Saturday, March 04, 2006

O fer

As in 0 for the last 6. As in stinking up the joint. No better than 6th place in any of them.


Maybe I am playing too tight. My notes are getting extremely repetitive. No cards. Flops not hitting me. Getting bad beats. No, I won't go into detail about how my A A was cracked by K 5 suited when he called my all-in bet preflop. Heck, I cannot even win a token in extremely loose FTP qualifers.

It seems I have nothing more but a list of excuses. But I have given back a chunk of what I had won over the last couple of weeks. That just plain sucks. I have thought of taking a couple of days off but to an extent, I have. I haven't played every day.

I think part of it right now is definately mental. I feel like staying away because I cannot win to save my life. But to get over the hump, you need to play.

I think I will test the waters some more. The way I see it, I am due for a nice run. Hopefully it comes sooner than later.

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Hey Jo said...

Hubby has been complaining the FTP has been terrible as of late. The only money he made there in the last week was last Sunday when he was in first place when their servers went down.

He went back to Pokerroom again and is doing ok there.