Sunday, June 18, 2006

PStars blogger freeroll

Coming into the PokerStars blogger freeroll, I was afraid I would get knocked out by some grandma who has a gardening blog. It was open to anyone with a blog, not poker blogs. I made an early mistake by underestimating the competition to begin with. There were some good players even though it was an easy table to start. Quite tight.

I chipped up quickly until I got disconnected. Crap! That totally took my momentum away. 10 minutes later I was back on.

I quickly got back into the fray by playing the first hand I got, A Q. But that runs into A A and I lose most of my stack when the case A hits the turn. But on the next hand I double up with 10 10 vs 9 9. Still below the starting stack though.

I double up just before the first break when my 9 9 holds on to beat A K. Back to where I started. Now I need to double up just to get back into a position to make a move. I am currently in 754 place with 1497 left. How pathetic.

I then get moved to a table with Dugglebogey but that only lasted a couple of hands and I get moved to another table that had just 2 live players. I am able to chip up there over 2k, but still need to double through someone.

Soon I am moved again and again, finally settling on a table with Bill Rini. I don't get much to play though. When I get something did get a decent hand, 7 7, I had to fold to a big re-raise. But soon enough I would get some snowmen, 8 8 and double through to over 3k. Still way below an average stack of 8600.

You know, folding your way through a poker event is no fun. The string of crap cards just keep coming. I finally get the 8s again. But this time I run into A A. The A on the turn seals it and I am done in 420th place.

Man, did I play badly today. Got nothing going once I was disconnected and got no where close to seeing a player with a bounty on their head.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey StB, looks like I went out just a few minutes earlier than you in 465th place. My story is very similar to yours, except I did get dealt AA early on in the tournament and win a decent pot with it. Otherwise, it was 7% of flops for 90 minutes until i mercifully ended for me. And I too didn't even sniff a bounty blogger all night, except if I went out and observed their table. Oh well, next year man.

You should come play in my pokerstars weekly homegame tonight, man. Love to have you.

StB said...

I will be playing the MATH one of these nights. The late start is bad for me (up at 5:30).

djw said...

Just be glad that some drunken loser like 'dejauu' didn't finish higfher up.