Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maybe Omaha is the secret

I officially nominate that Omaha Hi/Lo be the next online game for the WPBT POY events.

I had some fun with it last night. I think it helped distract me from my losing streak on the FTP token tournies. I realized I was being too aggressive early on in those games. I would pound pots with the best hand just to be sucked out on. It looked like I was continuing to steal and people would call me. They would hit their two outer and I was done in 5 hands. Kinda like seeing the clown raise with 5 5 and then call an all in bet from A Koff. Amazing play from both guys. Well done sirs!

While I had waited for the token tourney to begin, I opend up a low limit Omaha hi/lo game to kill some time. Thing was, I totally enjoyed it. By no means am I a great Omaha player but I think I have the basics down and understand some of the strategies. The number of people calling down with just a pair of aces was mind boggling. I will be doing that more often.

I should have been playing some Omaha when the PokerSavvy freeroll started. I was treading water just fine until I raised it up with J 10 suited. I get called in two spots. Flop is Q high, all diamonds. I continue bet and get called in one spot. Turn is J, giving me trips. I bet the pot. River is a diamond. I call to see what the guy has. Q 8 off, with a diamond. Man, I hate freerolls. Yeah, calling on the end wasn't a bright idea but some joker playing crap cards and catching will always tick you off.

Maybe Drizz and Al are onto something with those 4 card games.


drewspop said...

I didn't think my push that early with AKo was that bad. The structure was aggressive and the chip stacks started so low. Oh well, the results speak for themselves I guess. Guess that is why I am a donkey.

CJ said...

Considering I fell to back-to-back two outers on the river to get knocked out of the Mookie last night... maybe Omaha is what the doctor ordered. I played a big MTT of O/8 limit and finished 26th (18 paid). I was pissed I didn't cash, but I went deep.

Drizztdj said...

LO8 is more about knowing what hands you can show down vs. which people.

For example if I 3 bet something you can be 99.9% sure I have at the very least 1/2 the pot locked up.

If you see some donkey showing down one pair in a multi-way pot, you probably get by with much lesser holdings.

If you ever need a quick "what should do here?" I'm happy to help out.

StB said...

Drew, the hand I am referring to is not from the Savvy freeroll, but a FTP SnG earlier in the night.

Nice finish CJ. Still not ITM, but a high finish in a game that may not be your best still has a good feel.

I may take you up on that Drizz. I plan on getting the Ray Zee (?) book soon to hone some kind of Omaha skill.

Buffalo66 said...

Welcome to the dark side (of split pot poker)!

I think the overall level of competition is much weaker in split pot. More cards, more pots = more information to make decisions = more skill, less luck.

If you're going to pick up O8, shoot me an email, I know a great calculator you might like to use.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Hey man...took me a while to get over here this week. Just wanted to personally let you know that that MATH bitchslap of my boys by your whores taught me a whole new level of tilt. Still have not completely recovered!

See ya at DADI.