Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow tilt

I was on some serious snow tilt last night. The news reports were calling for 14-18 inches of snow beginning Tuesday and finishing Wednesday afternoon. It was already snowing pretty good when I got home around 4:30. With such ominous weather blowing around outside, I found it quite hard to concentrate.

I got in about 2 hours of PLO8 at the .25/.50 tables but had little focus. First, I got quartered twice when I had a nut high and low draws but only caught part, just to have an opponent catch two pair on the river. From there, I got timid. I began to think about a hand from the other day where I flopped the boat but lost when my opponent called each potted bet and hit on the river for a better full house.

From there, I kept looking outside at the snow, wondering why it wasn't piling up as they said. It made me decide to skip both the Bodog blogger and Skillz games. Last thing I wanted to do was be up late or playing crappily, just to get up early to shovel 6 inches of snow. Of course, I realized my mistake about 10 minutes into the Skillz game. The right play would have been to play the tournaments, shovel before going to sleep and having less to shovel in the morning. There was maybe an inch, two tops to clean up so far today.

Now I sit at work watching the snow blow about. There were whiteout conditions as I got off the freeway. Next time I say to hell with the weather.

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jjok said...

haven't seen snow in 3 years......haha