Friday, February 29, 2008

Master of my domain

I thought I was going to take down the RakeBrain LeCheese Challenge right when I was dealt the first hand. 7 2o. The Hammer had come to town. I was UTG and can only pot it. BB calls. On the K high flop, I pot again and get called. Now I know I am in trouble. Hammer no good. Especially when an A hits the turn. Now I am screwed. But I fire the second bullet anyways. I get raised. Time to fold. If the pot gets pushed my way, I know I win it all. But instead I am shortstacked and fighting my way back for the next hour.

The worst part was the slew of shit cards I got during the Omaha rounds. Absolute crap. I would have been able to slog away if it was O8, but these cards were just crap for the high only game. That made it frustrating. It is like playing HORSE. You see some people just fold the Razz rounds because they don't know how to play. I find it somewhat embarassing to sit back and fold thinking of how it just makes me look like some schmuck who can't play. Add in an aggro big stack and it just pissed me off.

Thanks to RakeBrain for the invite. I did have fun and would participate given another opportunity. Congrats to Blood and Mook for earning some cash.

I found myself waking up yesterday being double teamed by a cold and a hangover. With many vacation days to burn, I figured I would sleep in and play some poker when I felt better. Part of me wanted to find a good tournament and hopefully pull out a sick day win ala Jordan. There wasn't anything big ready to start on Full Tilt so I took advantage of the double points promotion and played some PLO8. I also hopped into the little $3 90 man SnG with knockouts for shits and giggles.

The PLO8 was kind to me. I made some good money to help get me out of my hole. I still have a ways to go but I am more comfortable with how I am running and my style of play. I am slowly learning about aggression in this game. How to pick spots to slam the pot and when to hold off. How not to bluff too much. And how to maximize the nuts. After a month I can say that I have really enjoyed playing the game. I think it may help me out in other aspects of poker, mainly because it is helping my patience.

As I mentioned, I hopped into the small buying SnG. I had done this a week ago and had some fun collecting bounties. Funny, I had the same result this time around. 3rd place with 4 bounties collected. It is amusing how bad the play is. I got A A 3 times and felted each player in the process. Each time they would reraise me all in preflop with mid pairs. I hardly played any hands but they never noticed how tight I was playing. My favorite though was the UTG clown who limped and then re-raised all in with A 4. I thought about 4 seconds before calling with 7 7. I knew he didn't have a a big pair and the basically that way too many jokers think they can limp and reraise big with shit believing players will think they have A A.

I may take it easy today and get ready for a day of PLO8 in the morning with a run at PLO in Pauly's tournament in the afternoon. Anything that can prevent me from shoveling more snow is a good thing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If I hadn't chased with a pair,

I might have been the pimpdaddy of the HOE last night. Instead I finished 4th.

At least that was much better than my result in the Bodog Blogger tourney. For whatever reason I cannot get any traction in that tournament. I have not been able to slow down in the first hour and a half and thus donk off chips. The pace of the tournament seems so painfully slow. Not sure why that is. It must be my lack of patience.

I had a great chance to double up early in the Bodog when I raised with A J and promptly flopped a straight. I wanted to milk it for all I could so I made a continuation bet and just called the raise. I check raised the turn and then cringed when I saw an A hit the board. My mind was telling me my opponent had K J and that damn A was going to be a split pot.

From there I slid down and ended up pushing with 10s. I get the quick call from yestbay who shows A K and promptly flops an A. I hadn't been winning races so it wasn't a surprise to not win this one.

I was hoping that wouldn't carry over to the HOE event. Things got off to a slow start for me but I found my niche in the Stud H/L early. I managed to chip up nicely and spend a good amount of time in the top 5. But I got a bit greedy in the latter stages trying to collect some bounties in O8 portion. I quickly slid from top 5 to bottom 5. Still amazing how crappy everyone plays O8. Twice I had better hands get beat from people aggressively playing high hands preflop with no chance at a low. And when they go into awfukkit mode, you know they are going to win the damn hand.

No Mook for me tonight. If I remember, I will be playing in the RakeBrain LeCheese Challenge after work. I believe it is scheduled for 5pm CST if I read it correctly. I hope to squeeze it in before heading out to the bar to make an easy $50 bar tab.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The next big poker scandal

Iggy had been lamenting on how the Absolute poker cheating scandal had basically been ignored in the poker community. I wouldn't say it hadn't been ignored as much as anyone with a brain decided not to play there a long time ago.

So to make sure something of this nature doesn't happen again, I am going to blow the lid off the latest scandal I have seen. After doing some scant detective work, I have put 1 and 1 together and solved the mystery.

What mystery you ask?

Otis is leaving G-Vegas as announced at Up for Poker and Rapid Eye Reality. Now you may be thinking that I am still drunk from the weekend and that I don't know jack shit about anything. Well, that may be true, but I like many of you would wonder why anyone voluntarily moves to Canada?

Exactly. No one does.

So I did some searching and figured it out. It all goes to this post by BadBlood. After a good run he has a bankroll again. At the same time Otis is leaving the country.

Coincidence? I think not! After thinking and drinking on this one I have put forth the scenario. It all started innocently on Monday as they met for the ritual pregame drink. Maybe Blood had one dirty martini too many or Otis's mimosa was stronger than Falstaff recommends. But words were exchanged- in good natured fun, not hostility- to the effect that Blood was going to bust someone and Otis replied he wasn't running good enough to bust anyone. That hell, if he busted Otis, Otis would leave town. Kinda like an old fashioned wrestling extravaganza where the loser must leave town but being how this is the year 2008 and everything is bigger and better in the USA, they made it a loser leaves country match.

And so it happened. Blood even drops us a hint on what happened.
It's been a while. In a blog filled with bad beats and a 2007 poker year filled
with losing results, last night felt like the Golden Era of G-Vegas poker for

He knew Otis would have to go. Otis being a man of his word, broke the news to his family, switched to WordPress in an attempt to hide any shame and will be leaving the country.

There is more behind this scandal. That I am sure of. But I am at work and sober so the investigating will have to wait.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Turning it around

The weekend was better than the week. Made up for some of the losses incurred earlier, but not all. But I am seeing the light.

One key was getting deep in Pauly's PLO tournament. I didn't donk myself out early this time around. I didn't make the final table or any money but was happy with the way I played. I believe I got tossed out at 11 or 12. I was content because I didn't make any really stupid plays.

That carried over to the PLO8 tables where I ground out some small profits on both Saturday and Sunday. Discipline was high and I found myself being cautious about both my starting hand selection as well as chasing with hands that would just win the low. The down side was folding some hands when I knew my opponent was not strong on the high hand and that I could have taken them down. In due time, that will change.

It wasn't all peaches and cream though. The frustrating part of the weekend was not winning more. I saw a lot of strange plays going on. Poor timed bluffs. People chasing when they didn't have the nut low. People not realizing their pocket aces weren't any good on the flops. It was a thing of beauty to see happening. I just couldn't get enough hands that would allow me to profit at these donkeys' expenses.

I did play some hold em as well. A cheap 90 seater with knockouts. Ended 3rd with 4 bounties collected. I didn't make any stupid moves and cruised through the tournament without ever being in jeopardy. Until we got to the bubble. A suckout on the river made it a bit difficult. I raised from EP with A J. The SB called. With a 7 high flop and two hearts, I pushed. Instinct told me I was ahead and he maybe would call with the flush draw. Instead he calls with Q 10, no hearts. WTF? The Q on the river had me cussing a storm. I only hoped I would have a chance to get my chips back.

In fact, I knew I would get the opportunity. The quality of play was so pathetic. The dope on my right was raising with absolute crap. I let him steal my BB when he went all in the first time. But with only 5 BB total, there was no way I was folding K 10. Sure enough, he turned over 7 3 and I double through. This continued to the final table where any two face cards was an autocall to a push. I ended up going on in 3rd when my A 10 got rivered by A 6.

So the weekend ended with some success. Here's to keeping it going. I figure it can't be as bad as last week was.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stud H/L, Razz, its all the same the way I play

Stud H/L
1st hand of RC, straight flush to the 8
miss low
make low
fold fold fold
Evy35 is talking about her game. How she is good at sucking. I don't think she means cards anymore.
I forgot that people will not fold in this game. Kings below are no good no matter how much you bet.
People will call down with 2 pair as well.

KORD is about to start. I recall winning one of these a couple months ago.
First hand I play there is bad. My 8 is no good as he keeps calling with his pair of deuces and K showing. Yeah, I should have stopped all the betting. I make up a hand or two later and get those chips back.

Catch a wheel in the RC game to take down a nice pot. Two people called me down there.

Must make sure I don't mix the Razz and Stud game up. I just about raised with Aces below but realized that was the Razz game. Don't need to make that mistake. It would be costly.

Somehow I win a pot with just a pair of 7s. Columbo couldn't catch his low.

I have been drawned out on twice in the Stud game. Beginning to piss me off.

Once again, someone can't fold and my two pair loses to a higher two pair. It is annoying when others just call down. They have little faith in their hand to bet out or raise. Can't let that annoy me too much.

I feel a bit bad now because now I sucked out on someone else. I did have a straight and flush draw but so happened to pair up an ace on 7th to win. For once a card fell my way again.

Rolled aces no good. Figures.

Caught my second straight flush of the night, this time Queen high.

KORD is over. I had A 2 3 to start, caught a 7 and then bricked out the last 3 cards. WTF?

I fold a lot now. My hands are very bad so I can't play anything without going all out. I get a chance and double up. A couple hands later I take out a short stack and have some life. But I need to get quite a bit more in chips to have any chance. I am 11k out of first. That is the nice way of saying I am sitting 10 out of the remaining 13.

It sucks to catch a wheel but split a pot when your opponent has a boat.

I then cripple myself by chasing a flush. It don't hit and I am on life support.

And it is over. Toss the dirt on top of me and let me rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another dreadful session

I let my dreadful PLO8 session flow into the Blogger Skillz event. About the only thing I did right yesterday was make it into the second round of the PokerStars Heads Up freeroll. Of course I won't be able to participate in the tournament on Saturday so the other 5000 players won't have my chips to drool over.

I am taking a day off from the games. I need it. Instead I will head out to the bar to earn the world's easiest $50 bar tab.

I had another dream about poker last night. This time I was a chip. No wonder my back hurt this morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 buy and goodbye

Last night was one I want to forget. Everything went wrong. I lost 3 buyins playing PLO8. One to a guy getting 5 to 1 to see a card that could either pair the board or hit his flush, one to a guy who had to hit one card (he called me pot bets all the way down), and one where I misread the board and donated the rest of my chips.

Very ugly. Very disheartening.

Hopefully I can turn things around tonight.

I had a weird dream last night. I was working for a cable news network. I had been doing research for them and for whatever reason, they decided they would put me on the air during the World Series of Poker. They wouldn't tell me what I would be talking about, but kept saying to be ready. The studio for the show was in a department store, which was connected to a casino. I recall being nervous and walking around the place quite a bit, usually to the front of the store to the poker room which had only 1 table running.

At one point I was standing by a makeup counter talking to Dan Patrick. He was giving me some pointers on how to handle the segment in which I would speak. As he did, a very smug Keith Olbermann walked over to try and intimidate me. Patrick tried to get him to back off, but ever the asshole, Olbermann persisted. He tried to impress me with his knowledge by showing me the table of names he had gathered. I looked at the list and didn't recognize any well known poker players. I started rattling off names that were on his paper and asking who they were. Olbermann lists off their accomplishments which was all second or third places. All the names on his list were people that didn't win tournaments. When I pointed that out, he mentioned that they still mattered. Patrick started laughing when I told Olby "No wonder you suck. You follow losers, I follow winners." and walked away.

I proceeded to the front of the store to the casino just to hear my name get called back. I walked back to the counter and realized I had absolutely nothing. Still not knowing what I was going to talk about, I begged Dan Patrick to help me and we started listing the past 10 winners. A producer or assistant then walked up to put a microphone on me and asked if I was ready. I lied and said yes. She asked if I knew what to do. I replied that I would keep my answers short and succinct, that I would avoid rambling. She gave me a blank look and told me that is how it used to be done, that now I would need to talk as much as I can to fill up the air time.

She walked away and I took a deep breath. I either fainted or woke up.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi Lo weekend

I didn't play a single hand of hold em this weekend. Except for a little Razz on Friday night with Peaker, I played nothing but PLO8 at the .25/.50 and .50/1.00 levels. Oh, I did play in the Saturdays with Pauly. The tournament was a total abortion.

I did ok in the PLO8 games. I am not up by much since I began tracking my results. For the most part they are going as I expect. A nice win here or there balanced by a big loss. Lots of small gains and losses spread in between. One thing I probably should track is how long each session is. Currently they last about an hour and a half. I quit either when I am losing focus/interest, or if I drop a big pot by either a suckout or a stupid call by me. Sadly, there have been too many of the latter.

I have read that playing successful PLO8 takes a lot of discipline and patience, something I have been lacking as of late. This is part of the reason to spend many hours on this game. I beleive I can redevelop this skill set and bring to other aspects of my play. I recognize myself as a recreational player. I have no ideas of grandeur and at this time don't see myself playing a lot of satellites to major events. That may change somewhere down the line but for now I realize I am better off enjoying the games and continuing to learn.

I have noticed one hole in my play. I have problems laying down a hand that is the nut low, knowing I have no chance at the high and am likely to be quartered. This destroyed a session I had on Saturday. I had a nice gain evaporate as I got quartered in 3 straight hands. I have read you cannot be profitable is you play for half of the pot. It is really beginning to sink in. This is one discipline I hope I can acquire. So far I have learned to lay off a number of A 2 hands that have very little chance of winning a high, especially from EP. If I can fold on the river with a nut low that screams I am getting quartered, then I know my skull isn't as thick as I thought.

Friday, February 15, 2008

No adjustment

I came to realize how I went from top 5 to out in the first 15 minutes of the second hour of the RiverChasers game. I didn't make the needed adjustment.

The table was pretty damn tight in the first hour. I was catching some cards (A A three times) and hitting some good flops. I thought I would get all of Riggstad's chips when I flopped a set of 8s but that didn't happen. Apparently he wasn't drunk enough. Damn soberish players!

But with the blinds up in the second session, everyone got a bit more aggressive. It was like they caught up to me. Where I could make moves with 7 7 or 8 8 in the first hour, they were playing back against me in the second. When I faced reraises on 3 hands in 10 minutes, I felt myself going on tilt. My mind was blown. I had no focus and certainly no patience to play a tournament at that point. I knew I was behind when I called Waffles push. I knew barring any lucky two outer, I was done.

But I was happy. I wasn't kidding when I got knocked out and typed into the chat "ah...tilt is over". It was a bit of a relief.

Sometimes it takes players a while to notice the hole in their game. Whether they can plug them quickly or not depends on that person. My hole is quite simple. I don't have the patience for playing tournaments right now. I find it hard to sit down and play cards for 3-4 hours. It became evident last week while playing Stud. I could have sat aside to make the money but I was bored after playing 3 hours. I didn't care anymore. It sounds like a copout but it is the truth. I have been losing interest in the second and third hour of these tournaments lately. Too many outside distractions in the real world. Real life is affecting my game. Thankfully it is nothing serious.

On the other hand, I have been enjoying PLO8. I have read up a bit to strengthen my game as well as taken some advice from others (thanks Drizz!). For me, the challenge of playing good PLO8 is a higher priority than tournaments right now. At least HE tournaments. I wouldn't mind seeing a good HORSE game start up.

When I have to wait for a PLO8 seat to open, I have wandered over to the Razz tables. Been enjoying F-Train's stories of late. Glad to see him blogging about poker again. I liked his concept of winning token's to get into a FTOPs event. I thought of following in those footsteps until I realize it would be a waste of time and money considering how I have ADD in these as of late.

The Razz game has been good to me. I love running a good semi bluff in this game. Where you have a weak made hand- an 8 or even a 9- but you can tell it is good from not only what your opponent is showing, but how they have just limped and then called down every bet, blatantly showing that they are chasing. Yesterday I made a final bet with a 9 6. I knew I was good. I expected my opponent to fold as they were showing J 9 8 but was happy to see the call and collect the extra bet.

I think this weekend will see me playing both of these games. I have to get my cards in before we get hit with another 10 inches of snow on Sunday. Can we fast forward to summer already?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


After playing quite a bit of PLO8 this weekend, I finally decided to keep track of my totals to see how good/bad I am actually doing. Having mixed in a bunch of SnGs around the game, I realized just watching my bankroll wasn't going to explain my actual results. My bankroll may have dipped but I also have some tokens stacking up that would translate into a higher BR.

I am mainly playing .25/.50. I have played some .50/1.00 but feel more comfortable at the lower level. Likewise, playing .10/.25 seems like too low and is a waste of time. I will usually have 2 tables going, with a SnG possibly in the background.

I had a hunch on how these PLO8 sessions were going. It felt like I was having a bunch of small win/loss session with larger win/loss sessions in between. Now that I am tracking, I know the truth.

I think yesterday's play is typical. I had one table where things were great. I finished up after an hour to the tune of $25. But on the other table, I was down $36. That was the result of one hand that I don't believe I played wrong. If anything, the best play was to avoid playing the hand at all.

I saw a flop from the BB with 3 6 7 x that was double suited. It was a min raise that had two other callers. My thinking was to see a flop. If it hit me, I can take down a nice sized pot. Well, the flop did hit me. It came 5 8 9, giving me a straight, but with two spades. I didn't want a spade draw to go after it so I bet pot. I was called by only the intial raiser. The turn was a J of clubs. Not a good card but I highly doubted someone was playing Q 10 at this spot. I proceeded to bet about 3/4 of the pot. I was promptly called. Hmm.... The river was an 8. I tried to think about what the could have been calling down with. I figured it was either a good low that didn't hit or maybe they had A A and were being stubborn. I was certain they missed their low but checked as I wanted more time to put them on a hand. They then proceeded to bet just under half the pot. This confused me a bit. Were they now trying to scare me away? Or was this a value.

I noticed my hand move the mouse over the MAX tab on the bet area. I was about to click it and mash the bet button when my brain screamed one more time, IT IS A VALUE BET. Problem was, I couldn't put him on a hand. How did that 8 hit him?

I ended up calling. I just couldn't fold at this point. He turned over a hand showing 9 9. He rivered his full house.

Can anyone fold here? I played the hand through my head and tried to understand how this person had played it. They flopped a set and saw there was a possible flush and low hand. On the turn, the J doesn't help either flush or low. The 8 on the river makes it high only. Did my betting look like I was chasing one or the other? I don't think so, except for the river check. Any bet there would have lost me more money.

I guess I have to chalk this one up to just a bad card and that I am lucky I didn't lose more on this hand. As always, any thought from you PLO8 guys is appreciated.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The Saturday with Pauly tournament felt like a repeat of last week. Did well early, chased and went out in the middle of the pack. Damn deja vu.

Congrats to the Rooster for taking it down. He wouldn't have been in it if I had not floated him the entry fee. I wonder how much my taste of that victory will be.

Played quite a bit of PLO8 and HORSE this weekend. Except for one horrendous session in the morning, results were pretty good. Still need to develop that sense for when to push hard on the turn and river. PLO8 is fun, but can be frustrating when you leave some bets on the table.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thinking during the Stud tournament

25 runners. That is it? WTF?

Happy with play. Didn't get stupid early. Helped that cards hit me right and people called down when they should have known they were beat.

Leader at first break with just over 6k. Still 21 people in the game.

But then I got off of my game plan and got loose. Maybe it was the beer. No, I can't blame the beer. Had to tighten up again. Or at least not be stupid and chase draws.

You know, playing 2 PLO8 tables while in a Stud tournament gives you little time to take a break to pee.

Hey, there are two big breasted women going at it in the wrestling ring! Those push up bras must be under some strain. Can't stop watching.

Too many tight players on top of leaderboard. Maybe I can take advantage of that later. If I still alive later.

Interesting hand against morrdt. The first two up cards for both of us were aces. Guess when I paired up my 8s I was golden. Some aggressive play against him has worked out very well for me. I don't think he can put me on any hand.

I flop the second nut flush on the PLO8 table. I bet pot and get called by one player. I check the turn, thinking he may have the nut flush, though he could be playing the low. Is that wrong? I feel it is. Should I be calling the $18 bet, knowing I will basically be calling a river bet as well?

The on_thg schools me in a Stud hand. Ugh! Moments later, he would do it again.

I got some chips back but then made a really bad play. Tried to bluff. Really dumb. That hurt

Still trying to learn how to play some tough spots in PLO8. Had the wheel. Board is 2 3 5 7 10. Opponent bets half pot on the river. Having been quartered a lot lately, I just call instead of jamming, thinking he has at least A 4 6. Drizz basically tells me to grow some stones.

Quad 9s!!! DQB baby! But I don't get paid. I know I played it wrong by betting out on 5th.

Take down a nice pot by slowing playing 3 of a kind. Hey, I might get this game down yet.

Down to 9. Top 4 pay out. I am sitting at 3. I may have to quit the Omaha games to focus on winning the Stud tourney. It makes it a bit easier knowing I will book a tidy profit. Hope I just didn't jinx myself. Time to click the "auto blinds" button to off.

I find myself tangling with another big stack. Schlepp looks to be a very good Stud player. Just got lucky and drew out on him. Don't think I want to tangle with him until I absolutely need to.

Second break and I am once again on top with just over 15k and approximately a 4k lead. This is far from over. I know I am lucky to be here. Just need to make sure I don't do anything really dumb. In that thought, I closed out the Omaha games up $40. Not great, but a win is a win.

Hey, 3 straight bring ins!!! Thanks Stud Gods!!! I won 2, one uncontested.

Final table! I have the lead by about 5k. Shorty is at 5400. I believe it is Bam Bam's girl Pebbles. Still trying not to be stupid though the chance to steal is so high. I hope that is not my downfall tonight.

Cards have sucked since we got to the final table. Don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. I need to stay patient. That won't be easy.

Took out a104l9 with my K K underneath. Got two pair when the 5s hit to beat his 10s and flush draw that did not hit.

Getting shit for cards again. Not necessarily a bad thing. Down to 5. My opponents are saving me from trying to play any draws by being very aggressive on the door card.

Just lot a pot when Schlepp had 4 clubs showing. Pretty even game right now. High stack at 21k, low at 11k.

It feels like I fold the next 50 hands before playing again. Get a pair of kings that becomes two pair on 4th. Easy to keep betting and get called down.

Things are still very even. Will be a while before we get past this money bubble.

Crap! Have 3 cards to make my flush and brick on out. Must stay patient. Hard when the crap train continues.

For the last half hour, nothing has really happened. This is getting very boring. Retarded. I would rather sleep that make 20 bucks. But still, I feel like making some money.

After saying I must prevent myself from doing anything stupid, I do something stupid. Then Schlepp draws out on me again.

Someday I will have the patience to try and win one of these things.

I should be selling T-shirts

I spent yesterday digging out from 20 inches of snow here in Milwaukee. Then today I see Iggy has opened comments up.

Hell hath frozen over!

I wonder if I can sell enough "I commented on Guinness & Poker and all I got was a Bonus Code=Iggy" shirts to get to Vegas?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow tilt

I was on some serious snow tilt last night. The news reports were calling for 14-18 inches of snow beginning Tuesday and finishing Wednesday afternoon. It was already snowing pretty good when I got home around 4:30. With such ominous weather blowing around outside, I found it quite hard to concentrate.

I got in about 2 hours of PLO8 at the .25/.50 tables but had little focus. First, I got quartered twice when I had a nut high and low draws but only caught part, just to have an opponent catch two pair on the river. From there, I got timid. I began to think about a hand from the other day where I flopped the boat but lost when my opponent called each potted bet and hit on the river for a better full house.

From there, I kept looking outside at the snow, wondering why it wasn't piling up as they said. It made me decide to skip both the Bodog blogger and Skillz games. Last thing I wanted to do was be up late or playing crappily, just to get up early to shovel 6 inches of snow. Of course, I realized my mistake about 10 minutes into the Skillz game. The right play would have been to play the tournaments, shovel before going to sleep and having less to shovel in the morning. There was maybe an inch, two tops to clean up so far today.

Now I sit at work watching the snow blow about. There were whiteout conditions as I got off the freeway. Next time I say to hell with the weather.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Bonus hunting

I have been playing a lot of PLO8 lately. The main impetus was a combination of collecting the bonus offered by Full Tilt and to get ready for Saturdays with Pauly. Of course I didn't realize that Pauly's game of PLO, so my gunning for the low hand screwed me at first.

I feel I have a decent grasp on the game. I understand the concepts of what starting hands are good and am now getting a feel for other hands (mainly high only) that I can possibly see a cheap flop on. But I know I am missing some bets because I am playing too cautious or tossing money away because I am chasing a low with no chance at a high.

My worst enemy once again is myself. I need to exercise patience with this game. I understand what Drizz is saying when he talks about folding a lot and then trying to get paid when he has the nuts. Same with Al and his peddling talk. There are times when I am calling bets in hands I have little business being in. When focused, I am done well. But it is those times where I am chasing that kills me.

Listen to Axl. Just a little patience.

I also wonder if I am missing some bets. When having the nut low, is it wise to bet pot when the flush possibility is out there as well? Am I overestimating my opponent's hands, thinking they may have the nut low and the high meaning I am about to get quartered or do I get in every penny that I can and hope for the best?

I also may be folding when I should realize that my opponent only has a low. That part of poker instinct is beginning to click in PLO8. Especially when the bets are small, it seems to be a good idea to make the call and take that chance.

In the end, I am enjoying it. It is a nice break from hold em. I just need to keep my poker ADD from getting me off of Omaha and onto something else. Until I clear the bonus that is.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Saturday messed up

The Saturday with Pauly tournament was fun. I wished I hadn't screwed the pooch like I did in it. Hopefully next time, Change 100 won't be on my left. She seemed to take every chip I gathered right away from me.

Things started poorly. I thought we were playing PLO8, not PLO. Thus I lucked into winning my first pot. But in a strange way, it was a good thing. It helped me focus on playing Omaha and how tight the table was. It was like every time I hit the bet button, the FOLD button on everyone else's screen overtook the CALL button. I bet, they fold. It helped me amass chips easily.

But then Change sucked out on me. That was the first setback. Then I may a terrible call to her bet. And from there I was screwed. I pushed all in and was called by the BB for just 130 and got knocked out by the river. So it goes.

I am disappointed with my play. I was doing pretty well at the beginning just to mess it up with aggressiveness that I didn't need to have at the end. I have to learn to be like the damn grasshoppa when playing Omaha.