Friday, December 30, 2005

On the down side to end the year

My limit game is in the tank. I don't think there is any other way to say it. I am having a winning session 1 every 4 times. I am not losing a lot per session but I am losing.

Well, saying my game is in the tank may not be necessarily accurate. At least the way I have analyzed it. I am mainly playing 3/6. Over the last 2 months I have had trouble making money at the tables. I played with Poker Tracker to analyze how I have played over this time period. According to it, I have actually played pretty well. Are the cards just not falling in my favor?

One thing it has told me is that I am not being as aggressive as I used to be. Well, with the beats I have taken, I can understand why I have pulled back a bit. I looked over hands and there are many times I have left bets on the river but the possible flush or straight card has usually hit. Am I over thinking?

I even started playing limit on a site that I had no hand history at (was strictly playing tournaments). PT told me I was playing a solid game, but soon I was tight neutral, then tight passive and back to tight neutral.

Guess this is just one of those things you can only cure by riding it out. If I am playing some solid aggressive poker and still losing, I either have a big hole to find and fill, or I will begin to win again at some point.

I have started to dabble a bit more into low limit no limit. I find it rather interesting but I end up folding quite a bit. Then my good hands get sucked out on. But from playing a couple of these sessions, I feel I will eventually do well there. Amazing what some people will throw money to see a flop with some crap cards.

Now if only the cards would fall my way for a stretch of time...

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Dr. Pauly said...

Happy New Year Steve!