Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 buy and goodbye

Last night was one I want to forget. Everything went wrong. I lost 3 buyins playing PLO8. One to a guy getting 5 to 1 to see a card that could either pair the board or hit his flush, one to a guy who had to hit one card (he called me pot bets all the way down), and one where I misread the board and donated the rest of my chips.

Very ugly. Very disheartening.

Hopefully I can turn things around tonight.

I had a weird dream last night. I was working for a cable news network. I had been doing research for them and for whatever reason, they decided they would put me on the air during the World Series of Poker. They wouldn't tell me what I would be talking about, but kept saying to be ready. The studio for the show was in a department store, which was connected to a casino. I recall being nervous and walking around the place quite a bit, usually to the front of the store to the poker room which had only 1 table running.

At one point I was standing by a makeup counter talking to Dan Patrick. He was giving me some pointers on how to handle the segment in which I would speak. As he did, a very smug Keith Olbermann walked over to try and intimidate me. Patrick tried to get him to back off, but ever the asshole, Olbermann persisted. He tried to impress me with his knowledge by showing me the table of names he had gathered. I looked at the list and didn't recognize any well known poker players. I started rattling off names that were on his paper and asking who they were. Olbermann lists off their accomplishments which was all second or third places. All the names on his list were people that didn't win tournaments. When I pointed that out, he mentioned that they still mattered. Patrick started laughing when I told Olby "No wonder you suck. You follow losers, I follow winners." and walked away.

I proceeded to the front of the store to the casino just to hear my name get called back. I walked back to the counter and realized I had absolutely nothing. Still not knowing what I was going to talk about, I begged Dan Patrick to help me and we started listing the past 10 winners. A producer or assistant then walked up to put a microphone on me and asked if I was ready. I lied and said yes. She asked if I knew what to do. I replied that I would keep my answers short and succinct, that I would avoid rambling. She gave me a blank look and told me that is how it used to be done, that now I would need to talk as much as I can to fill up the air time.

She walked away and I took a deep breath. I either fainted or woke up.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Omaha can be brutal..i can't imagine playing PLO.