Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baseball > poker

Been no poker as of late. That seems to be typical when baseball season starts. I rather be at a bar watching the Brewers game than sitting at home in front of a pc. Plus with more day games at the beginning of the season a day at the bar seems like a better idea.

I did try to play a bit on Sunday but there were only two PLO8 games running when I logged in and the lists weren't budging. Good thing I have a seat for the Blogger Championship or I would never have a chance at getting in.

I guess I should make my way down to the Pot to see how the new room is and get some live play in. With it on the cold rainy side today, it seems like a good idea. Especially since I am freezing my ass off at work.


KGBlovesOreos said...

Just letting you know that I'm discontinuing my 'Wrestling and Poker' site and changing it into a strictly-wrestling site. I don't know if you cared much about it, but you did leave a few comments here and there, so the following is the link to the new address I'm giving my page (if you care): http://wwerumorsandrants.blogspot.com

Drizztdj said...

Signed up for Razz/Skillz last night, changed my mind and had a beer on the deck instead.

Three hours of playing, and three hours of sleep till work is rough.

Cheers sir.

lightning36 said...

Surely you can find something better to do than watch the Brewers. You get WGN from Chicago,right? : o )

StB said...

Lightening, they don't put AA ball on TV here.