Monday, April 06, 2009

Not the chatty one

I was looking to play some PLO8 today. The big tables were full with 5 deep waiting lists so I decided to get in on some 6 player action. I noticed BadBlood at some of the tables as I was joining the waiting lists. Soon I would be seated to his left on one table and his right on another.

When I sat I didn't say anything to him. I wasn't being rude. Actually I think I was helping both of us. By acknowledging I knew him, I believe that may have killed some action for both of us. People may not play into either of us or may get out of hands if we were involved. Plus I believe I read that he doesn't pay attention to the chat or even turns it off. I don't pay much attention to chat either unless it is a tournament.

Do many of you chat at ring games with people you know or do you find it better to stay anonymous?


BadBlood said...

Glad you knew I had chat off. Left a gl stb right as I left. Games are pretty good right now at that level, as you probably saw.

StB said...

Caught that on your way out. I thought the games were good as well. I knew what some of those guys were chasing and had they not hit, I would have done better. Just need to exercise more patience with these people.

Drizztdj said...

I'll always with BB, makes losing with 21 outs twice more enjoyable :)