Sunday, June 25, 2006

Razz double stacks????

Let the insanity begin!

I was one that suggested that Razz be the next event in the WPBT POY series. I didn't think we would go double stacks but hey, it ain't that crazy. Well...yes it is.

I figured the best way to take on such an insane event was to get properly lubricated by going out drinking at Hooters at 1pm. That would give me 7 hours to get into the proper frame of mind to play such a maddening game like Razz. Think about it. You can have a kick ass Razz hand go to crap quite fast. It will set you into a rampage fast. Like tossing a match onto a bale of hay. You can go ballistic when your beautiful hand goes bad. It is worse than having your aces cracked.

I played rather loose to begin. I figured I could use the big stack to my advantage. As long as I didn't get too stupid. Yeah, I got stupid at time, but played a LAG style quite well. It really helped to hit a wheel midway through the first round to show a nice suckout for a sweet pot. Beyond that, I kept up the aggressive style and was sitting in the top 4 at the end of the first period.

I was rather disappointed that there were only 17 people playing. A pitiful showing. It may be summer and all with family activities but I thought more runners would be there. Maybe it was too close to the Summer Classic. Oh well. Not in my hands.

I should point out that this game is influenced by the Lakefront Brewery and their magnificent Cherry Lager. If you live in the Midwest and have a fine Lakefront Cherry Lager available at your liquor store, I highly recommend you try this excellent beer. Might good.

I kept things going well in the second period. Until the cards decided to stick it right up my ass. Nice starting hand paired up or got smacked around by face cards. It happened again and again. Or so it seemed. Man, this game of Razz can get brutal.

I believe Al understood that point when I laid a wicked beat on him. I hope I am still invited to the Bash after that one. I had the best hand after the first 3 card but I paired up and it looked bad. But then I hit a runner runner to make a 6 while he paired up with a lot of face cards. Really fugly. I mean F.U.G.L.Y.

I played a good hand a bit later against lifesagrind. I made a bad raise initially with a 6. I didn't mean too but I hit the wrong button. I then caught some cards. Of course it didn't hurt that he paired up. But with the way the cards came, I was forced to call him down. I would love to claim that I had a solid read that he had paired up again, but I cannot do that. I had an inkling but I got lucky. Still I dragged a pot that helped me out.

Got myself to the final table after playing out the Razz version of the Hammer. After that it was a bit of give and take. Lucko, the man chasing me in the WPBT POY standings was leading the way. Damn, he is tenacious. I will have to do my very best to hold him off if I intend to take this bad boy home. Change 100 is at the final table as well as Statikling and Absinthe. This is going to be brutal.

I still try to continue my aggressive game, but to little avail. I get brutalized by face cards or pairs. Man, do I hate this game!!! I then realize I need to reel in my aggressive tactics or I am going to bust out soon. No later said than I try to run a bluff into Lucko. I guess if you scream at your monitor for your opponent to fold that it may not work every time no matter how loud you yell.

I was then in a bad spot. Time to get conservative or kick it up a notch? Well, Razz will tell you. You have little choice in the matter. But if you want to play the game of Razz, you need to be aggressive when the cards are right. I just hope the cards are right.

I kept up my aggressive nature and bubbled in 4th. Part of me is disappointed. I feel I should have made some cash here but the competition was really good. I walked away wondering if I did myself more harm than good. When noticing the situation I was in, I didn't adjust properly. I got my money in with the best hand, but in Razz, that will change quickly. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. 4th place is still good.

Damn good heading into the Summer Classic. I look forward to meeting everyone.


lucko said...

I am tenacious? You make every single final table! Well done again.

Wish I could join you guys for the Summer Classic. I know it would be a blast!

Have fun, but play lousy! Just kidding, I like the challenge, kick some ass out there.

Chilly said...

What is your Summer Classic Itiniery? I'll buy the Friday 11 am buffet.

I hit town around 6 or 7 on Thursday.

StatikKling said...

Yea.. its amazing how fast a killer Razz hand can sour... Or whne you are short stacked, getting the high card and having to bring in 6 out of 10 hands as one of the short stacks also stinks! But hey, SOMEONE has to bring in! :)

StB said...

I am in Vegas on Thursday around 11.

Anonymous said...

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