Wednesday, January 04, 2006

If he was as smart as he says he was....

he would have kept his mouth shut.

I have said before that I don't chat much. The majority of it is stupid trash talking that doesn't make any sense. There is only so much "you suck" and "nice catch idiot" that you can read.

Of course, if someone says that to me, I may just walk onto the dance floor and chat them up. If I can get them aiming for me, that will mean more dollars on my side.

I had this working on Full Tilt tonight. One guy got mad at me because his flopped pair of aces didn't hold up. It was a 6 max 3/6 table. I had opened from the cutoff with a raise holding K Q clubs. Only the BB called. Flop was J high. BB checked. I made the continuation bet. He raised and I called. I watched the guy for a while and he like to buy pots. Turn was a 10. I called his bet with my OESD. River was a A. I raised his bet and he called to show 2 pair. He then proceeded to call me an idiot for calling his turn bet. I was over 5.5 to 1 to call. If I hit, I get more. Plus it was possible I had the best hand at the turn (which I did).

Next guy started on me when I made it 3 bets to go in the 3 seat with A Qo. I hit my Q on the flop to beat his 9 9. He berated me for 3 betting with A Qo. I asked why he didn't cap the flop if his hand was so good, or ever bet out. He claimed he was 80% sure he was ahead. Again, I didn't know what I was doing. That I got lucky and couldn't play for shit. I told him I could prove I was smarter than he. I told him I was taking his money and leaving. I pocket $80 in about 15 minutes and left the table. (Note: This move was inspired by the Poker Geek)

Talking shit about a player isn't going to get you anywhere. Seeing that I was up, the best way to piss this guy off further was to leave. I know he won't learn the lesson and I sure hope he doesn't. He is on my list. He was quite a bad player and I will search him out.

Did I play these hands wrong?


shep said...

Your a donkey, donkey, donkey

Easycure said...

I want my money back, bitch.

F-Train said...

I like 3-betting AQ with position.

Drizztdj said...

Best line I've heard:

"Shhhh, do you hear that"

*use a slight pause*

"It's the sound of me racking up your chips, bye!"

Beck said...

1) I like how you played those hands

2) I like to hit the chat whiners with completely random statements. Example:

"Nice catch u moron"
"I played outfield in little league."


"I never owned a pair of parachute pants, but I really really wanted some in second grade so I could go further when jumping off the swing set."

Gotta keep 'm guessing.

StB said...

Nice Beck. I like that one.

Chilly said...

Of course F-Train likes a lot of stuff that the rest of us find questionable.

Marty like to drop the god talk on the table, which really sends them over the edge.

"God gave me quads." is my all time fav.

JasonSpaceman said...

In 6-max LHE, position is the name of the game. You used it and won with it. Ummm...mission accomplished!

What I've noticed in 6-max is that the guys who berate you for outplaying them are the same ones who are calling two and three bets cold and clinging to fourth pair at showdown in the hopes that they can get lucky enough to keep themselves convinced that they don't suck near as bad as they actually do. People are dumb at full ring and that dumbness comes over to the 6-max tables too. They're never responsible for losing, it's always someone else's fault.

I like Beck's suggestion too. Usually when someone gets on my case in chat I take it as an opprtunity to have a little fun with chaos and get creative with these idiots. Everything I say from that point on is aimed straight over their heads. Makes for a good time, especially when your cards are cold.

CheddahYetti said...

I think you played it fine.

It's like half of the new players got their How To...Hold 'Em books for gifts this holiday season, and skipped the section on position to get to the chapter on what the right brand of sunglasses are to wear while playing internet poker. Alone. In the dark.

Keep up the good work.