Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What tournaments?

I played pretty poorly in the tournament in Vegas. All I have to show for it is a gaudy Ballys shirt. That sucks.

I felt my poker play was dead on during the trip. But I made one really bad bet against Otis, and one stupid all in move when I knew what my opponent had flopped a set of kings to beat my pocket aces. It may be good therapy to go over those later.

Still had a great time though. Met up with some great friends from the past and met new people.

The Ballys tournament was a joke. They had over 1100 people signed up and switched to a shootout on the first day and a half with a final regular tournament for the winners. The grumpy old bitch felt it was a great idea to call my huge bet with A 9o. When the flop came A K 9 and she bet out, I knew she had two pair and I should have folded. Instead I pushed in anger. A couple hands later I was done and walking over to the Bellagio to play some limit.

But now it is back to the real world of online poker. I may have some other stories to tell but only after I clear them with my lawyer.

Go read Pauly if for some reason you are not. He took some of us to an awesome little Italian place at the Forum shops where I had a chicken parm that was killer. The gelato wasn't bad either.

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