and may be the choice. The poker room is always a good time too. Something tells me that their rate will get even better as summer draws near. I may go ahead and book it and then keep an eye on the rate. When it drops I would just have to give them a quick call and I know they will give me the best rate. That is one good reason to stay there. They do treat their guests well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Otis has written something that had me thinking (man, do I have a headache now!). I had actually asked myself two of these questions earlier today when someone made the comment about why I was still working and not playing poker for a living. To me the answer was quite easy. Then I read what Otis had to say. I decided to answer the questions he had posed.

1) I'm playing because I have more fun playing poker than playing any other game? Answer: Yes. I truly enjoy playing poker. I like the strategy involved, especially in tournament play.

2) I'm playing because I want to challenge myself and actually believe I am good at something? Answer: Yes. I think a lot of people don't realize how challenging poker can be. There is a definate discipline and skill level that needs to be built. A skill that can transgress to other activities in life.

3) I'm playing because I think I have the potential to eventually win life-changing money? Answer: Maybe. I think I could do well against a pro field but only on my best day. Best part of this is that I do not have a definitive answer. I am still learning. I realize I will always be learning. I know where I am at right now, and that level is below those on TV. Or at least that is my perception. I could be wrong. But on good day, yeah, I think I could play well enough to make some serious coin in a tournament.

4) I'm playing because I want to play professionally? Answer: No interest in being a pro at all. A good example is that I have no interest in winning a seat into the Main Event at the WSOP. It is scheduled for two weeks. I do not know if I could get that kind of time away from work.

5) I'm playing because I can't afford not to play? Answer: Not even sure what Otis meant by this. If it is that the games are easy money, I would say, kinda yes. Do I need to play? Nope.

6) I'm playing because I'm addicted to action? Answer: No. Beer maybe, but not gambling.

I am a firm believer in introspection. Not only in poker but in life. One of the worst things you can do is fool yourself. By knowing what, why, where and how you are doing, you can succeed.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

WPBT POY Event 2- Fat Stacks!

When the WPBT POY event started, I wasn't paying much attention. I was finishing up a satellite tourney on FTP for a chance to play for a WPT seat. I was doing ok, having made the final table. Only two entries would be awarded and money to the top 5. I bubbled out. I let my aggression get in the way with some steals that got caught. Of course I saw the little stack get lucky and double up so I wouldn't even get a consolation prize. Oh well. I really want to focus on these satellites. I would love to win a WPT entry. But next time I am not playing a $6 buy-in. I rather token my way into a higher event and capture a slot when they give more than two seats out.

But now it was time to focus on the main event.

My stack was getting kicked around. Though we started with 3000, I was losing them fast. I lost a big chunk when I called a raise with A J and saw the A high flop. The initial raisor bet it out and I raised. I hated the response- all in! Damn! I folded as it was way too early to go out with a J kicker.

I was down to 1300 when I was able to double up with 8 8. Then doubled again with Q Q. At first I was just happy to be back above the staring stack size. It felt like a new beginning.

And a new beginning it was. At the end of the 2nd break I was in 1st, having just cracked the Hilton Sisters with A J. I went on a nice run, combining aggression with patience, and just a bit of luck.

I then had some fun when the Rooster (why weren't you playing?) showed up in chat looking for me. I guess he didn't know my screen name. Maybe he was just playing along but it was funny. Said some nice things about me. Like how I could cash in beer bottles to pay off debts.

Playing a big stack can be weird at times. You can afford to take extra risks. To an extent, it feels like a responsibility. On behalf of others, you need to use that stack to knock out the short stacks. Like when I had 7 7 hold up on Q J when small stack pushed. With extra chips I can afford to lose, I can make the call easily. But if I was short stacked myself, I may fold it because it could mean being knocked out or crippled.

But wielding the big stack has it's advantages, especially when you start stealing. I knocked out Joe Speaker when he pushed with 9 9 against my Q Q. Granted that his only move but I had stolen a couple blinds just before the Hiltons visited.

Then I went card dead. I stole some blinds but that was far and few between with the low cards I was getting. This would be the one question I would like to throw out to the pros. What do you do when you have a big stack and go card dead? Sit back and watch others catch up, or keep firing away and hope you get away with it?

At the final table, I had a nice lead and wanted to protect it to the money. Which isn't hard when you are card dead. 5 3, J 6, 10 4, A 2, Q 3, 10 3, 3 9, K 4, 10 8, K 3. Those are my actual 10 hands at the beginning of the final table. It was driving me nuts. Then when I try to play a hand, K 10, I just about run into aces but wisely laid down. Yikes!

I run a nice bluff and steal when I bet an A high flop with crap. A couple hands later 10 10 looks like gold. But BadBlood raises UTG. Hmm...I have to pop it back and am glad he folds. He is playing really tough at this final table. I don't want to tangle with him on his terms.

My cards aren't improving much either. If I want to get back in, I need to play some good post flop poker. I did when I called a raise from the button with 7 6s (apologies that I do not have your site to link. Send it and I will update). Flop was A 6 3 and I bet it out hoping he was just on a steal. He was and I took it down.

But on the next hand, the same thing was going down. Same guy raised but this time I had K Qs. So I re-raised hoping he was playing a big ace. He just called my raise; no re-raise. Flop was K J x. I like this flop and bet half the pot. Now he pushed. Ruh roh! My gut told me I was behind. I felt there was a good chance he was playing K J. But then again, I may be good. I thought I would go with my initial reaction that he had just an A, maybe A J. I called. Oops. He had A A and I was done. Very well concealed play there.

Blood would go on to win it. Fantastic job! I knew I didn't want to have to battle with him for a reason.

I am happy with the run I made. In retrospect I am not too happy with how I went out, but I fell to a good play. I should have gone with my gut instinct. I felt I had a good read on some of the players at the final table. A check at the end would have save my chips and I wouldn't have been committed to the pot. That is poker though. One bad move and you can be done.

Now I need to scout some others spots out. I got out of my token slump and am collecting them again. I will begin to play more of the $75 SnG token tables, but wish they would have more events out there for the bigger tokens. The times don't work well for me.

Overall Sunday was a good day at the tables too. In clearing the rest of the small Paradise bonus, I walked away up 30 bb for an hour of play at the 5/10 tables. For once all the big pots came my way. It is nice to have over $250 come your way instead of some clown hitting their gut shot straight on the river.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Movin on up

I kicked it up a notch on the limit game by moving up to 5/10. After the blogger satellite on Paradise, I decided to use the deposit there to focus on my limit game and reinforce some fundamentals.

My early results are mixed. I am up slightly. I noticed that the play isn't necessarily tougher because the limits are higher than I have been playing. People are still calling down with bottom pair, or chasing the gutshot, and calling 3 bets pre flop with 8 9 offsuit. The one challenge I see is deciding on making the value bet on the end and risk the check raise or calling the guy who suddenly bets the river and just tossing chips in meekly.

I then may work on developing NL ring game skills. I have tried in the past but the crushing blow of a suckout has always forced me to stop. But I feel I need to give it another go as this truly seems to be where the money is. Especially when playing live.

Felicia has an excellent post up about playing tournaments and NL ring games. She hits the nail on the head. You may hit in a tourney but you still need the money to get in. And you need to play where the best money is.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I believe that is 5 in a row


That is the sound of me with A A in SnGs. Especially when it is early. The last 5 straight have been cracked. 3 of those by mid pairs.

Am I wrong to think it is beyond moronic to limp in, then call a big raise or re-raise with a pair of 8s? Is this the backlash that is happening in online poker. Because too many morons try the limp re-raise to portray A A that they never think they may be running into A A?

Plus, why would you piss away so many chips early on? Not the spot to try and get lucky.

I guess that is why I keep coming back. The streak has got to come to an end and then it will get profitable. Yet, you will never hear me say I hate pocket aces. I am glad they are holding up in the MTTs.

I am stunned more every day when I see some stellar plays. I had a guy put 80% of his chips into a pot with 10 7s. Yes, he tried to limp at first but then called my raise. I had A 10 and was making a play on the pot from the BB. What is the saying? You need a better hand to call a raise with than make a raise with. Yet this guy who thought his hand was worth a limp suddenly thinks it is even better for him to put 900 more in. Of course he won. But I was sitting there shaking my head. My play was aggressive but it is usually profitable.

Has anyone tried the Party WSOP freerolls? I "played" two this weekend. Yes, played is a loose term here. It was push-monkey poker. Some clown would keep going all in, get lucky, and then bully the table. No skill involved. I didn't feel like waiting 2 hours for a chance to play poker and make it to the top 50. I would try to signup and skip the first hour but they may take my seat away.

Monday, March 20, 2006

But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Big congrats to Gracie for winning the first satellite last night. She played damn good and deserved to win. Well done!

I cannot be totally disappointed with how I did last night. I felt my game was on last night. At times I was in the zone making some good calls and what may have been good laydowns. Twice I folded Q Q when my bet on a flop with an overcard was re-raised. Other times I made a call with 10 10 and an overcard on the board to take down some good pots.

Those 10s were pretty damn good to me last night. I used them to re-raise F-Train on more than one occasion. They treated me very well. Except once. And then my outlook and survival looked bleak. I was doing good until my 10 10 ran into A K. I remember watching this happen to Iggy early on and was surprised by the play that was made. Then Iggy pushed after a raise and the call came very quickly. Instantaneously quick and Ig's A Qs was up against 10s. I was shocked that someone would call that fast with just pocket 10s.

I didn't make the call quickly like that but had to think about it. I was sure I was not up against an overpair. My reasoning for calling was he had A rag and I just had to avoid an A. Well it didn't happen and I went from being in the top 5 to the bottom quickly. It also didn't help that I didn't play a hand or steal for the next 45 minutes. Totally. Card. Dead.

I was quite frustrated that I just about made a move with A 3o. But stayed patient. I got back on the horse with a steal when I finally got something to play. The steals helped not only in getting some chips but in getting some confidence back. I was dead last when we got down to 20 people.

Then got I lucky with my 8 8 holding up. That gave me the boost I needed. I then got luckier when I just completed from the SB with K 7. I called EasyCure's flop bet when I had an OESD. A beautiful 5 on the turn filled my straight. My thought was how to maximize the play. To push or slow play. I figure pushing would look like an overpair play and that he had more than on e pair. He showed two pair and was crippled. Sorry Easy. Though it seems otherwise, I am not out to get you.

Suddenly after that rush, I went from being in last to 2nd. From just over 2000 to 33,000. Those 10s came back to help me again when I re-raised a steal attempt. I was sitting pretty going into the final table.

Our chip leader, the Poker Gnome, was killing the final table. He was a one man wrecking crew, continually raising and pulling some sick beats. I was somewhat content to let him do the work. But I didn't want him to pull away. I was keeping one eye on his stack to make sure when I got heads up with him that I wasn't at that big of a disadvantage.

Maybe I was thinking too far ahead. We got down to 3. Gracie had let the Gnome do the work as well, but she was just behind me. She took a lead when I tried a steal with Q J but she re-raised me. Next hand, I intended to get those chips backs.

My initial reaction when I saw my cards was a sign. K K. My eyes lit up and I smiled a bit. But then I had a bad thought. It was the kind of hand that you can dump a bunch of chips with. Little did I know that thought was right. I re-raised Gracie's bet. I was shocked to see her push there. Easy call for me as I felt I had the best hand. I have no problem getting all in with K K here. If I am against aces, so be it. I was surprised to see she had 5 5. I was sad to see a 5 hit the flop.

I was done.

That's poker.

I live by the mantra that I cannot be unhappy if I get a bad beat. They happen. The only control you have is to make the right move. Get you chips in when you have the best hand. I did. It just wasn't to be. It hurts to play all those hours and go out on a suckout. Next time, maybe the odds will hold up and I win the hand.

That is the best thing. There is a next time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

WPBT Satellite- So close!

I came so close. If not for a suckout of epic proportions, I may have won. But my K K fell to 5 5 and Presto, I was out! But I had a good run considering. More to come tomorrow.


Played in a smoker again last night. 45 people ponied up $50 to go for a shot at 800. The setting once again was St. Florians, the place I had cashed in the other time I had played. Knowing how bad the level of play was going to be, I couldn't miss this one.

It was also good to see Tiger's Hat again (no, you will not have your name changed here).

I will never claim to be a world class poker player. I am a student of the game, playing online and live, reading books, blogs and some forums. There are many avenues the poker enthusiast can drive down to improve their game. It amazes me how some people will shell out 50 bucks and be pretty much clueless about the simplest of poker strategies.

My first table was encouraging. I had played with 3 of the players before and knew them to be weak loose. The others I would take in slowly and garner an opinion as play went on. Off the top, I figured only 2 of the players would be a concern. Santa Claus down on the end with his "Hold Em" hat and card protector seemed rather loose at first but he clamped down hard after losing a couple of hands and got quite aggressive. The other was Fu Manchu, an Asian player who seemed to know what he was doing. Then again, he pulled out sunglasses and was listening to a pink iPod. The others looked like they were simply here hoping to get lucky.

The tone of the table was set early. Tight play. Everyone was folding to a regular 3xs raise of the blinds. When a flop was seen, a continuation bet took it down. My assessment was that everyone was playing A rag. So when I got K Qs, I popped it and got a caller. On the 7 high flop I bet 3/4 of the pot and won. Next hand, I did the same with A K, bet a 10 high flop and took it down. With A Q I popped it hard with 3 limpers once and took it down preflop.

That felt like the highlight of my early action. My cards were far from fantastic all night. In fact, the biggest pot I won was from the SB. Two limpers are in and I look down at K 3s. I complete for just 50 more knowing the BB isn't going to raise unless he has a monster. Flop gave me two of my suit. I bet half the pot and was min-raised by a weak player. The turn gave me my flush. I checked and called his all in bet. He showed A 7 (he was playing second pair) and was drawing dead. That got me a $10 bounty. Sweet!

But that would be the last and only big pot I would win. Except for stealing blinds, I never started with any strong hands. In fact, A Ks was the best hand I saw all night. No big pairs (I believe 6s were the only pocket pair I had all night), A Q twice and A J once. That was it.

Yet, because I could find spots to steal blinds or defend my blinds, I managed to stay at the status quo and made the final table. There I was a short stack and had to find a way to get to 8th place to get my money back. It felt like it wouldn't be too hard either because the final tables here are extremely tight. Usually there are 3, maybe 4 big stacks and 2 medium stacks and the rest that cannot survive two orbits. Everyone is scared to play, even the big stacks.

That is the only problem with this tournament. The guys running it do a fantastic job with the early rounds, giving you lots of play. However, they run into a time limit where they need to be out of the church by 11 or midnight and then the blinds go up rapidly. They should really consider putting in antes to speed up the action.

At the final table, I was one of those that could survive 2 orbits. I drew the 8 seat so the blinds wouldn't be around for a while. I folded continuously until the BB came and the SB pushed all in. With only 700 to call and getting 3 to 1, I called blind. My 9 4 wouldn't improve and Santa Claus survived. I then made a mistake here. I posted the small blind of 500 and had only 2000 behind. I should have pushed with any hand here but couldn't when I saw 5 2. The blinds were going up and I would only be able to call here. Granted if I go out in 10th I get nothing but if I want to make some money I need chips.

Instead I folded and waited once again for the blinds to come around. When I saw A 7s, if felt like gold, easily the best hand I had seen in an hour. I pushed my last 2000 in and went up again two players. The board paired up deuces and treys and my A kicker was good. I survived for now.

I ended up going down when I had the BB again and this time pushed with my small stack. We were down to 9 at this point and the guys running the tourney had decided to give 9th a free entry into the next event. Being happy with a freeroll, I pushed blindly when the action came around. My lone opponent had a small stack and had pushed with 8 8. I turned up my cards to see 9 7. Ugh. Only one overcard. The flop though gave me a 9 and I was in business. The turn was a rag and the river a 9. But there were 4 spades on the board. My opponent's 8 was a spade. Done in 9th.

At least I collected a bounty in the fray. I still am amazed at how poorly the play can be. Beyond players making dumb calls or bad bluffs, time and time again I saw the mistake of min-raising. A good example was a min raise from MP that the BB thought about before calling. The flop was 2 5 10, two hearts. BB checks and the MP makes a min bet. It is called. The turn is a heart. Again, BB checks and the MP puts him all in. BB thinks and then calls showing 5 2 suited. MP has A K, no heart and the BB takes the pot down. If the MP had raised anything but the minimum pre-flop, he wouldn't have dumped 2/3 of his stack across the table.
That is why I keep going to this event. There are a lot of players who will limp and then automatically call any raise. I am thankful they will never pick up a book.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

SnG suckage

Though I had some success in MTTs lately, my SnG run has been brutally ugly. I had been running well but just have gone into the tank lately watching a $300 profit dwindle to just $50.

I have been looking through the notes trying to figure out what is happening. I am trying to not fool myself into thinking I have just been the victim of bad luck. I have taken some beats but who doesn't?

One thing I may have noticed is a hole in my game. It is possible to overplay A A preflop? I had my aces cracked 3 times when I got all my money in preflop. Each time they flopped the set and I was down early. The action was usually the same. Either I opened the action with a hefty raise, got re-raised and then I would push. Or I would re-raise them and call the all in bet.

Now I can see calling with the latter. But when I am opening the action, I am beginning to think I should be just calling the re-raise. That way I can protect myself if the flop is ugly, say all one suit or all paint. Plus, it could disguise the strength of my hand.

In the meantime, I am going to start playing some more ring games and get the basics down again. I may make a run at the WSOP qualifiers on Full Tilt.

Just some thoughts on how I have been getting smacked around. How are you playing your aces?

And why are there only 18 people signed up to play the first WPBT satellite this Sunday? This isn't a time to wait. Go to Paradise and put your name in!

Being the glutton for punishment, after I wrote this I opened a SnG on Paradise and took it down. Maybe reflection works.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don't ask me how this happened

If someone would have told me that I would win the first WPBT-POY event, a Pot Limit Omaha event, I would have told them they were crazy. I can barely play Omaha, much less pot limit.

So when I woke up, I grabbed the only book I own that mentions Pot Limit Omaha and read it. The book is by one of everybody's favorite players, Phil Hellmuth. Yes, I read the Pot Limit Omaha section of Play Poker Like the Pros and won a tournament.

I even taunted Drizz about this on his blog.

Thanks to everyone for cheering me on at the end. And thanks to Biggestron for setting it all up.

Monday morning update:
I woke up late because the storm that rumbled through Milwaukee knocked the power out around midnight. Funny how the power soon went out after I won an Omaha event. I wonder if it is getting cold in Hell?

I am still amazed that I won this event. Seriously. Omaha? Pot Limit Omaha? Like others I have donked around in the play games learning the basics, tossing chips around to see flops. But I never played Pot Limit Omaha before. I "practised" by playing a ring game Sunday morning (had K K x x double suited beat by A A x x and then against the same guy my A A x x double suited was cracked by his K K x x). I then played a $5 SnG to get a feel for tournament mode.
That after reading around 30 pages of Phil Hellmuth's book.

I don't have much details to pass along either. I know when it got down to 4, I was barely in 3rd place. At 3, I was out chipped by 3 to 1 by both of my opponents. I got lucky when I sucked out a flush and moved into second.

When we got heads up, I took a lead that was short lived. I then made one big call that gave me a big lead. I don't recall exactly what I had, or exactly what the board showed (I think it was 7 Q 6 6 8)but the river gave me a 10 high straight. There was no flush potential on the board but the two 6s out there didn't make me comfortable. I bet out the river and my opponent, SpiderK, suddenly bet the pot, which would be me all in. He had me covered by just over 300 chips so it was do or die. I liked my hand, but wasn't sure if he hit the boat or not. I called TIME and thought about the betting pattern. I came to two conclusions. First, if he had hit the boat, I don't think he would have checked the turn. Second, if I call and I am correct, I will be taking this tourney down.

I called and I believe he showed two pair. My first thought was Wow! That was a monster pot, the game deciding pot. It was a bold bet. You have to give credit to someone who can make a big bet like that. Great game SpiderK!

Thanks again to everyone with their support at the end. Go check out the WPBT POY leader board. Have to pimp it while I am on top!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I thought I had turned the corner...

...but I guess not. In the last two SnGs I played I went out in 10th. Both times, my aces got cracked. One by Q Q, the other by A 9 suited. With the Queens, we were all in preflop. On the A 9, I raised 5xs the blinds, bet 75% of the pot on the flop and pushed on the turn. Guy called all the way and hit.

With the flush, I doubt it would have mattered if I pushed on the flop. He still would have called. Worse was the full house I had to fold to the guy earlier. I flopped trip 6s. I tried to slow play but that went out the door when an A hit the turn. So much for being ahead.

Pouring over my notes to see what I am doing wrong. I am trying not to let ego get involved but so far it looks like bad luck.

Maybe I should hit more multis for a bit...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gotta try to get it going

Was playing in the WWdN tourney on Stars yesterday. Over the last couple of weeks I have been playing this game filled with bloggers and readers. For some reason I never took them seriously. Don't know exactly why, but I found myself making dumb plays, trying to bluff too much, and not doing my best. This time around, I was set on making it deep.

And I did.

In fact, I spent a good portion of the second hour in the top ten. Only the final table would pay, with first receiving $255. Not too shabby for only 10 bucks.

Basically I played pretty tight for the first hour before loosening up a bit in the second. I found my reads to be pretty good. A couple of times I was re-raised pre flop with some not so strong hands like A J or K J and laid them down. In one case I was terribly behind when one person called and another re-raised. The caller had Kings while the raiser had Jacks. No ace would have hit so I would have been crippled.

I also began to notice a hole in my game, or at least what I perceive to be a hole. There are some hands that I should be calling a raise with that I am not. Or at least that is my thinking. I will need to do some research to find out what others would do.

When the final table started, I was sitting in 4th place with 11000 chips. I was in a good spot and was figuring out how to win this thing. The problem was the chip leader had over 40k. The short stacks would have to play push poker. I just needed to catch a couple good hands. At least I had some experience playing with 3 of the other players so I knew what to expect from them.

The huge stack was bullying the table too. I wasn't getting any cards either so I didn't have to worry too much about her. In fact, I wasn't getting any hands to play. If I had something decent, I was folding to another raise. Man, it sucked. For a while, it seemed the only pot I would drag would if it folded around to me in the BB. But then the short stacks started dropping out. Then one player apparently just gave up.

Before I knew it, it was me, the huge chip leader, and the disconnected. The chip leader was gracious enough to allow us to blind the other player out. Thanks Villainess. When it was heads up, I was outchipped by about 4-1. To say I had my work cut out for me is an understatement. With blinds at 600-1200 and about 30k in chips, I had some room to work with and be patient. If I caught a monster, I would play it hard.

Funny though, I was chipping up not with monsters, but with tiny pairs. I would see a flop for the cost of one more bet and flop bottom pair. Somehow, they kept holding up. I worked my way up to over 50k. I kept doing it until I did get my monster. A K off. Flopped a K and slowplayed the flop. I pushed on the turn and suddenly I was the big leader. Except for going quickly for the death blow, I held on to those chips. Then with 8 9 suited in the BB, I got lucky and flopped two pair to end it.

It is a good feeling to win tournaments. But this one meant something. As I said before, I wasn't too happy with the way I had been playing these. I really wanted to take one of these down. It wasn't as much as the money as it was having a great showing in front of my peers. To win this was big. Hopefully I can keep it going.

Thanks to everyone who stayed around to watch. Sorry for the crap image I put up. Maybe I should work on those paint shop skills.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

O fer

As in 0 for the last 6. As in stinking up the joint. No better than 6th place in any of them.


Maybe I am playing too tight. My notes are getting extremely repetitive. No cards. Flops not hitting me. Getting bad beats. No, I won't go into detail about how my A A was cracked by K 5 suited when he called my all-in bet preflop. Heck, I cannot even win a token in extremely loose FTP qualifers.

It seems I have nothing more but a list of excuses. But I have given back a chunk of what I had won over the last couple of weeks. That just plain sucks. I have thought of taking a couple of days off but to an extent, I have. I haven't played every day.

I think part of it right now is definately mental. I feel like staying away because I cannot win to save my life. But to get over the hump, you need to play.

I think I will test the waters some more. The way I see it, I am due for a nice run. Hopefully it comes sooner than later.