Friday, December 30, 2005

On the down side to end the year

My limit game is in the tank. I don't think there is any other way to say it. I am having a winning session 1 every 4 times. I am not losing a lot per session but I am losing.

Well, saying my game is in the tank may not be necessarily accurate. At least the way I have analyzed it. I am mainly playing 3/6. Over the last 2 months I have had trouble making money at the tables. I played with Poker Tracker to analyze how I have played over this time period. According to it, I have actually played pretty well. Are the cards just not falling in my favor?

One thing it has told me is that I am not being as aggressive as I used to be. Well, with the beats I have taken, I can understand why I have pulled back a bit. I looked over hands and there are many times I have left bets on the river but the possible flush or straight card has usually hit. Am I over thinking?

I even started playing limit on a site that I had no hand history at (was strictly playing tournaments). PT told me I was playing a solid game, but soon I was tight neutral, then tight passive and back to tight neutral.

Guess this is just one of those things you can only cure by riding it out. If I am playing some solid aggressive poker and still losing, I either have a big hole to find and fill, or I will begin to win again at some point.

I have started to dabble a bit more into low limit no limit. I find it rather interesting but I end up folding quite a bit. Then my good hands get sucked out on. But from playing a couple of these sessions, I feel I will eventually do well there. Amazing what some people will throw money to see a flop with some crap cards.

Now if only the cards would fall my way for a stretch of time...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another attempt at the WWdN invitational- The Obie version

I can't help but feel I am a bit overdue at these blogger events. I seem to play myself out of them too many times when I am doing pretty good. I planned to make this one different. I have done good in other tournaments and this one should be no different. I just need to get through 60 players to take home the crown. Let's hit it.

I feel like I have a celebrity table to start. Among those sitting are Dr. Pauly, CJ and factgirl. There is some guy named Gabe Kaplan as well so you know the Kotter jokes are going to fly.

I get some good hands to start. K K shows up early and I take some limpers chips. Next 10 10 comes walking by me and I chipped up some more. I got off to a nice start, but would I be able to keep it going. Maybe a good sign was being able to drop the Hammer. It is so much easier to play the Hammer early in a tournament than later.

But will the Hammer go away in 2006? There are some rumblings going on....

I take down my first big pot when A K gets me a straight on turn. The BB was slow playing a good pair and probably had flopped trips. He took some time to call my raise. When he checked, I knew to check behind for the free card. He then bet out the turn, Factgirl called and I pushed, hoping for at least one of them to call. Neither did but it was a good pot none the less.

I try to play 3 3 from early position but CJ raises behind me. I call to see a flop come 9 9 5.
I like that flop but check it. He bets out and I have a bad feeling I am a victim of a hammer.
Sure enough, I fold and he shows the JackHammer. Damn. I had a read but no cajones to act on it.

Since I am folding a lot of hands, I decide to start typing in song lyrics from whatever is playing at the moment. For no reason, I type in "balls to the wall" (Accept). Then it was "all hell's breakin loose" (Kiss). I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get any kind of reaction.

I busted CJ out with 7 5 from the SB. I caught a nice flop of 4 6 7. I bet the pot and he called. The turn was an 8. I bet the pot again and he pushed his last 330. Easy call. He had top pair and a gut shot. River was a rag and the Luckbox was gone. I was happy to have him off my left shoulder. If you have played against him, you know how that can be.

"Scotty doesn't know. Don't tell Scotty " A little Lustra. No reaction from anyone. Not even the one named Scott.

I take down some small pots to get over 4k. Otherwise it is fold city. There was one interesting hand that went down. EP raised to 750. MP pushed all in to 1400. BB calls. They show 9 9, 10 10, and 8 9 suited? Tens hold up and he moves to the top of the list.

I am able to lay the hammer again before being moved to a new table. There I run into Iggy and thg. Now I have Iggy on my left. That isn't an improvement from having CJ there. Soon Change100 shows and things may get interesting. Time for a beer.

The only hand I play of interest is J J, which gets me the blinds before I am moved once again. Now I am up against Obie and the Poker Princess. Of course right into the blinds as well. But this table is rather quiet. Let's throw a lyric out there. She's all lips and hips. reaction.

I fold quite a bit until I get 8 8 in the SB. 3 limpers? Pfft! Raise. They all fold and I get my blinds back. But I give it up on the next hand by calling a raise with A Q. It is a J high flop. They bet the pot and I fold. I even try to drop the hammer for a third time but the Poker Princess won't let me. Damn again! It gets worse as she starts to bully the table. There is little I can do as I am getting a good hand every one and a half orbits. So I sit back in envy as my chips go away.

We are down to two tables and I am getting barely any decent hands and stealing when I can. Then I get 10 10 in MP. UTG+2 raises to 400 (100/200/25). I pop it to 1400 and it folds back. I rather not see that flop too. Pauly survives an all in to which I give an Anthrax lyric- you cannot kill what doesn't die. But he goes out soon after that when his K K is cracked by an A.

I chip up a bit with A Ks. It was raised UTG. I bumped it to 2000. He took some time before he folded. I figure he had A Q at best or a small pair. Best part is now I can survive some small stacks pushing on me. With 5700, I have a bit of breathing room. So with A 10 suited, I raise it up UTG. Blinds have increase to 200/400/25. I am hoping to take advantage of sticker shock. It folds around.

Next in the SB, I call with K 10 diamonds. BB raises to 1200 and I call. Flop is Q J 3, two diamonds. I like that flop. I bet it out and call the min raise. The turn is a blank. I check. He checks behind me. River is another 3. I have a choice here. Bluff or fold. I take the latter.
I check. He takes time before showing K J for the pot. Lots of outs and they didn't hit. I probably should have bet the turn again, but doing so would have committed me to the pot.

Next hand, I push all in with A Ko. The original raiser calls me with A 10. I feel like giving my dissertation on how A 10 is not a calling hand. It is a pushing hand. Thankfully, no 10 hits and I basically double back to where I was. A J in the BB and I get some more chips. But I hate when I have 8 8 and raise it up just to be re-raised by a big stack. As much as I feel he has just A high, it isn't worth the risk here. So I fold.

Then I pick off a steal attempt with A J in the small blind bumping me back to where I was pre-8s. We hit the second break and I have 6565, which puts me in 6th place. There are 11 runners left. Final table is the payday.

Blinds increase to 300/600. One hand after the break, we are at the final table. And the big stacks are antsy. Very antsy. I get some weak aces and am tempted to play them but it gets raised in front of me each time. Even when I get the Hammer, it is raised. With 9 9, I raise to 2000 and it folds around. I am the tiny stack at 6300.

I realize if I am going to get anywhere I need to be aggressive. And lucky. A Js earns me the blinds and antes. But I need more than that.

But it seems like I will not get it. Blinds go by and I have nothing to defend with. So when I have K 10 on the button, it looks so good that I push. I get called by the BB with 9 9. Flop gives me more outs as a straight is possible. But with 10 outs, I hit none. I finished in 7th. That was good for $33. Whoo hoo!

I feel good about the way I played tonight too. Play some solid poker. Didn't get stupid and stayed calm. Of course, I will wonder if I should have waited for something better than K high but it was the way to go. At the very least, it felt good to cash in a blogger-like event once again. It is something to build on.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good and bad

Had little success this past weekend online. I was about to say mixed but that wouldn't quite be the truth. Yeah, there was some successes but overall I didn't like the way I played overall.

I lost money playing ring games on Full Tilt. Never a big losing session but I just cannot seem to get something consistent going on those tables. As much as I want to blame other players for sucking out on me (like the guy playing 8 2off and calling with 2 overcards on the flop just to make two pair on the turn), that will not make me a better player. I realize I need to regroup a bit and focus on what isn't working and what is.

I played like a fool in some tournaments. Fortunately they didn't cost me much as I was tearing up the "token" tables. I have won tokens in the last 5 I played. I took two of those and pissed them away on the MTTs. It just wasn't a good weekend for playing the bigger tournies. Except for Friday when I took 15th in a 20 table on Stars. But I played the last hand there poorly too.

The "token" tournies are my bread and butter right now. Most people don't understand how to play them. Patience will pay off 95% of the time. The other 5% is a bad beat. People are playing big stacks poorly (keep playing hand after hand), getting into unnecessary confrontations, and thinking they are invincible. Good hand yesterday. We are down to 5 and I have about 4k. The low stack is under 1500 (and on my right) and blinds are 300/600. UTG, the chip leader raises to 1800. It folds around to me in the BB. I have J J. I take my time and fold. I even tell the guy I folded pocket jacks. He said I was crazy. I chose not to explain myself. I did tell him I would have probably folded aces there too. Why do I want to go out in 5th and get $4 when the low stack is forced to make a move within the next orbit? Isn't that simple tournament strategy when you are about to make the money?

I missed a great chance to make money in a HORSE tourney on Full Tilt as well. I sat there dumbfounded during the Razz portion as 3 people were betting and raising as they each showed 3 cards above10. I am not kidding! A 10 low won the hand. People were just donking the chips off left and right in Omaha as well.

I have decided to keep playing the tournies on Full Tilt for the forseeable future as well as popping in on Stars from time to time for their tournies. The "token" tournaments are juicy. I also figure to start taking shots at the $75 tokens as well. The payout there is even better. I just wonder how the caliber of player is.

In the meantime, I need to stay away from the ring games.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fantasy poker

Saw this ESPN Fantasy Poker thing mentioned over at Iggy's place. I went and played around and signed up a team. Then I saw that they have groups set up as well. So I set up a WPBT group. If you are interested in joining, drop me a line for the password.

What else are you going to do? Fantasy football is just about over. You can take 1/34 th of the time you spent on your football squad and put it into this.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let's try this tourney thing again.

I entered the FTP $6500 guaranteed tonight. For once there was a small overlay. With all the fishes swimming, these are still good games to play.

I play my first major hand with AK suited. I re-raise the size of the pot, get called by table chip leader who calls 500 more. We see a flop of Q J 6. I make a continuation bet figuring that he has just an ace as well or a small pair. Into a pot of 1300, I push my last 800. I get called by....10 10?
Turn is my A and I double through.

I try to steal some blinds but get re-raised in each of my attempts.

I watch someone re-raise all in with 2 2. That is always a winning move. It is as he flopped his set and took down the pot. Meanwhile, I seem card dead. Or am I playing way too tight? 10 10 gets me the blinds and an all in bet for 35. Whoo hoo!

I soon am moved to a new table. One that has more aggressive players.

For the 3rd time in the last 3 tournaments I have played in, I see Q Q crack K K. Brutal!
I think the guy with the Qs misplayed it too by pushing all in preflop to a re-raise. He should have known his opponent had one of 3 hands, two that have him dominated. But again, with the level of play here, his quick push wasn’t a surprise. He got saved by the river.

I finish the 1st hour with just 2605. I hit a high mark of just 2995 but have failed to get any traction. Of the 264 that started, only 108 remain. Last 3 tables pay and I sit in 65th spot. Not bad considering I haven’t had premium cards. I have been able to bluff my way in some pots but getting caught stealing twice really hurt.

I may a terrible fold in the beginning of the second session. In the cutoff with A Q suited, I watch one guy limp and the guy on my right raise just 3xs the blind to 360. I didn’t like that and quickly folded. Then I wondered why I quickly folded? It was only 360. Even more the flop hit I was mad as the BB called and the limper went away. Flop was 9 9 Q. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yeah, I would have tripled up as the BB had 4 4 and the initial raiser A Joff. Damn! I should have called- or better yet raised as my intial thought was before any action occurred.

I feel a bit redeemed- not much- when I am able to punish the 5 limpers and raise big from the BB with 10 10. I then fold for awhile again. I watch the chip leader play the I call “any and every hand from the BB poker” as he promptly beat the Hiltons with 10 7off. Ouch! The Qs only raised it 2.5 times so maybe he had it coming.

I then play fold em again for another 2 orbits all the time wondering if I am the biggest poker pansy in the world. I have no aggression at all right now. So I raise with K 10off to get some chips. Hey it worked! Next hand I get 7 7 and try again. BB calls. Flop is 8 9 4. He pushes. What? How could that have helped? Damn, I have to fold.

Blinds go by and now I am in all in mode. And quite unhappy. So I put on my best push monkey face and gloves and get my finger ready for the move. Fold, fold, fold. Here it is, the push monkey hand! A 2 offsuit. I push my 960 in and see a re-raise from the SB. Damn, that foils my plan. BB folds. I am up against 9 9. Flop gives me a deuce. The turn a straight draw. The river is a nice A and I more than double up to 2200. Nice, but I am still on life support.

Of course I donk some chips off by defending the big blind with K Q just to fold on the A high flop. Back to push monkey mode. I like the A 5off for the monkey move but someone raises ahead of me and I run away. I am officially in last place too.

Then I go on a tear. UTG- A Q suited. Push get called by Q Q. A on the flop and I double up. Next in the BB I get those same queens. Aggro boy in the SB pushes. Uh...I call? He shows 8 8 and I double up again. Plus, he goes on tilt! He goes off.
Aggro: Omg, un fn real.
Me: What? That 8s got beat?
Aggro: omg... you have no clue
Me: I have no clue how Q Q beat 8 8? Yeah, you are right.
Aggro: and you’re an idiot.
Me: but not as much as the player on my right donking off his chips

I fold for a bit until I see Q Q again. The player that I busted their Qs with had raised. I re-raise of the pot would leave me with 1400 behind. He has me covered so I push to show strength, knowing there is a good chance he calls no matter what. He thinks and folds.

I just about make another borderline stupid move. With 9 9 in EP, I think of folding it because of Aggro boy in the BB. Pfft. Only a wimp does that. So I raise it up and it folds around. Must remember that most of these players are rather passive.

At the second break, I have 8200 in chips and sit at 27th place. Guess that makes me the bubble boy! There are only a couple small stacks (<3000) so this will take some time to get down to the money. But I need to double up a couple of times to make a charge to the final table.

One obstacle are the two big stacks to left. I test them and their defense systems. With K 4 I raise on the button. They fold. Sweet! But I remind myself to be careful and selective. 9 9 is good so I raise again to capture the blinds and antes. A Q off in the SB nets me the BB ante and a limper. But because I am being selective now, I fold A 10 on the button to a raise because the player has been really tight lately.

When we are down to 31 players, I notice that 3 of the small stacks are all at my table. And all on my right, including Aggro boy who has donked off most of his chips. Blinds are now 300/600/75. I need more chips if I want to make a final table.

I get 8 8 and raise it up. Uh oh. Big stack is taking his time. He bumps it 6k more. Damn. I fold. That hurt but it was the right play I believe as we are near cashing. One hand later and we now go hand for hand. Before that even starts I am switched to a new table and have made some coin.

I double up at the new table with A Joff under the gun. I raise it the pot which is just about 2/5 of my stack. I get a call from a chip leader. Flop is J high. I push. He comments that there is too much in the pot for him to fold and calls. He shows A 10. There is a K on the turn which gives him a gutshot but it doesn’t hit and I double up to 14k.

Couple hands later I get K K in the BB. Good thing this isn’t live poker. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as I am begging for someone to try and steal. Instead it folds around. Ugh!

I begin to wonder if I should limp with some ok hands like 8 9 suited. It folds to me in late position and I fold as well though I felt like calling. Button calls and both blinds see the flop. Of course I would have had a boat on the turn but that is what you get for playing tight. Is anyone playing that hand late in a tournament with a small stack compared to the others at the table? Everyone behind me had twice what I had.

I bounce over 20k with a nice hand from the BB. I see a free flop with Q 2 off. Flop is K 3 Q but all spades. I bet it out and get called. I check the turn 9d. River is a Q, no spade. I bet half the pot and get raised. It is only a min raise. Hmmm... Did he slow play the flush? I just call, though I really wanted to pop it. He shows A 9 for two pair. I take down a nice pot. Soon, we are down to 2 tables.

That is when I make an unfortunate blind steal. With 4 5 I raise it up 4xs and get called by the BB. Flop is Q Q 8. He bets the pot and I am gone.

I fold and get anted away for what seems like forever. Then I donk it all off with 6 7 suited in the small blind. I try to steal with a raise but get called. The flop is 4 6 A. I push and get called by the A. Damn. I played some good poker for too long to donk out in 15th. Chalk it up to experience I guess.

I was a bit surprised that the play was all that fishy when we got to 50 players. It was pretty tight and solid. Until I played my last hand that is.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


How does someone call a raise of 1400 (from their raise of 600) to 2000 with 6 6?

That is what I am trying to figure out. It was down to 3 tables in the Wil Wheaton tourney and I was short stacked. EP raised to 600 (100/200/25). I popped it to 2000. He pushed me in for my last 700. I had to call.

I was surprised to see the 6 6.

I guess I should have pushed but I thought the raise was better to show more strength. Guess not.

Makes me feel like singing the Donkey song.

Monday, December 19, 2005

It is not like they are tougher,

but I can't seem to cash for the life of me now.

I still think the $6 Full Tilt 2 tabler for the tokens is a gold mine. Which means I am 0 for 5 in my last attempts. I use to hit 75% of them. What happened?

It isn't that the play is better. I keep watching people push with gutshot or flush draws on the turn. Making calls with 3rd pair for all their chips. The games are quite nice.

The super aggressive types are winning right now. I have tried to adjust but I am card dead as well. Or what feels like being card dead. I haven't raised too many pots lately because I have had weak hands.

When I do get some good hands, I am up against better hands or get sucked out on. Tonight, it was pushing with A Q (I had a small stack) vs the aggro type and he had Q Q. Or pushing with K K against another super aggro who had Q Q and flopped the set.

It has been a bit frustrating but I haven't lost much. That is the good side. Patience should pay off. But in the meantime, I will vent.

Which reminds me...why do people bitch about poker sites as they play? On Sunday, 3 players were bitching up a storm about PokerStars in a MTT. One guy got sucked out on (A 4o hit his straight on the river to beat 10 10 ) and blasted PokerStars for the next 10 minutes. If you hate the site, then why play there idiot? I should have gone for the tilt move and blasted him but I didn't.

Don't like a site? Go to one you do like. This ain't rocket science people. Plus, we do not want to hear you whining about your beats. It happens. Get over it. No site will hit more flushes, 2 or 3 outers or miracle 5 on the river than any other.

Time to get back on the horse and ride this one out.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Screw Time Warner!

Was playing in a Full Tilt SnG for a token last night. Got down to six players. Two more drops and a token is mine. I am in second place ready to take the token and run when...

My internet service is gone. Gawdamnmudderfuggers!!!

Boy am I pissed. Now I have to wait to see if these dipwads blinded me off or not (They did).Either way these cable people are going to get a piece of my mind.

So I might as well talk about some of the Vegas poker action. It won’t take too long. I only played at 3 places this time around. The MGM, Excalibur, and Imperial Palace.

Only 1 word can summarize it: SOFT!

I couldn’t believe how soft things are still in Vegas. We all knew the Castle was a money making machine but I hadn’t realized how many bad players were at the MGM.

Which of course means I made money in two of three sessions playing 4/8 w/half kill. On Thursday, everyone was able to hit their cards to crack my kinds and aces. But the strange part was they weren’t betting the nuts. I remember one clown catching his gutshot and not raising with it. Another caught a flush and didn’t bet it. They were very passive.

On Sunday I was able to dodge the lady playing any ace, connectors and suited. She was bad too. She chipped up early and gave it all back. Rebought, chipped up again and was giving it back when I left. One old Marine was giving chips out but not as bad as the New Yawker who was one of the biggest donks I ever watched play.

And of course I heard the immortal line of “I hate aces. They never win for me. I rather have a low pair!” to which one other player totally agreed. Those people crack me up every single time with their nonsense. People, aces get cracked. It happens. Get over remembering the times you have lost with them and think of the pots they have raked for you.

Nothing has changed at the Excalibur. Except for maybe they don’t like having drunks in their room. I was cut off by the room manager when I sat down. He told me I could play if I didn’t drink. I gave him a dumb look and agreed. Within 5 minutes I had another beer in front of me. Things were going good until he tried to cut me off again some hours later. I walked up to him and asked what the hell was going on. He explained I had enough. Bullshit! So I negotiated a deal. Got my drinking privileges back as long as I had some coffee too.

Was back in the Castle on Saturday night. It was the first bad session I have ever had in their 2-6 spread game. Everyone hit their hands on me. It was rough. And I wasn’t losing pots to bad players either. They just happen to hit their set or flush each time. At one point, I had my aces cracked twice in about 20 minutes. Spun the wheel to get some of the money back but the double wheel spin bonus was gone.

I think I should apologize to Shep too. With all the bad luck I was having, I made up the Donkey Song and started singing it. Again and again and again. Want to hear it? Of course you do.
Donnnnn key, a donkey, donkey, donkey,
I am the biggest donkey in the poker room.

That ditty will keep him up at nights. He is probably singing it right now too.

As for the IP, I didn’t play their much after the tournament was done. I donked most chips off to Falstaff’s set of jacks and that was about it.

But those game are a gold mine right now. Next time, I stay focused and play more poker.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

WPBT Winter Classic

I had high hopes walking into the Winter Classic. I mean, everyone wants to win the tournament they enter, but this one feels special and I wanted to do my best. With the extra cash payout, I was focused on playing my game and doing what it took to win.

I had an interesting table to start at. Iggy, BG, Maudie, MissT74, TeamScottSmith, among others (apologies to anyone I forgot). When the blinds came around to me I quickly tossed a mini bottle of Souther Comfort on my chips to sweeten the pot. I had 3 more to liven the game up with should I lose this one.

I think it was the first BB I had that won me my first pot. MissT74 raised from early position. I looked down and saw A K off. I re-raised and she called. Flop was all rags but I bet out anyways. Turn missed and I continued my bet. River was a K. I thought for a second, wondering if she was slow playing a set. I was also scared to be the first out and win the Gigli prize. I tossed out my last 1000 chip hoping my pair was best. Thankfully it was. She called and was a bit ticked that I rivered her J J.

I proceeded to chip up a bit from there. Moved tables a couple of times and stole some blinds. At the end of the first break I had tripled up and was feeling good. I floated a bit from there.

With 3 tables left, I made myself a good laydown. I had Q J in one of the blinds and saw the flop for free. It came Q high and I bet it out. I was then re-raised. I looked at her and wondered if I was beat by a set again. I went into the tank. I wasn’t so sure I had the best hand. I also wasn’t willing to bleed a bunch of chips when she could have A Q or K Q. Part of me said to call but the logical part- the one that wasn’t drinking as much- said to lay it down and wait for the next hand. So I did. Later she would tell me she had K Q and would have called if I came over the top.

So I survived for now. I stole some blinds even though the dangerous Rooster was in the BB. Very next hand I raise it again with 10 10 UTG. Mid position stops to think. Turns out it is Studio Glyphic. He asks how much I have left. I don’t say a word and spread the chips out. It is around 5400 or 5900. My chip count probably had me in the top 10 at this point, top 3 at the table and only down by a little. Glyph thought it out a bit more and pushed. It folded around. He had me covered so this wasn’t an easy decision.

Were my 10s good? I was pretty confident they were. I put him on a A K, A Q, or a smaller pair. I thought it out some more. If I fold, I still have some chips to move with. But if I call and take it down, I am in fantastic position to make the final table and be a force. The more I thought about it, and the bet he made, I was feeling good that I had the best hand. The other thought I had was that you need to win these kinds of hands to win tournaments. So I called and flipped over my 10s.

He didn’t like that and showed pocket 8s. I was ahead, but needed to survive the board. Flop was good. But an 8 hit the turn. No miracle on the river and I was out in the high 20s. That sucked. Studio Glyphic would go on to win the tournament. Congrats!

There is little you can do when you get your chips in with the best hand they hit a 2 outer on you. The thoughts I have after a beat like that is whether it is the right spot to make a move or not. If I lay it down, will I get a monster hand later? Would that even hold up?

In the end, I was happy with my play. Yes, it would have been better to make the money, but you can’t get there without taking any chances. My risk was low but the poker gods had other thoughts that day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What do you mean the Hammer is no good in Pai Gow?

Yeah, I tried. But the dealer nor the supervisor would have any of it.

I was at Harrahs on Monday afternoon playing Pai Gow. I looked down at my hand and saw a bunch of crap. Actually a pair of Jacks with 9 7 5 3 2. You know, a real powerhouse!

So I snickered and put the jacks down and the Hammer up. The dealer flipped the cards and gave me a strange look. She didn't like it when I yelled Hammer! either.

Though I insisted they pay me, they wouldn't. That felt like a Pai Gow bad beat.

Look for more later. I placed around 27 or 28 in the WPBT Winter Classic. Bad beat there. I dropped my chips to the eventual winner. At least I got all my chips in with the best hand. It just didn't hold up for me.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too much complaining

I played in the 6k guarantee on Full Tilt as a warm up for the Vegas festivities. I was ready to get into a poker frame of mind when all the bitchin and moanin started. People complaining about getting big pairs cracked, suck outs, runner runner flushes. It was so annoying.

Things looked like they could start well when I had J J under the gun on the first hand. Two people call the pot size bet and see a flop of 5 7 9, two clubs. I bet it. The push monkey on my left goes all in. I have no problem dropping it as I sure don't want to go out on the first hand. My guess is he flopped either the nut flush draw or a set. Either way I can get away with folding the over pair on the first hand.

I ran into one of the bitchers later. I am in the BB with A 10s. It folds around and the SB limps. I raise to 150. He calls. Flop is Qc, Js, 9c. I make the continuation bet of 200 and get called. Turn is the K of spades. SB bets 700. Having only 900 behind, I push with all my outs. He calls and shows 8 4 clubs. River is a Q and I double up. SB then goes on a rant about how I called with nothing. He conveniently ignores the fact he called pre-flop with nothing and was behind all the way. Well, I couldn't let him talk smack and pointed that out. He got quiet for a bit.

I then get A 10d a couple hands later, raise it up from mid position, and go up against the blinds. I manage to get runner runner for the flush and the bitcher starts up again. A 10 is his hand! Over and over. I wanted to reach over the virtual table and slap him.

As the game goes on, I am amazed by the extremely loose play going on. Limp, raise, re-raise, call, call. Any A is worth the calls! Small pair? No problem! Just a draw? I'll call the all-in bet anways!


I am at about 3400 at the break. Over half of the 266 starting field is gone.

But there are still some donks in. Coming over the top with 3 3? Lots of bad bluffs going on. Calling all your chips with 9 9 and 2 over cards on the board? I am not playing much as I get moved from table to table. I am on my 5th table now. I haven't had many chances to steal. I tried once but the chip leader squashed that attempt. Later I would laugh as one guy had a total tirade, swearing up a storm when his A Qo ran into A A. It was rather funny when everone ragged on him.

Meanwhile, I still can't catch a hand. I am sitting at 2340 now and blinds are pushing to 120/240/25. I go on a little rush with A J UTG and take the blinds and antes. Then in the BB, I have two limpers. With 9 9, I raise the pot. First limper pushes, other folds. I have him covered and call the extra 400. He shows K 4 suited??? Thanks for the double up.

Meanwhile the chip leader is pulling hands out of his ass. His A 2 suited bests A K suited with the gutshot on the river. It may have helped if the dope with Big Slick had raised instead of limping and slowplaying the K on board.

After folding a lot, I get a bit of a groove and chip up, stealing some blinds along the way. I am a bit shocked that one time it folded around to me in the BB. That was 650 free! A J gets me the blinds. K K gets me the blinds and a limper. I belive the rush kicked in when I got a beer.

Not many hands being played now. We have one joker at the table who is slow playing every hand. Slow playing as in taking the full amount of time hoping to fall into the money. With just 27 places paying, we have 39 left. I hope this dillweed stops this nonsense. At the 2nd break, I have 7228 with 36 left. I plan to play somewhat conservative til we hit the money. Unless the table gets extra tight, then I will steal. It should be easier now that the chip leader is no longer in the BB when I have the button.

But reality is I get nothing to play for the next 25 minutes. We get into the money but there nothing worthy to push with. I finally get 10 10 and push, re-raising the UTG. I was perplexed when he insta-called 1600 more with K Qo. His K hits the flop but with 2 other spades. Turn is a spade, river a spade and it is a split pot!

A couple hands later I get K 10 and push. Chip leader calls and wakes up with A Jo. Damn! Flop comes A Q 3, all hearts. Turn is a heart. Can I split again? NO. River is a 2 of diamonds and I am done in 21st.

I should have waited a bit longer than to push with K 10 off. Otherwise I am content with my game tonight. The cards were few and far between throughout the 2 1/2 hours. Patience paid off. If only I had gotten a bit luckier when it counted...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mixed results

I seem to be in a quandary lately. I can't seem to make a dime playing ring games but do well in the SnGs. This has be a bit concerned as Vegas gets close. I was hot in September and did well at the Excalibur.

But lately it seems every joker hits their set, pulls out the flush, or calls to the river with bottom pair and catches second pair or trips to beat me. I have been pushing this off to variance but it is really annoying.

I have decided to pull out the book and get refresher on the plane, if not a bit earlier. The rodeo is in town and the cowboys like to gambool. The fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. I just need to plug the holes first so I am not the one picked.

Needless to say the WPBT Winter Classic tournament on Saturday will be a good time. I can't help but notice how many people are running so well right now. CJ has been cleaning up. Joe Speaker has taken down some good cash. Bobby Ipod is rockin and rollin. And Joanne has been kickin ass and takin names all year. Lots of players look to be towards the top of their tourney game. I like to think I am not doing so bad having a good cash just a couple weeks back and comfortable with how my game is, but I am not running as well as many others. The competition will be extra tough come Saturday. There are too many players I just do not want to see at my table.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Comfortably numb

In one week, the WPBT Winter Classic will be underway. I will have a nice buzz a-going. I have every intention to start drinking before the tournament like I did in June. I do feel I play better poker with alcohol surging through my veins.

Plus, I have something up my sleeve that may cause a chuckle or two at my table.

Less than a week. Time cannot move fast enough.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have been in California this week and thusly there has been no play to talk about. I do not have a lap top to use at the hotel room. Otherwise I would probably be spending some time in the evenings playing.

I did play a two table SNG on Monday before leaving. Played along with the Spaceman. I hadn't noticed him at first but quickly said hi when I did. We chatted a bit. I was able to drop the Hammer on him. Soon we ended up squaring off at the end. Top 4 received tokens to move on so the other two quickly went all in when it didn't matter and were eliminated.

Jason and I then played a little heads up. His straight got the better of my top pair and the took the honors. It did remind me of one part of my game I do need to work on. Heads up play. I realize I tend to bet all my chips when I don't have the best hand. I always apply the pressure at the wrong time. Sure I may pick up a lot of small pots but I usually dump chips back going for the kill or on a stupid bluff. I may take some time to focus on this aspect of my game.

Just a week now until Vegas. Go ahead and click on the banner above to see what you are missing. Jealous, huh? If you are going, go ahead and click the banner and giggle like a school girl thinking about all the booze and poker and booze and friends and booze there will be.