Thursday, December 15, 2005

Screw Time Warner!

Was playing in a Full Tilt SnG for a token last night. Got down to six players. Two more drops and a token is mine. I am in second place ready to take the token and run when...

My internet service is gone. Gawdamnmudderfuggers!!!

Boy am I pissed. Now I have to wait to see if these dipwads blinded me off or not (They did).Either way these cable people are going to get a piece of my mind.

So I might as well talk about some of the Vegas poker action. It won’t take too long. I only played at 3 places this time around. The MGM, Excalibur, and Imperial Palace.

Only 1 word can summarize it: SOFT!

I couldn’t believe how soft things are still in Vegas. We all knew the Castle was a money making machine but I hadn’t realized how many bad players were at the MGM.

Which of course means I made money in two of three sessions playing 4/8 w/half kill. On Thursday, everyone was able to hit their cards to crack my kinds and aces. But the strange part was they weren’t betting the nuts. I remember one clown catching his gutshot and not raising with it. Another caught a flush and didn’t bet it. They were very passive.

On Sunday I was able to dodge the lady playing any ace, connectors and suited. She was bad too. She chipped up early and gave it all back. Rebought, chipped up again and was giving it back when I left. One old Marine was giving chips out but not as bad as the New Yawker who was one of the biggest donks I ever watched play.

And of course I heard the immortal line of “I hate aces. They never win for me. I rather have a low pair!” to which one other player totally agreed. Those people crack me up every single time with their nonsense. People, aces get cracked. It happens. Get over remembering the times you have lost with them and think of the pots they have raked for you.

Nothing has changed at the Excalibur. Except for maybe they don’t like having drunks in their room. I was cut off by the room manager when I sat down. He told me I could play if I didn’t drink. I gave him a dumb look and agreed. Within 5 minutes I had another beer in front of me. Things were going good until he tried to cut me off again some hours later. I walked up to him and asked what the hell was going on. He explained I had enough. Bullshit! So I negotiated a deal. Got my drinking privileges back as long as I had some coffee too.

Was back in the Castle on Saturday night. It was the first bad session I have ever had in their 2-6 spread game. Everyone hit their hands on me. It was rough. And I wasn’t losing pots to bad players either. They just happen to hit their set or flush each time. At one point, I had my aces cracked twice in about 20 minutes. Spun the wheel to get some of the money back but the double wheel spin bonus was gone.

I think I should apologize to Shep too. With all the bad luck I was having, I made up the Donkey Song and started singing it. Again and again and again. Want to hear it? Of course you do.
Donnnnn key, a donkey, donkey, donkey,
I am the biggest donkey in the poker room.

That ditty will keep him up at nights. He is probably singing it right now too.

As for the IP, I didn’t play their much after the tournament was done. I donked most chips off to Falstaff’s set of jacks and that was about it.

But those game are a gold mine right now. Next time, I stay focused and play more poker.


alan said...

That song is STILL stuck in my head.

Fun playing with you. :)

Drizztdj said...

I think you just need to drink more :)

Cut off in a Vegas casino, that's a first!

StB said...

That is a special skill of mine Drizz. One that I have honed over the years.

shep said...

your a donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey,--hell i was going to cut you off if you didnt shut the hell up.--great meeting you and I enjoyed every second of it, donkey donkey donkey donkey. I look forward to playing with you again.