Friday, January 13, 2006

Another final table...

but no cash.

I played a qualifier for the Full Tilt $200k on Saturday. Was kicking some ass too. Was the leader after the first hour. Never went below 3rd in the second hour. But couldn't hit anything in the 3rd and went out at 9th.

Top two got into the tourney and down to 5th paid cash.

I did spend some time at the first table with factgirl. We talked a bit about how great the WPBT tourney in Vegas was last month. It seems so long until the next one this summer. And as much as the Imperial Palace seemed to be one big clusterfuck, they did a great job of hosting our tournament. Setting up a ballroom to play in, giving us an open bar, etc. They even had press releases for the game. It was a blast.

So even though I got nothing out of the tournament last night, I feel good about my game. I also played the cheap ($4) SnG during the first hour, coming in 1st and winning the $26 token (I now have 3 of those stored up). All in a warmup for tonight's church game. I figure there will be around 30-40 people in this. Last one I played saw me as the bubble boy when I got rivered by an a-hole with a poor call. This time will be different. I intend to play a bit more aggressively, especially if I can chip up early. There should be bounties ($10) on the first 15 people or so, so I intend to make my buy in back there. Hopefully enough cards come my way to do so. If not, well, you can find me by the beer tap the rest of the night.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

You suck! You aren't no Troy or have to close the door up the score, want there to be no doubt in anyone's mind..son, you are a cowboys have to close this out next time.