Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good and bad

Had little success this past weekend online. I was about to say mixed but that wouldn't quite be the truth. Yeah, there was some successes but overall I didn't like the way I played overall.

I lost money playing ring games on Full Tilt. Never a big losing session but I just cannot seem to get something consistent going on those tables. As much as I want to blame other players for sucking out on me (like the guy playing 8 2off and calling with 2 overcards on the flop just to make two pair on the turn), that will not make me a better player. I realize I need to regroup a bit and focus on what isn't working and what is.

I played like a fool in some tournaments. Fortunately they didn't cost me much as I was tearing up the "token" tables. I have won tokens in the last 5 I played. I took two of those and pissed them away on the MTTs. It just wasn't a good weekend for playing the bigger tournies. Except for Friday when I took 15th in a 20 table on Stars. But I played the last hand there poorly too.

The "token" tournies are my bread and butter right now. Most people don't understand how to play them. Patience will pay off 95% of the time. The other 5% is a bad beat. People are playing big stacks poorly (keep playing hand after hand), getting into unnecessary confrontations, and thinking they are invincible. Good hand yesterday. We are down to 5 and I have about 4k. The low stack is under 1500 (and on my right) and blinds are 300/600. UTG, the chip leader raises to 1800. It folds around to me in the BB. I have J J. I take my time and fold. I even tell the guy I folded pocket jacks. He said I was crazy. I chose not to explain myself. I did tell him I would have probably folded aces there too. Why do I want to go out in 5th and get $4 when the low stack is forced to make a move within the next orbit? Isn't that simple tournament strategy when you are about to make the money?

I missed a great chance to make money in a HORSE tourney on Full Tilt as well. I sat there dumbfounded during the Razz portion as 3 people were betting and raising as they each showed 3 cards above10. I am not kidding! A 10 low won the hand. People were just donking the chips off left and right in Omaha as well.

I have decided to keep playing the tournies on Full Tilt for the forseeable future as well as popping in on Stars from time to time for their tournies. The "token" tournaments are juicy. I also figure to start taking shots at the $75 tokens as well. The payout there is even better. I just wonder how the caliber of player is.

In the meantime, I need to stay away from the ring games.


TripJax said...

Man I've been digging those token sng's lately too. I've won 4 so far and only played in 7 sngs.

Unfortunately I've used 2 tokens and finished near the bubble in one and not far from the bubble in another. Damnit. Still, I like my chances now that I'm playing these token sng's to qualify...

And I can't agree more with your thoughts. The other night there was a guy with nearly 15,000 in chips still getting into every hand. I think I would have just sat out at the point we were at, but he kept risking his chips. He actually got down to 5,000, but managed to get a token. Idiot.

Question...can you use a $26 token to enter a $75 token qualifier sng?


StB said...

there are 2 table tournies that cost $26 to enter. You can use the token. Those pay out the $75 tokens to the top 5 and I think $57 to 6th place.

Drizztdj said...

I wish the HORSE tournies were scheduled at a better time, like when I'm not at work.