Friday, June 30, 2006

Rough tournament time

The limit games were good. The O8 not too bad. But the tournaments were rough. I think they left a bruise. I am going to try so hard to write this up without making it a series of bad beats. I don't want to owe a bunch of people a buck.

DADI was not kind to me. I started on the loose side until DuggleBogey slapped me back. I dumped a third of my stack and tightened up. But then the board turned on me. I would have good hands but the board would show possible straights and flushes to easily beat my set or two pair, forcing me to fold. It was quite frustrating.

But not as when Fishy McDonk hit his 6 to complete the straight to basically put me down and out. It happens. It sucks, but it happens. If my hand held up, I would be pumped up to get back in the running. Instead I was out 2 hands later when J J ran into A K and Sox Lover ended with quads to rub it in and me out of the DADI.

As the DADI was going on, I was also playing a tournament over on Full Contact Poker. $10 buy in with $2500 added in. First place was over $1000 with 30 places paying (lowest at $56) and just 183 runners. I was cruising along, sitting in the top 15 at the end of the first break. Things were going well. My big hands held up, I hit some draws and played a nice tight aggressive game. Well, tight except for dropping the Hammer on them once.

I was quite card dead in the second hour. I picked up some blinds here and there but had nothing to truly push back with. Thus when UTG popped it, I was more than happy to re-raise with the Hiltons in the BB. He insta-called with......9 9? A 9 hit right away and I went from the top to the bottom quickly. I didn't mind the beat that much. It was the insta-call that got me. Basically a "I don't give a fuck anymore" kind of call.

I treaded some more water with my small stack, picking up some blinds, looking to double up. I went out when a big stack called my all in with the powerhouse 10 4o. My 7s were quickly crushed by the doorcard. I don't fault the big stack for calling. He could eliminate someone that looked to be stealing from the button. It only cost him 700 more. Just an ugly way to go.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maybe Omaha is the secret

I officially nominate that Omaha Hi/Lo be the next online game for the WPBT POY events.

I had some fun with it last night. I think it helped distract me from my losing streak on the FTP token tournies. I realized I was being too aggressive early on in those games. I would pound pots with the best hand just to be sucked out on. It looked like I was continuing to steal and people would call me. They would hit their two outer and I was done in 5 hands. Kinda like seeing the clown raise with 5 5 and then call an all in bet from A Koff. Amazing play from both guys. Well done sirs!

While I had waited for the token tourney to begin, I opend up a low limit Omaha hi/lo game to kill some time. Thing was, I totally enjoyed it. By no means am I a great Omaha player but I think I have the basics down and understand some of the strategies. The number of people calling down with just a pair of aces was mind boggling. I will be doing that more often.

I should have been playing some Omaha when the PokerSavvy freeroll started. I was treading water just fine until I raised it up with J 10 suited. I get called in two spots. Flop is Q high, all diamonds. I continue bet and get called in one spot. Turn is J, giving me trips. I bet the pot. River is a diamond. I call to see what the guy has. Q 8 off, with a diamond. Man, I hate freerolls. Yeah, calling on the end wasn't a bright idea but some joker playing crap cards and catching will always tick you off.

Maybe Drizz and Al are onto something with those 4 card games.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MATH problem

You have heard it all before. To play tournaments effectively, you need to have focus, keep your mind in the game, blah, blah, blah. Such a simple thing to do.

So why was I playing the Monday at the Hoy last night? Probably because it looks like a fun tourney. Hell, it is.

But I got bored after 50 minutes. Part card dead, part brain dead. I was tired from the night before and could use the sleep. I thought about waiting a week since I have a shitload of time off coming up. But the donkey in me was signing in with one minute to go before the cards were zipping across the screen.

It looked like a great decision when I doubled up early on trips 10s. My J kicker was good enough to bust someone in the first couple of hands. I treaded water for the remaining round until I went on a rampage at the end. In a hand Pauly would be proud of, I busted Iakaris's (or is that Ikari's?) A A with the Hilton Sisters. The beautiful Q on the end shocked the table. Next hand, I dropped Kat when the knaves, J J, held up against her 10s. There was even a third J to hit the river.

I popped up to 3rd at the first break. But that would be it. Miami Don was on my right and was beginning to annoy me with his steals. It was becoming too routine. Whether he had a hand or not each time, I do not know. I sure didn't have anything to raise back with. So why did I suddenly decided to put an end to his thievery with Q 5o? I dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I only bumped it a min-raise though. I then raised his flop bet on a board of 7 7 6, two hearts. The raise was the only chance I would have to win this hand. It sent him into the tank for a bit before he raised it back all in with A Qd. Nice call. In retrospect, I wonder if I could have played this hand better- beside folding to begin with. I tried to act like I flopped two pair. Maybe if I had just called the raise preflop it would have been a better sell. It was a tough call to make and he didn't let me get away with it. Nice job Don.

Hopefully my mind will be in it next time. That or I will be drunk enough.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Razz double stacks????

Let the insanity begin!

I was one that suggested that Razz be the next event in the WPBT POY series. I didn't think we would go double stacks but hey, it ain't that crazy. Well...yes it is.

I figured the best way to take on such an insane event was to get properly lubricated by going out drinking at Hooters at 1pm. That would give me 7 hours to get into the proper frame of mind to play such a maddening game like Razz. Think about it. You can have a kick ass Razz hand go to crap quite fast. It will set you into a rampage fast. Like tossing a match onto a bale of hay. You can go ballistic when your beautiful hand goes bad. It is worse than having your aces cracked.

I played rather loose to begin. I figured I could use the big stack to my advantage. As long as I didn't get too stupid. Yeah, I got stupid at time, but played a LAG style quite well. It really helped to hit a wheel midway through the first round to show a nice suckout for a sweet pot. Beyond that, I kept up the aggressive style and was sitting in the top 4 at the end of the first period.

I was rather disappointed that there were only 17 people playing. A pitiful showing. It may be summer and all with family activities but I thought more runners would be there. Maybe it was too close to the Summer Classic. Oh well. Not in my hands.

I should point out that this game is influenced by the Lakefront Brewery and their magnificent Cherry Lager. If you live in the Midwest and have a fine Lakefront Cherry Lager available at your liquor store, I highly recommend you try this excellent beer. Might good.

I kept things going well in the second period. Until the cards decided to stick it right up my ass. Nice starting hand paired up or got smacked around by face cards. It happened again and again. Or so it seemed. Man, this game of Razz can get brutal.

I believe Al understood that point when I laid a wicked beat on him. I hope I am still invited to the Bash after that one. I had the best hand after the first 3 card but I paired up and it looked bad. But then I hit a runner runner to make a 6 while he paired up with a lot of face cards. Really fugly. I mean F.U.G.L.Y.

I played a good hand a bit later against lifesagrind. I made a bad raise initially with a 6. I didn't mean too but I hit the wrong button. I then caught some cards. Of course it didn't hurt that he paired up. But with the way the cards came, I was forced to call him down. I would love to claim that I had a solid read that he had paired up again, but I cannot do that. I had an inkling but I got lucky. Still I dragged a pot that helped me out.

Got myself to the final table after playing out the Razz version of the Hammer. After that it was a bit of give and take. Lucko, the man chasing me in the WPBT POY standings was leading the way. Damn, he is tenacious. I will have to do my very best to hold him off if I intend to take this bad boy home. Change 100 is at the final table as well as Statikling and Absinthe. This is going to be brutal.

I still try to continue my aggressive game, but to little avail. I get brutalized by face cards or pairs. Man, do I hate this game!!! I then realize I need to reel in my aggressive tactics or I am going to bust out soon. No later said than I try to run a bluff into Lucko. I guess if you scream at your monitor for your opponent to fold that it may not work every time no matter how loud you yell.

I was then in a bad spot. Time to get conservative or kick it up a notch? Well, Razz will tell you. You have little choice in the matter. But if you want to play the game of Razz, you need to be aggressive when the cards are right. I just hope the cards are right.

I kept up my aggressive nature and bubbled in 4th. Part of me is disappointed. I feel I should have made some cash here but the competition was really good. I walked away wondering if I did myself more harm than good. When noticing the situation I was in, I didn't adjust properly. I got my money in with the best hand, but in Razz, that will change quickly. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. 4th place is still good.

Damn good heading into the Summer Classic. I look forward to meeting everyone.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two long weeks

It is two weeks away. Vegas. Land of gambooling and booze.

I figure by this time, I should be checking in to the Castle, tossing the bags aside and heading down to the casino. And right out the door.

My first stop will be the new Hooters Casino. It is a must see for me. I figure I can get some wings for lunch, check out the mini poker room, and have a beer. Or five. Any other early birds want to join me for lunch?

From there, I will probably make my way up the strip to the Bellagio. Hopefully I can get dealt a couple hands from Linda before she is on leave.

Otherwise I plan to go with the flow. I have 6 days in Sin City. Hopefully 3 of them are filled with tourney poker. I am looking forward to the Paris Poker tournament on Monday the 10th. I just hope the structure is screwed up. Seeing that it is scheduled for two days, I figure it must be a decent set up.

Other things to accomplish while in Vegas:
  • donk it up at a Pai Gow table with some bloggers. I have been playing Pai Gow for many years but yet to get some play in with a table of drunken bloggers.
  • buy Pauly, Jason and Otis a drink at the hooker bar during one of their breaks. These guys work hard to keep us informed. I figure the least I can do is buy them a beer to help ease the work load.
  • meet up with some friends, make newer friends.
  • win the WPBT Summer Classic. I have done well in the tournies so far. I would hate to have this been a terrible showing.
  • maybe get a Good & Plenty Desert Championship game going?

Two long weeks away. I feel like I am already in vacation mode.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shouldn't have played but I have my Vegas bounty coming

I shouldn't have been playing poker last night. I was playing like the Milwaukee Brewers were in their game against the Detroit Tigers. I was getting kicked around. I wasn't focused on the game and it showed.

The WWdN-Wheatonless version had some promise. Then it started. CJ was at the starting table and announced if you knocked him out, you got naming rights for next week. With that in mind, I thought I was ready. I have a good feel for the way CJ plays. Or at least I think I do. I sure didn't show it as he schooled me in a hand. I had raised up in early position with A Ks. He called in one of the blinds I believe. Flop came 3 3 5. My gut was that he had two pair or a boat. I made the continuation bet and called his raise. Before the turn card hit, I knew I should be folding. But I tossed more chips out before folding on the river. Ugly. I know better than to tangle with a crafty player like CJ like that.

It wasn't much longer before I was done. I stole some pots to get back to the starting point but gave half away in another debacle of a hand. Soon, I would try to run the Hammer through a flop of A K Q. Nothing wrong with going out in a blaze of glory.

I then messed up a peep SnG. But I did place third in a cash SnG. My mind just wasn't in these games at the end. I should have won a token but went out in 6th. I need to work on my end game.

Biggestron has set up the next WPBT POY event for this Sunday. Deep Stack Razz??? Deep stacks on a Sunday night is brutal. This game will surely drive people insane. Thank the Lord Vegas is right around the corner.

Speaking of which, I have ordered my bounty for the Vegas trip. Should have it by next week. I am quite proud to award this to someone should I be knocked out. Something so nice I will be happy to keep it when I take the thing down.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

PStars blogger freeroll

Coming into the PokerStars blogger freeroll, I was afraid I would get knocked out by some grandma who has a gardening blog. It was open to anyone with a blog, not poker blogs. I made an early mistake by underestimating the competition to begin with. There were some good players even though it was an easy table to start. Quite tight.

I chipped up quickly until I got disconnected. Crap! That totally took my momentum away. 10 minutes later I was back on.

I quickly got back into the fray by playing the first hand I got, A Q. But that runs into A A and I lose most of my stack when the case A hits the turn. But on the next hand I double up with 10 10 vs 9 9. Still below the starting stack though.

I double up just before the first break when my 9 9 holds on to beat A K. Back to where I started. Now I need to double up just to get back into a position to make a move. I am currently in 754 place with 1497 left. How pathetic.

I then get moved to a table with Dugglebogey but that only lasted a couple of hands and I get moved to another table that had just 2 live players. I am able to chip up there over 2k, but still need to double through someone.

Soon I am moved again and again, finally settling on a table with Bill Rini. I don't get much to play though. When I get something did get a decent hand, 7 7, I had to fold to a big re-raise. But soon enough I would get some snowmen, 8 8 and double through to over 3k. Still way below an average stack of 8600.

You know, folding your way through a poker event is no fun. The string of crap cards just keep coming. I finally get the 8s again. But this time I run into A A. The A on the turn seals it and I am done in 420th place.

Man, did I play badly today. Got nothing going once I was disconnected and got no where close to seeing a player with a bounty on their head.

Friday, June 16, 2006

FTP 17k

Played in the Full Tilt 17k last night. With 832 runners, I finished 23rd, earning a meager payout of $72. Notables in the event included the WSOP bound Hoyazo (the third person out???), Easycure, and Joe Speaker.

I haven't played an FT guarantee event in quite a while. The 17k starts at 9 locally. If I get deep into the event (like we all plan to), I know that I will not much sleep, maybe 4-5 hours. Thus I usually avoid it. But after having dinner with some friends and having a couple of Mickey's Big Mouths surging through the system, I figured to hell with work, it is just a Friday. I can sleep in.

I have nothing big to report here in terms of play. I more than tripled up in the first hour but playing tight aggressive. I made some good reads on people chasing flush draws, knowing my pair of jacks would be good. Thanks for the pot size bluff at the end there! The only thing that prevent me from entering the first break with 9k in chips was the short stack hitting his 2 outer.

In the next two sessions, I stole where I could. I felt very card dead. I was never short stacked and folded quite a bit. If I did get something playable (like a small pocket pair or two paint), it would generally be raised ahead of me, leaving me with no option but to fold. It didn't matter because I wouldn't have won those pots anyways.

Once we got into the money, I was moved to a table that had the chip leader. This guy may very well be the biggest LAG I have ever seen. He used his chip stack well. He played pretty much every hand. It it was connected, suited, had an ace, or two face, he played it. Always with a min raise when it came to him. Always. If he caught any piece of the flop, he was going to showdown. He rarely folded. Small pocket pair? Sure, call the all in bet. Doesn't matter if has have 2 2, he wants to play. His chip stack bounced up and down like a yo yo.

But for the most part, it was always growing. He was constantly putting pressure on the players. If someone else raised, he would min-raise right back. The worst part, is he was having the flops hit him silly. Raise with 10 2 soooted. Flop two pair. 9 5 soooted, flop trips. Pair of 3s up against Big Slick? Don't worry, it would hold up. Each and every time. It was amazing and disgusting to see. He didn't suck out. He just had the flops hit him very well.

I went out when I pushed with A 9o from the big blind and ran into his 6 6. I could have waited another round (M of 4.5) but was getting tired and felt my A 9 was potentially the best hand there with what he had previously shown. It felt good to get deep in a big tournament again, though I had planned to be up until 2 in the morning and taking down more than a grand.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Turn of the cards

Some nights there is little you can do to win. The cards just do not treat you right and you are knocked out of a tourney before you know it. In your mind, you replay the game and realize that except for maybe making a different bet to possibly drive out an opponent or keep them in the hand, there was nothing else you could have done.

That is how I felt after the WWdN last night. Two hands took me out. I believe I played them well. In one case, my opponent made a bad call and then hit the two outer on the river. In the other, I flopped trips, but my opponent had flopped a full house.

It was the trips hand that ticked me off. With the Hammer, I dutifully raised and the called the re-raise. Maybe I should have pushed pre-flop? No. I like to drop the Hammer as much as the next blogger, but I do not want to go down in flames with it. Wait, in this case, I did. The flop came 7 7 K. A Hammer flop! I check-raised my opponent here. He even commented that I have the hammer and proceeds to re-raise with A K.

This ticked me off because it defied all logic. He knew he was behind and elected to put more into the pot. Even still, with a flop like that, what am I most likely to be check-raising with? A set or a boat. The boat doesn't make sense since raising with K 7 is ridiculous. He had to be looking at a split pot at best hoping I had A K as well. Would I re-raise with something like K Q or K J? No. That is foolish. So it pissed me off that he makes a bad play and got rewarded.

That knocked me down for a bit. I fought may way back up until I got knocked out with the trips against the boat. MP decided to limp with Q Q instead of raising. They deserved to lose that hand instead of knocking me out.

It was quite disheartening as I felt I was playing a good game. I started aggressively by confusing Wheaton when I flopped a straight. He had check-raised me on the flop. I expected more on the turn and chose to confuse him by betting out on the turn instead of slow playing. It worked as he had to take some time to lay the hand down. It felt good to have him thinking I was bluffing at it. I had chipped up nicely until they did a table change on me and I ran into the bad play.

Now I will have to wait another week to see if the flavor of this tournament has really changed. I thought there was some really weak playing going on. That surprised me as I find the competition of the WWdN to be pretty good. It ain't a donkfest but there was a hint of it yesterday.

Til then it is back to frustration as I plow money into the peep sex token tournies, in my vain attempt to collect a bunch of those that I really do not know what I will use for.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The $10 freeroll

Just like a crack addict, I can't stop playing the token SnGs (or peep games as some like to call them) on Full Tilt. I have been running so bad in them lately, usually getting sucked out on early or at the second table. To say it has been frustrating is an understatement.

Yesterday, I did finally earn a token again. It was nothing I did as much as knowing the chip leader would donk himself off. Going into the second table I was last all the while. I would push with any strong hand hoping to just double up. Once I did, I sat back and picked spots where I could steal the blinds. The donkey on my left was calling down a lot of hands with third pair, so I knew it was just a matter of time until he busted out, leaving me with one of the 4 tokens.

It was just as that was finishing up that I signed up for a $10 multi at FTP. This had to be the strangest buy in tourney I have ever played. Granted, the entry was not huge, but people were acting like it was a freeroll. Early on, no raises were respected as 6 players would see a flop, even if the raise was 5xs the blinds. K 9 off? Sure I will call the raise to 175. I have A 3 off? Yeah, I will call the reraise and see if I can get lucky. It was just amazing how people were playing. 60 players were gone in the first 15 minutes. More than half by the first break. It felt like a freeroll.

Of course I went out in the 80s when the Hiltons ran into A A. I knew he had either K K, AA, or A K when he bet 4xs the blinds UTG. But being short stacked, I felt I had little choice and had to hope he had A K at best.

Maybe I will do better in the WWdN tonight.

I may be changing my mind on the Paris tournament. After speaking with a friend of mine this weekend, I have begun to look into whether I can change my plane ticket and if I can get a couple more days off of work. I think it would be a great experience to play a big, live MTT. I am used to playing with around 100 people, in games that last around 5 hours. This is set for two days. Part of me was thinking that it was an opportunity that I really needed to consider. After speaking with my friend, that part is taking over. Hopefully I can make it happen. The cast to change the plane ticket is minimal, and according to the card I received, entry and the room are free.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Freeroll at Paris, Las Vegas?

I received an interesting piece of mail yesterday. An invitation to play in the Paris Invitational at Paris, Las Vegas. The tournament runs from July 9-12. The card said I had a free entry and it included 4 nights stay at Paris. Prizes are paid for the final table starting at $250 and going to $7500 for second place. First get $5000 and a seat in the main event at the WSOP.

I can't help but wonder why I received this. I think maybe everyone that is playing in the WPBT Summer Classic received one as it is the same company. Or maybe they heard about my mad skills on the WPBT POY circuit.

Did anyone else receive an invite? If so, will you be playing?

Unfortunately I will be unable to take advantage of the opportunity. I will be departing from Sin City that Sunday night and am unable to extend my vacation. C'est la vie.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taking a shot

I thought CJ brought up a excellent point in the discussion about playing the pocket 4s like I did. Yeah, I got lucky with the flop. I took a chance and it paid off. Most of the time a tournament may come down to taking a chance on one hand. It seems many players don't take that shot until they have been blinded down and are forced to do so.

Have you ever played one tournament where every big hand you caught became stronger on the flop? Where the cards hit right each and every time you got your chips in? Probably not. I don't think anyone has had one of those nights where they have dominated a tournament from start to finish where they didn't get lucky to catch a card (no, I am not getting into the luck factor here).

Sometimes you need to find a spot and take a chance. In my case, I was comfortable seeing a flop with my pocket pair. I did not read my opponent to be as strong as he was. But if I folded the flop, I still had 2500 to work with and blinds at 60/120. With the flow of the table, I felt confident I could win that 1000 back quickly.

Mind you, it was not a quick call either. Usually I would fold in this case. I know the 4s are most likely dominated here, but the 3-1 odds was tempting. The implied odds were huge. So I took a shot and bingo, bango, bongo, I flopped a boat. I highly expected a K to hit and was naturally thankful that it didn't. I believe the big mistake was made by my opponent. If he had made a pot sized raise (I think it would have been to 1440 if my calculation is correct), my odds would have been terrible to call.

As I said, most times I would fold there. Many times I have received middle pairs on a tight table and folded in MP when a player in EP has raised and been called by someone in LP. They end up in a showdown and the result for me would have been a win had I been in the hand. I have seen that many times. Of course we remember those hands that we would have won a huge pot if we had been involved. We tend to forget the ones in which we would have dumped a lot of chips.

But I have decided to start taking these chances and it has paid off for me. Not all the time, but in a number of instances. And it has worked well. I would like to think most of the time it is because I have made a good read. The best example for me was the WPBT Winter Classic this past December. I had been moved to a new table where Joaquin was seated. He had a nice chip stack and was in control of the table. I started raising to take that control away and set forth the aggressive image. I took a couple of uncontested pots down when I looked down to see 10 10 UTG (I believe). I raised it up 3xs the blind. MP went all in and had me covered. I didn't know who he was (turned out to be Studio Glyphic who went on to win it all) and wasn't quite sure what he had. I thought about whether he had the overpair or not. My 10s weren't feeling too strong either.

After I thought it over, I felt good that I had the better hand. I also thought to myself that you need to find the spot to double through and get in a position to make a serious run to the final table. I realized this was the spot. I called and saw his pocket 8s. Unfortunately for me, he spiked an 8 on the turn and I was done.

But I found a spot and made the right call. I took my shot and it just didn't work out.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Would you call?

It is about 2/3 of the way through the 200k satellite on Full Tilt. I have about 3500 in chips, putting me in the middle of the pack. My table is feeling rather tight now.

I get 4 4 UTG. I raise to 420 (60/120 blinds). Guy on my left re-raises to 1000. It is 580 to call.

Do you call?

I did. Flopped a full house to crack his kings. I checked, he pushed, his chips come to me.

I then hear for the next 15 minutes what a bad play it was. I am not saying it was a stellar move, but I figured I was getting close to 3 to 1 to see a flop. If I hit it, I win a huge pot. If not, I have 2500 to work with and plenty of time.

So who wouldn't call there?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A horse is a horse

Finished 3rd in the WPBT Circuit event tonight. Not too shabby for a H.O.R.S.E event. I wish I wouldn't have donked off my chips in the end though. I knew the Poker Princess wasn't going to lay the hand down. Her Stud game is waaaaay better than mine. But I did have outs. Yeah, I know that is a lame excuse. Congrats to CJ for winning the H.O.R.S.E event. Well done.

Things didn't look too good for me early on. I wasn't getting anywhere. My cards were average at best. I took down some small pots but nothing big. I figured I would have to be patient and then hope to double up. Basically that is all that happened. I was down about 900 and it was looking bleak. In the Omaha round I got a hand that included a pair of 9s. Yeah, not strong but the table had tightened up so I figured I could try for a steal. What I didn't realize was CJ was in the big blind and he likes to defend those blinds with a passion. I then got lucky by flopping a set and having it hold up.

Once I got back above the starting spot I turned on the aggression to chip up. I was willing to bully the small stacks when I had position, something that can be easily done in Razz. I did make one huge mistake in Razz. It was towards the end, not sure if it was with 3 or 4 people left. I was dealt A J 10, all diamonds. I raised it up and CJ called. The next card was a blank for me. I continued betting and CJ called. The next card was a Q. I kept thinking I have a gutshot straight draw and back door flush. This time CJ bet. I raised. He thought a bit and re-raised. I hated that move. I knew he had two pair. Queens and fours. I took my time to decide if I wanted to go for the straight or not. Instead I folded. CJ was quite relieved. I knew I was behind. He even mentioned startling his dog because he was yelling for me to fold. It wasn't until two hands later that I realized we were playing Razz, NOT STUD. All throughout the hand I was playing the wrong game. Turns out I was ahead, not behind. Damn!

Still not a bad finish. I have stayed patient at the end though. I may have gotten lucky if I had survived the stud rounds.

Friday, June 02, 2006


There are some things that are just too funny to believe.

Dutch "The Crook" Boyd is announcing that not only in the Crew getting back together but they are making a reality show.

After my initial reaction of "Hahahahahahahahaha!", I couldn't help but think "Uh, who cares?"
Really, who cares that these dopes are getting the gang back together? They came off as bunch of donkeys a couple years ago in the WSOP and were laughed at.

The cluelessness of this bunch is amazing. They were the joke of the poker world and now they think they will be making a TV show? If it makes it to TV, I predict it gets buried somewhere on cable. Who wants to watch a bunch of cocky young poker guys walk around a house playing online poker?

I also like how Boyd thinks that the Crew is a hot topic again as well. I think he needs to take his medication. For a topic that is hot, why does he need to try and dig up sponsors or even a network to pick up the show?