Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two long weeks

It is two weeks away. Vegas. Land of gambooling and booze.

I figure by this time, I should be checking in to the Castle, tossing the bags aside and heading down to the casino. And right out the door.

My first stop will be the new Hooters Casino. It is a must see for me. I figure I can get some wings for lunch, check out the mini poker room, and have a beer. Or five. Any other early birds want to join me for lunch?

From there, I will probably make my way up the strip to the Bellagio. Hopefully I can get dealt a couple hands from Linda before she is on leave.

Otherwise I plan to go with the flow. I have 6 days in Sin City. Hopefully 3 of them are filled with tourney poker. I am looking forward to the Paris Poker tournament on Monday the 10th. I just hope the structure is screwed up. Seeing that it is scheduled for two days, I figure it must be a decent set up.

Other things to accomplish while in Vegas:
  • donk it up at a Pai Gow table with some bloggers. I have been playing Pai Gow for many years but yet to get some play in with a table of drunken bloggers.
  • buy Pauly, Jason and Otis a drink at the hooker bar during one of their breaks. These guys work hard to keep us informed. I figure the least I can do is buy them a beer to help ease the work load.
  • meet up with some friends, make newer friends.
  • win the WPBT Summer Classic. I have done well in the tournies so far. I would hate to have this been a terrible showing.
  • maybe get a Good & Plenty Desert Championship game going?

Two long weeks away. I feel like I am already in vacation mode.


drewspop said...

When I was in Vegas 3 weeks ago (poor planning on my part) I went to Hooters for dinner one night. I had stayed at the crap hole that was the San Remo and they did a great job giving it a facelift. The breasts and wings were gOOt too.

Have a great time. Look forward to reading about the trip.

Ignatious said...

damn, you didn't mention getting plowed at the excal, playing poker. i'm hoping fer a repeat performance, damnit.

StB said...

I thought that was a given.

Huge Junk said...

Well you can't have a Good & Plenty circuit event without all of its original participants.

I arrive on Friday and leave at 10pm Monday, although if my job situation continues as I hope it will, I can always extend my trip because I could have that whole next week off.

Count me in for Pai-Gow!