Tuesday, January 31, 2006

SnG update

I finished the first 10 SnGs of the experiment. Results are OK. Not fantastic but not terrible. I netted $130. That consisted of playing at PokerStars and PokerRoom in either $10 or $20 tables. Where I played depended on the wait and how I was feeling on my game. More specifically I finished first twice, second one, and third 3 times. My worst finish was 6th.

Seems weird but my two wins were the last two I played. One for $10, the other for $20. After having a mixed Sunday, I had taken Monday off and was unsure of my game. So I hit PStars for the 10 spot. The table was very weak. Though I felt like I was easily the best player at the table, I wasn't chipping up that much. I hit a high spot of 2700 before I bled out some chips to 2 slow players. They didn't get much off of me, but the pre-raise flop and continuation bet put a hurting on me. So much that when I made a great call with 10s vs 9s and got sucked out on the river, I was down to 466. With 4 left, I focused on the game, feeling confident that I was the best player and would at the minimum take 2nd.

So I went on a tear. I got lucky with a triple up when a pair of Jacks was good to take the main pot. Then I kept pushing on my passive opponents until I got up into second. When we went heads up, my opponent had a 5 to 1 lead on me. Instead of keeping the pressure on me, he let me see too many flops. Of course, I did get lucky when he pushed with A K and I happened to have A A. From there, I put the pressure on him until all the chips came my way.

Just before the PStars tourney game ended, I fired up PokerRoom and jumped into a $20 game there. I had to keep the rush going. When you feel you game is on high, you need to sit and play. I chipped up early and got a double when someone pushed with top pair weak kicker. A flopped straight in the BB a bit later helped as well.

But I think the key at this table was being in charge. I kept raising with good hands in the blinds and being the first to the pot. I had a nice lead when we got to 4. One guy then got on a bit of a rush himself. But A Q saved me again when the flop came A high. He bet into me and I check-raised back. I pushed on the turn to cripple him. I kept the pressure on the small stack, though I let them back into the game with a stupid call. But I was determined not to drop this one like the other person had dropped one to me. 4 hands later it was over and I was the victor.

If only I had done better in the Wil Wheaton Penner invitational. I did not play good there at all.

I will get back on the horse tomorrow. My focus will be soley on the $20 tables now. Depending on the success of the next 10, I will be looking forward to moving up to the $30s.


Drizztdj said...

Turbos or Regular SnGs?

I've been pondering a move to just doing sets of Turbo PLO8 SnGs instead of ring games when I start playing again this week.

StB said...

Playing just regular SnGs for now. I eye up the turbos since some of these games are running a bit long (hour fifteen) but haven't jumped yet.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

You are the hombre.