Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shouldn't have played but I have my Vegas bounty coming

I shouldn't have been playing poker last night. I was playing like the Milwaukee Brewers were in their game against the Detroit Tigers. I was getting kicked around. I wasn't focused on the game and it showed.

The WWdN-Wheatonless version had some promise. Then it started. CJ was at the starting table and announced if you knocked him out, you got naming rights for next week. With that in mind, I thought I was ready. I have a good feel for the way CJ plays. Or at least I think I do. I sure didn't show it as he schooled me in a hand. I had raised up in early position with A Ks. He called in one of the blinds I believe. Flop came 3 3 5. My gut was that he had two pair or a boat. I made the continuation bet and called his raise. Before the turn card hit, I knew I should be folding. But I tossed more chips out before folding on the river. Ugly. I know better than to tangle with a crafty player like CJ like that.

It wasn't much longer before I was done. I stole some pots to get back to the starting point but gave half away in another debacle of a hand. Soon, I would try to run the Hammer through a flop of A K Q. Nothing wrong with going out in a blaze of glory.

I then messed up a peep SnG. But I did place third in a cash SnG. My mind just wasn't in these games at the end. I should have won a token but went out in 6th. I need to work on my end game.

Biggestron has set up the next WPBT POY event for this Sunday. Deep Stack Razz??? Deep stacks on a Sunday night is brutal. This game will surely drive people insane. Thank the Lord Vegas is right around the corner.

Speaking of which, I have ordered my bounty for the Vegas trip. Should have it by next week. I am quite proud to award this to someone should I be knocked out. Something so nice I will be happy to keep it when I take the thing down.


Donkeypuncher said...

thanks for reminding to order my vegas bounty!

CJ said...

I was rocking pocket deuces on that hand. I was pretty sure I was ahead the whole way. The deuce on the river filled me up.

StB said...

You were way ahead all the way! As I said, I felt schooled on the hand.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Can't wait to leave Vegas with your bounty, man. Someone needs to stick it to you after you've been killing the wpbt leaderboard so bad.