Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have been in California this week and thusly there has been no play to talk about. I do not have a lap top to use at the hotel room. Otherwise I would probably be spending some time in the evenings playing.

I did play a two table SNG on Monday before leaving. Played along with the Spaceman. I hadn't noticed him at first but quickly said hi when I did. We chatted a bit. I was able to drop the Hammer on him. Soon we ended up squaring off at the end. Top 4 received tokens to move on so the other two quickly went all in when it didn't matter and were eliminated.

Jason and I then played a little heads up. His straight got the better of my top pair and the took the honors. It did remind me of one part of my game I do need to work on. Heads up play. I realize I tend to bet all my chips when I don't have the best hand. I always apply the pressure at the wrong time. Sure I may pick up a lot of small pots but I usually dump chips back going for the kill or on a stupid bluff. I may take some time to focus on this aspect of my game.

Just a week now until Vegas. Go ahead and click on the banner above to see what you are missing. Jealous, huh? If you are going, go ahead and click the banner and giggle like a school girl thinking about all the booze and poker and booze and friends and booze there will be.

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