Friday, June 30, 2006

Rough tournament time

The limit games were good. The O8 not too bad. But the tournaments were rough. I think they left a bruise. I am going to try so hard to write this up without making it a series of bad beats. I don't want to owe a bunch of people a buck.

DADI was not kind to me. I started on the loose side until DuggleBogey slapped me back. I dumped a third of my stack and tightened up. But then the board turned on me. I would have good hands but the board would show possible straights and flushes to easily beat my set or two pair, forcing me to fold. It was quite frustrating.

But not as when Fishy McDonk hit his 6 to complete the straight to basically put me down and out. It happens. It sucks, but it happens. If my hand held up, I would be pumped up to get back in the running. Instead I was out 2 hands later when J J ran into A K and Sox Lover ended with quads to rub it in and me out of the DADI.

As the DADI was going on, I was also playing a tournament over on Full Contact Poker. $10 buy in with $2500 added in. First place was over $1000 with 30 places paying (lowest at $56) and just 183 runners. I was cruising along, sitting in the top 15 at the end of the first break. Things were going well. My big hands held up, I hit some draws and played a nice tight aggressive game. Well, tight except for dropping the Hammer on them once.

I was quite card dead in the second hour. I picked up some blinds here and there but had nothing to truly push back with. Thus when UTG popped it, I was more than happy to re-raise with the Hiltons in the BB. He insta-called with......9 9? A 9 hit right away and I went from the top to the bottom quickly. I didn't mind the beat that much. It was the insta-call that got me. Basically a "I don't give a fuck anymore" kind of call.

I treaded some more water with my small stack, picking up some blinds, looking to double up. I went out when a big stack called my all in with the powerhouse 10 4o. My 7s were quickly crushed by the doorcard. I don't fault the big stack for calling. He could eliminate someone that looked to be stealing from the button. It only cost him 700 more. Just an ugly way to go.


Grinditout said...

Hey, fellow Milwaukee poker blogger here, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. I also work downtown Milwaukee (Northwestern Mutual).

Go Brewers

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