Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The $10 freeroll

Just like a crack addict, I can't stop playing the token SnGs (or peep games as some like to call them) on Full Tilt. I have been running so bad in them lately, usually getting sucked out on early or at the second table. To say it has been frustrating is an understatement.

Yesterday, I did finally earn a token again. It was nothing I did as much as knowing the chip leader would donk himself off. Going into the second table I was last all the while. I would push with any strong hand hoping to just double up. Once I did, I sat back and picked spots where I could steal the blinds. The donkey on my left was calling down a lot of hands with third pair, so I knew it was just a matter of time until he busted out, leaving me with one of the 4 tokens.

It was just as that was finishing up that I signed up for a $10 multi at FTP. This had to be the strangest buy in tourney I have ever played. Granted, the entry was not huge, but people were acting like it was a freeroll. Early on, no raises were respected as 6 players would see a flop, even if the raise was 5xs the blinds. K 9 off? Sure I will call the raise to 175. I have A 3 off? Yeah, I will call the reraise and see if I can get lucky. It was just amazing how people were playing. 60 players were gone in the first 15 minutes. More than half by the first break. It felt like a freeroll.

Of course I went out in the 80s when the Hiltons ran into A A. I knew he had either K K, AA, or A K when he bet 4xs the blinds UTG. But being short stacked, I felt I had little choice and had to hope he had A K at best.

Maybe I will do better in the WWdN tonight.

I may be changing my mind on the Paris tournament. After speaking with a friend of mine this weekend, I have begun to look into whether I can change my plane ticket and if I can get a couple more days off of work. I think it would be a great experience to play a big, live MTT. I am used to playing with around 100 people, in games that last around 5 hours. This is set for two days. Part of me was thinking that it was an opportunity that I really needed to consider. After speaking with my friend, that part is taking over. Hopefully I can make it happen. The cast to change the plane ticket is minimal, and according to the card I received, entry and the room are free.

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Huge Junk said...

Seems weird that a professional of my caliber wouldn't get an invite like that, but you would.


Oh well, I'd still wonder about its validity though. Seems too good to be true.