Saturday, March 25, 2006

Movin on up

I kicked it up a notch on the limit game by moving up to 5/10. After the blogger satellite on Paradise, I decided to use the deposit there to focus on my limit game and reinforce some fundamentals.

My early results are mixed. I am up slightly. I noticed that the play isn't necessarily tougher because the limits are higher than I have been playing. People are still calling down with bottom pair, or chasing the gutshot, and calling 3 bets pre flop with 8 9 offsuit. The one challenge I see is deciding on making the value bet on the end and risk the check raise or calling the guy who suddenly bets the river and just tossing chips in meekly.

I then may work on developing NL ring game skills. I have tried in the past but the crushing blow of a suckout has always forced me to stop. But I feel I need to give it another go as this truly seems to be where the money is. Especially when playing live.

Felicia has an excellent post up about playing tournaments and NL ring games. She hits the nail on the head. You may hit in a tourney but you still need the money to get in. And you need to play where the best money is.


Bloody P said...

I hope you go on a massive rush, yo.

As for Felicia's post, I agree. It's excellent. That and CC's posts about poker and relationships and I've got some good readin' this weekend.

Question: Have you ever played Ho Chunk Casino?

We're moving to Portage, WI in a matter of months, and would like the inside scoop on the place since I imagine I'll be playing there quite a bit.



vegaas said...

Ho Chunk doesnt have poker. You will have to go to Oneida in Green Bay or Potowatami in Milwaukee.

StB said...

Vegaas is right. They shut the poker room down because the state threatened them. They don't have the balls (nor the money) to open it back up.

Bloody P said...

Brutal. Thanks for the tip.