Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Saturday messed up

The Saturday with Pauly tournament was fun. I wished I hadn't screwed the pooch like I did in it. Hopefully next time, Change 100 won't be on my left. She seemed to take every chip I gathered right away from me.

Things started poorly. I thought we were playing PLO8, not PLO. Thus I lucked into winning my first pot. But in a strange way, it was a good thing. It helped me focus on playing Omaha and how tight the table was. It was like every time I hit the bet button, the FOLD button on everyone else's screen overtook the CALL button. I bet, they fold. It helped me amass chips easily.

But then Change sucked out on me. That was the first setback. Then I may a terrible call to her bet. And from there I was screwed. I pushed all in and was called by the BB for just 130 and got knocked out by the river. So it goes.

I am disappointed with my play. I was doing pretty well at the beginning just to mess it up with aggressiveness that I didn't need to have at the end. I have to learn to be like the damn grasshoppa when playing Omaha.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for play. Sore loser.