Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stud H/L, Razz, its all the same the way I play

Stud H/L
1st hand of RC, straight flush to the 8
miss low
make low
fold fold fold
Evy35 is talking about her game. How she is good at sucking. I don't think she means cards anymore.
I forgot that people will not fold in this game. Kings below are no good no matter how much you bet.
People will call down with 2 pair as well.

KORD is about to start. I recall winning one of these a couple months ago.
First hand I play there is bad. My 8 is no good as he keeps calling with his pair of deuces and K showing. Yeah, I should have stopped all the betting. I make up a hand or two later and get those chips back.

Catch a wheel in the RC game to take down a nice pot. Two people called me down there.

Must make sure I don't mix the Razz and Stud game up. I just about raised with Aces below but realized that was the Razz game. Don't need to make that mistake. It would be costly.

Somehow I win a pot with just a pair of 7s. Columbo couldn't catch his low.

I have been drawned out on twice in the Stud game. Beginning to piss me off.

Once again, someone can't fold and my two pair loses to a higher two pair. It is annoying when others just call down. They have little faith in their hand to bet out or raise. Can't let that annoy me too much.

I feel a bit bad now because now I sucked out on someone else. I did have a straight and flush draw but so happened to pair up an ace on 7th to win. For once a card fell my way again.

Rolled aces no good. Figures.

Caught my second straight flush of the night, this time Queen high.

KORD is over. I had A 2 3 to start, caught a 7 and then bricked out the last 3 cards. WTF?

I fold a lot now. My hands are very bad so I can't play anything without going all out. I get a chance and double up. A couple hands later I take out a short stack and have some life. But I need to get quite a bit more in chips to have any chance. I am 11k out of first. That is the nice way of saying I am sitting 10 out of the remaining 13.

It sucks to catch a wheel but split a pot when your opponent has a boat.

I then cripple myself by chasing a flush. It don't hit and I am on life support.

And it is over. Toss the dirt on top of me and let me rest in peace.


F-Train said...

A-2-3-7 paint pair paint?

Story of my life.

PokahDave said...

jeez...don't jump off the bridge just yet. Start playing at Bodog and you will get a bankroll back soon...I swear.