Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thinking during the Stud tournament

25 runners. That is it? WTF?

Happy with play. Didn't get stupid early. Helped that cards hit me right and people called down when they should have known they were beat.

Leader at first break with just over 6k. Still 21 people in the game.

But then I got off of my game plan and got loose. Maybe it was the beer. No, I can't blame the beer. Had to tighten up again. Or at least not be stupid and chase draws.

You know, playing 2 PLO8 tables while in a Stud tournament gives you little time to take a break to pee.

Hey, there are two big breasted women going at it in the wrestling ring! Those push up bras must be under some strain. Can't stop watching.

Too many tight players on top of leaderboard. Maybe I can take advantage of that later. If I still alive later.

Interesting hand against morrdt. The first two up cards for both of us were aces. Guess when I paired up my 8s I was golden. Some aggressive play against him has worked out very well for me. I don't think he can put me on any hand.

I flop the second nut flush on the PLO8 table. I bet pot and get called by one player. I check the turn, thinking he may have the nut flush, though he could be playing the low. Is that wrong? I feel it is. Should I be calling the $18 bet, knowing I will basically be calling a river bet as well?

The on_thg schools me in a Stud hand. Ugh! Moments later, he would do it again.

I got some chips back but then made a really bad play. Tried to bluff. Really dumb. That hurt

Still trying to learn how to play some tough spots in PLO8. Had the wheel. Board is 2 3 5 7 10. Opponent bets half pot on the river. Having been quartered a lot lately, I just call instead of jamming, thinking he has at least A 4 6. Drizz basically tells me to grow some stones.

Quad 9s!!! DQB baby! But I don't get paid. I know I played it wrong by betting out on 5th.

Take down a nice pot by slowing playing 3 of a kind. Hey, I might get this game down yet.

Down to 9. Top 4 pay out. I am sitting at 3. I may have to quit the Omaha games to focus on winning the Stud tourney. It makes it a bit easier knowing I will book a tidy profit. Hope I just didn't jinx myself. Time to click the "auto blinds" button to off.

I find myself tangling with another big stack. Schlepp looks to be a very good Stud player. Just got lucky and drew out on him. Don't think I want to tangle with him until I absolutely need to.

Second break and I am once again on top with just over 15k and approximately a 4k lead. This is far from over. I know I am lucky to be here. Just need to make sure I don't do anything really dumb. In that thought, I closed out the Omaha games up $40. Not great, but a win is a win.

Hey, 3 straight bring ins!!! Thanks Stud Gods!!! I won 2, one uncontested.

Final table! I have the lead by about 5k. Shorty is at 5400. I believe it is Bam Bam's girl Pebbles. Still trying not to be stupid though the chance to steal is so high. I hope that is not my downfall tonight.

Cards have sucked since we got to the final table. Don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. I need to stay patient. That won't be easy.

Took out a104l9 with my K K underneath. Got two pair when the 5s hit to beat his 10s and flush draw that did not hit.

Getting shit for cards again. Not necessarily a bad thing. Down to 5. My opponents are saving me from trying to play any draws by being very aggressive on the door card.

Just lot a pot when Schlepp had 4 clubs showing. Pretty even game right now. High stack at 21k, low at 11k.

It feels like I fold the next 50 hands before playing again. Get a pair of kings that becomes two pair on 4th. Easy to keep betting and get called down.

Things are still very even. Will be a while before we get past this money bubble.

Crap! Have 3 cards to make my flush and brick on out. Must stay patient. Hard when the crap train continues.

For the last half hour, nothing has really happened. This is getting very boring. Retarded. I would rather sleep that make 20 bucks. But still, I feel like making some money.

After saying I must prevent myself from doing anything stupid, I do something stupid. Then Schlepp draws out on me again.

Someday I will have the patience to try and win one of these things.

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Drizztdj said...

I knew I should have been blogging to keep myself awake during that tourney.