Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another quarter, another year, another set of goals

2005 was one interesting year for me and this hobby. I had some successes, made some money and made a lot of great friends. There were easily more highlights than low spots.

  • Winning my first multi table
  • Cashing for some big dollars ($2000, $1300, & $800)
  • Final table showing in the WPBT Aladdin Classic
  • All the great people I met

There really aren't any true low spots to mention. They consist of many little items like not staying focuses in some tournaments like a Party Million. Ring games during November and December where I just couldn't win consistently. Not winning a seat in a big tournament.

That last one is interesting to me. I would like to win my way into a major tournament, whether it be WSOP or WPT. I came close in June when I won 2k and tried to get into Event #2 at the WSOP. But the lines were huge by the time I was going to sign up and decided not to bother. But in the end, I realized that this goal wasn't achieved because I didn't try. I didn't put my effort into playing tournaments that would get me there. I did some Party satellites but sucked in them. In other spots, I simply didn't want to fork out some big bucks. In the end, you cannot win what you do not set out to accomplish if you aren't in the game.

So now I have a plan. Now I need to execute said plan. I have chosen 2 sites that I wish to win my seat through, Full Tilt and Poker Stars. On Full Tilt I have a platform I like and a company that is great. In Stars, there are simply more opportunities. Either way, each site knows how to treat their people well.

Second part of the plan is to play the damn tournaments. I will need to set aside a portion of money to play just these tournaments. I am not quite sure how much. I will continue to play the guaranteed money tournaments on FTP and will use the 20 tablers on Stars to "train" if you will. Any money won in these will be used to take the next step.

Other goals for the year are to step up to 10/20 on the limit tables and develop a solid NL ring game. The main thing I see holding me back is time. I may not have time to play as much as I might like to achieve these goals. I realize that poker is just a hobby. I have no dreams (delusions?) of going pro. That can work for others, but that just isn't me. I am content with playing when time allows and just trying to play the best I can.

I can't help but feel that 2005 will be a springboard for 2006. Hell, I have already won with the people I have met. Now it is a matter of trying to improve and become better.

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