Sunday, April 26, 2009

Laying an ugly beat

It looked like I laid an ugly beat on an opponent during the Brit game today. I don't think I did. I think they did it to themselves. A correct bet probably would have forced me to fold. Instead I end up having chips swooshed to my side.

I was just trying for the steal. A 8 spades from the button. I raised 3xs the blind. The SB min-raised me. A min raise? I will call that and see if I get lucky on the flop.

Flop is J J Q, two spades. Not bad. Not good, but not bad either.

My opponent checked to me. My first thought was to make a bet, but then I stopped. That check seemed pretty suspicious. Why did he check there? If I bet I will probably get raised. This doesn't feel good so I check behind.

Turn is an A.

Hmm... that kind of traps me in this hand. If my opponent is playing ace rag too, it will most likely be a split pot. Can I fold here? I still think he has a monster. Making my flush could be a bad thing. He bets 60. 60 into a 600 pot? Still doesn't seem right but I can fold here. I call instead of making a move to put him all in.

River is another A. Only A Q can beat me now. He shoves. Can't fold here. I call to see he had pocket queens. Flopped a full house and let me stay around to draw out. A bet on the flop may not have had me folding, but a bigger bet on the turn, with me thinking he flopped a monster would have had me folding. Instead he got knocked out by slowplaying.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baseball > poker

Been no poker as of late. That seems to be typical when baseball season starts. I rather be at a bar watching the Brewers game than sitting at home in front of a pc. Plus with more day games at the beginning of the season a day at the bar seems like a better idea.

I did try to play a bit on Sunday but there were only two PLO8 games running when I logged in and the lists weren't budging. Good thing I have a seat for the Blogger Championship or I would never have a chance at getting in.

I guess I should make my way down to the Pot to see how the new room is and get some live play in. With it on the cold rainy side today, it seems like a good idea. Especially since I am freezing my ass off at work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tofu and poker

I was running pretty good on Sunday. The Brit Bloggament game was fun. I spent the first hour donking it up as my chip stack seemed like a yo yo. It was good because I was making moves just to get reactions. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. But it worked well because I did make it to the final table, finishing 5th. Yep, JJ no ok.

One hand that had some people freaking involved my play with 6 6 with 2 tables left. I believe I was in the cutoff and raised on a short handed table. The SB (a chip leader) called and we saw the flop. I believe it was K high (yeah, always a good idea to post 2 days later without any details written down). I check behind him. Turn was another K and we both checked. On the river I bet out just over a third of the pot, 1320 (Yes, that I remember because there was little rhyme or reason to that exact number) and was called. My sixes were good.

The reaction in the chat was interesting to me. It seemed like I was being criticized for the play. I am not sure why. My rationale was simple. Table seemed tight so a raise to take the blinds had a good chance of winning them. Checking behind seemed weak but so was my hand. But it also told me he whiffed as well. Thus when I made the bet on the river, I was extremely confident my opponent had A high. My only concern was him making a play on me and whether I could make the call had he come over the top with huge raise, putting my tournament on the line. Turns out my read was spot on and I took down the pot.

Does anyone here actually eat tofu? Anyone love it? If so, don't proclaim it in Colorado. Saw this and just didn't understand what the fuss was all about...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just call or pot it?

I have been playing some PLO8 again. It presents a nice challenge and change of pace to hold em. But there is one aspect that keeps puzzling me. One that makes me wonder what others are thinking.

Here is the scenario. You are dealt A 2 x x. Say it heads up and the board ends up showing:
3 4 5 K Q

Based on the betting, it seems pretty obvious that you opponent is holding A 2 X X as well. So what is the best bet on the river?
  1. Bet the pot or check?
  2. Should you just call a raise here or do you mash the POT button knowing you can't lose?

I have been making the river bet but just calling the raise when I am confident we basically have the same hand. It would appear that all you are doing is raising the rake for the site but I see a lot of people getting the money in when a split is inevitable.

What do you split pot players thing?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Not the chatty one

I was looking to play some PLO8 today. The big tables were full with 5 deep waiting lists so I decided to get in on some 6 player action. I noticed BadBlood at some of the tables as I was joining the waiting lists. Soon I would be seated to his left on one table and his right on another.

When I sat I didn't say anything to him. I wasn't being rude. Actually I think I was helping both of us. By acknowledging I knew him, I believe that may have killed some action for both of us. People may not play into either of us or may get out of hands if we were involved. Plus I believe I read that he doesn't pay attention to the chat or even turns it off. I don't pay much attention to chat either unless it is a tournament.

Do many of you chat at ring games with people you know or do you find it better to stay anonymous?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

You make the call

Do I try to be the nice guy or not?

Scenario: Co-worker has ticket to Opening Day next Friday. I don't have a ticket but I do have the day off. He has to work because he did not get his request in before me. Other people are out of the office for other reasons and he would be the only body in the department.

Question: Do I offer to work so he can go tailgate and enjoy the entire game? I would be able to leave work and meet up with friends by 3:30, 4 at the latest. He gets to go cut loose and have a good time. There has got to be major goodwill points won here not just from him but my boss too.

So, do I be the nice guy and offer to work so he can have the day off?