Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Liver training

With Vegas coming up, Summerfest has been a great way to train the liver. Lord know I will be imbibing a bit while in Sin City so I felt the need to put my liver into training in hopes in doesn't get shocked by what hits it. Then again, it has held up in the past so it should be fine this weekend.

Which leads me to point out the finer points for anyone hitting a live WPBT event for the first time.

First, drink on your own pace. There are a number of professional drinkers in the field here. It is not your mission to keep up with anyone. By no means should you feel like you need to. Drink at you own pace. Never feel like you need to keep up with anyone.

Second, if someone is doing shots or drinking their booze neat, don't try to copy or match them if that is not what you do. You are in Vegas to have a good time and meet people, not to keep up with someone to prove a point. Drink in moderation.

Finally, if you are tired and want to call it a day, do so. There is no embarrassment in calling it a night when you are done. You will most likely be better off the next day when you are refreshed and taking some good coin off a tourist at the poker tables.

Simply put, be smart in Vegas to have a good time.

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lucko said...

Good Luck in Vegas!

Wish I was going out with you guys. I am planning on joining you guys out there in December.

Have a blast!