Monday, February 25, 2008

The next big poker scandal

Iggy had been lamenting on how the Absolute poker cheating scandal had basically been ignored in the poker community. I wouldn't say it hadn't been ignored as much as anyone with a brain decided not to play there a long time ago.

So to make sure something of this nature doesn't happen again, I am going to blow the lid off the latest scandal I have seen. After doing some scant detective work, I have put 1 and 1 together and solved the mystery.

What mystery you ask?

Otis is leaving G-Vegas as announced at Up for Poker and Rapid Eye Reality. Now you may be thinking that I am still drunk from the weekend and that I don't know jack shit about anything. Well, that may be true, but I like many of you would wonder why anyone voluntarily moves to Canada?

Exactly. No one does.

So I did some searching and figured it out. It all goes to this post by BadBlood. After a good run he has a bankroll again. At the same time Otis is leaving the country.

Coincidence? I think not! After thinking and drinking on this one I have put forth the scenario. It all started innocently on Monday as they met for the ritual pregame drink. Maybe Blood had one dirty martini too many or Otis's mimosa was stronger than Falstaff recommends. But words were exchanged- in good natured fun, not hostility- to the effect that Blood was going to bust someone and Otis replied he wasn't running good enough to bust anyone. That hell, if he busted Otis, Otis would leave town. Kinda like an old fashioned wrestling extravaganza where the loser must leave town but being how this is the year 2008 and everything is bigger and better in the USA, they made it a loser leaves country match.

And so it happened. Blood even drops us a hint on what happened.
It's been a while. In a blog filled with bad beats and a 2007 poker year filled
with losing results, last night felt like the Golden Era of G-Vegas poker for

He knew Otis would have to go. Otis being a man of his word, broke the news to his family, switched to WordPress in an attempt to hide any shame and will be leaving the country.

There is more behind this scandal. That I am sure of. But I am at work and sober so the investigating will have to wait.


pokerpeaker said...

Diablo is a new on on the scene, but she wrote a book about her life as a stripper. I haven't read it yet but it's on my list. She's also EW's new columnist and has written two of the best ones I've read in that magazine. She's a real talent.

BadBlood said...

You caught us Steve. Nice work. Gugh.