Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Too much complaining

I played in the 6k guarantee on Full Tilt as a warm up for the Vegas festivities. I was ready to get into a poker frame of mind when all the bitchin and moanin started. People complaining about getting big pairs cracked, suck outs, runner runner flushes. It was so annoying.

Things looked like they could start well when I had J J under the gun on the first hand. Two people call the pot size bet and see a flop of 5 7 9, two clubs. I bet it. The push monkey on my left goes all in. I have no problem dropping it as I sure don't want to go out on the first hand. My guess is he flopped either the nut flush draw or a set. Either way I can get away with folding the over pair on the first hand.

I ran into one of the bitchers later. I am in the BB with A 10s. It folds around and the SB limps. I raise to 150. He calls. Flop is Qc, Js, 9c. I make the continuation bet of 200 and get called. Turn is the K of spades. SB bets 700. Having only 900 behind, I push with all my outs. He calls and shows 8 4 clubs. River is a Q and I double up. SB then goes on a rant about how I called with nothing. He conveniently ignores the fact he called pre-flop with nothing and was behind all the way. Well, I couldn't let him talk smack and pointed that out. He got quiet for a bit.

I then get A 10d a couple hands later, raise it up from mid position, and go up against the blinds. I manage to get runner runner for the flush and the bitcher starts up again. A 10 is his hand! Over and over. I wanted to reach over the virtual table and slap him.

As the game goes on, I am amazed by the extremely loose play going on. Limp, raise, re-raise, call, call. Any A is worth the calls! Small pair? No problem! Just a draw? I'll call the all-in bet anways!


I am at about 3400 at the break. Over half of the 266 starting field is gone.

But there are still some donks in. Coming over the top with 3 3? Lots of bad bluffs going on. Calling all your chips with 9 9 and 2 over cards on the board? I am not playing much as I get moved from table to table. I am on my 5th table now. I haven't had many chances to steal. I tried once but the chip leader squashed that attempt. Later I would laugh as one guy had a total tirade, swearing up a storm when his A Qo ran into A A. It was rather funny when everone ragged on him.

Meanwhile, I still can't catch a hand. I am sitting at 2340 now and blinds are pushing to 120/240/25. I go on a little rush with A J UTG and take the blinds and antes. Then in the BB, I have two limpers. With 9 9, I raise the pot. First limper pushes, other folds. I have him covered and call the extra 400. He shows K 4 suited??? Thanks for the double up.

Meanwhile the chip leader is pulling hands out of his ass. His A 2 suited bests A K suited with the gutshot on the river. It may have helped if the dope with Big Slick had raised instead of limping and slowplaying the K on board.

After folding a lot, I get a bit of a groove and chip up, stealing some blinds along the way. I am a bit shocked that one time it folded around to me in the BB. That was 650 free! A J gets me the blinds. K K gets me the blinds and a limper. I belive the rush kicked in when I got a beer.

Not many hands being played now. We have one joker at the table who is slow playing every hand. Slow playing as in taking the full amount of time hoping to fall into the money. With just 27 places paying, we have 39 left. I hope this dillweed stops this nonsense. At the 2nd break, I have 7228 with 36 left. I plan to play somewhat conservative til we hit the money. Unless the table gets extra tight, then I will steal. It should be easier now that the chip leader is no longer in the BB when I have the button.

But reality is I get nothing to play for the next 25 minutes. We get into the money but there nothing worthy to push with. I finally get 10 10 and push, re-raising the UTG. I was perplexed when he insta-called 1600 more with K Qo. His K hits the flop but with 2 other spades. Turn is a spade, river a spade and it is a split pot!

A couple hands later I get K 10 and push. Chip leader calls and wakes up with A Jo. Damn! Flop comes A Q 3, all hearts. Turn is a heart. Can I split again? NO. River is a 2 of diamonds and I am done in 21st.

I should have waited a bit longer than to push with K 10 off. Otherwise I am content with my game tonight. The cards were few and far between throughout the 2 1/2 hours. Patience paid off. If only I had gotten a bit luckier when it counted...

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