Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not much to talk about

Work took over last week. I didn't play much poker at all. Thus there has been little to talk about.

I have started playing various SnGs to get back in the groove. Results have been a bit mixed so far. I will have more to say when I get 10.

I did manage to finally watch the Phil Gordan DVD I received at the Winter Classic. You know the one that has the banner at the top every day. Bill Rini had hooked us up with a free copy and did a review back in July.

I really liked the approach they took with the video. As Bill said, it entertains and gives instruction. Phil gives some good advice but he also tells you exactly what is going through his mind.


You know how it is. You have a flop and you bet it out hoping the other play will fold. As you wait you think "fold fold fold fold fold". Phil actually says that. He "speaks" on the good flops and bad flops that hit him. He even calls a guy jerk.

I thought by doing this, going through the exact process even though it seems like filler, I could relate to exactly what he was thinking. He explanations on various topics helps an intermediate player like myself. I would be shocked if others couldn't pick something out of it.

I anticipate having some sort of early report on the SnG project mid week. Until then, go read Dr. Pauly or the Spaceman do their reports from the big tournaments.

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