Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fancy play

The poker weekend was interesting. I couldn’t money in SnGs or tourneys to save my life. It was only 5 of them. In 4 of 5, I got my chips in with the best hand only to be sucked out on. It happens.

On Sunday, I somehow finished 2nd in a 2 tabler after starting the final table as the small stack. I then made up the rest of my losses playing 3/6. So the weekend was a push.

I did notice some interesting plays that are happening more frequently. It seems like the check-raise is the most popular move in low limit hold em. Everyone and their grandmother are constantly check-raising. In my opin, check raising in limit hold em is giving money away. There are only a couple of instances where I will check raise, but I bet the majority of the time when I have a hand. I want to build a pot. But if my hand is concealed well- say I flop trip 3s or 4s with an ace on the board- I will let the intial raiser go at it when I am 99% sure they will bet it. But a lot of people will raise pre-flop, watch the A or K hit and check, just hoping you will think they missed their flop. So it may get them one extra small bet? Stupid in my mind. Most players will call your bet anyways. Why try to give one away? Plus, you may just be trapping yourself.

The other funny move I saw a couple times was in tournament play. UTG limps. Someone else raises. UTG then re-raises all in and shows a medium pair or A K at best. I saw this play 3 times. Granted I know they are trying to represent A A or K K, but what they do not understand is that I have been watching them for the last 30 minutes. Your play has been crappy. For you to make this move doesn’t make sense. You have gained any respect from me to make me fold. Furthermore, why do you want to commit with hands that aren’t big favorites?

People trying to play fancy at low limits is amusing. They act like they are at the final table of the WSOP when there are 200 people left in a tournament. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are wearing sunglasses as they play as well.

I may be playing in a church tourney this Friday. From the email I received, it shoudn't be too big. Levels look to be good too. If you are in the Milwaukee area, drop me an email at StB31@hotmail if you are interested in playing. I will shoot you the details.


Drizztdj said...

Will there be beer served? I wish I play some live poker :(

StB said...

Oh, there will be beer. I think there is a portion of the buy in that goes directly to food and beer. Supposedly the food is top notch, prepared by old ladies of the church so you know it is good.