Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I believe that is 5 in a row


That is the sound of me with A A in SnGs. Especially when it is early. The last 5 straight have been cracked. 3 of those by mid pairs.

Am I wrong to think it is beyond moronic to limp in, then call a big raise or re-raise with a pair of 8s? Is this the backlash that is happening in online poker. Because too many morons try the limp re-raise to portray A A that they never think they may be running into A A?

Plus, why would you piss away so many chips early on? Not the spot to try and get lucky.

I guess that is why I keep coming back. The streak has got to come to an end and then it will get profitable. Yet, you will never hear me say I hate pocket aces. I am glad they are holding up in the MTTs.

I am stunned more every day when I see some stellar plays. I had a guy put 80% of his chips into a pot with 10 7s. Yes, he tried to limp at first but then called my raise. I had A 10 and was making a play on the pot from the BB. What is the saying? You need a better hand to call a raise with than make a raise with. Yet this guy who thought his hand was worth a limp suddenly thinks it is even better for him to put 900 more in. Of course he won. But I was sitting there shaking my head. My play was aggressive but it is usually profitable.

Has anyone tried the Party WSOP freerolls? I "played" two this weekend. Yes, played is a loose term here. It was push-monkey poker. Some clown would keep going all in, get lucky, and then bully the table. No skill involved. I didn't feel like waiting 2 hours for a chance to play poker and make it to the top 50. I would try to signup and skip the first hour but they may take my seat away.


vegaas said...

Pocket 8's, hmm, sounds familar, oh yeah, I re-reraised with them in the blogger tourney and ran into KK. I least I knew it was donkey move when I did it.
I dont know about you, but I have noticed that the online SnG's have gotten much more aggressive the last few months. Not necessarily a bad thing, but may cause more variance than what they once did.

CraigNY said...

I agree with Vegaas as to the recent influx of loose, aggressive players at online SNGs. The level of play at the $50 SNGs on Stars is almost the same as the $20 SNGs were a few months ago. One of my favorite plays with solid starting hands from late position is to jam when there are multiple limpers and I am in the blinds. Eighty percent of the time I win all of the limped chips right then and there, but the remaining times I am called by a much, much weaker hand (often for all of the caller's chips). Amazing.

Sloejack said...

Freerolls are good for some psycho poker for the first hour or two until you bleed away most of the idiots. If you can survive that with a reasonable stack left over then the real work starts. I did a similar thing on Paradise the other day where there were about 2000 players, after the first 1600 players busted out the game got noticilbly tougher.

On the for what it's worth column, I noticed your banner about the blogger tournament where the prize pool includes the Navada Jack's chips. I have a 1000 chip set of those and they're pretty nice though some of the colors are a little too close in the lower denominations.