Thursday, March 09, 2006

I thought I had turned the corner...

...but I guess not. In the last two SnGs I played I went out in 10th. Both times, my aces got cracked. One by Q Q, the other by A 9 suited. With the Queens, we were all in preflop. On the A 9, I raised 5xs the blinds, bet 75% of the pot on the flop and pushed on the turn. Guy called all the way and hit.

With the flush, I doubt it would have mattered if I pushed on the flop. He still would have called. Worse was the full house I had to fold to the guy earlier. I flopped trip 6s. I tried to slow play but that went out the door when an A hit the turn. So much for being ahead.

Pouring over my notes to see what I am doing wrong. I am trying not to let ego get involved but so far it looks like bad luck.

Maybe I should hit more multis for a bit...

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