Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tournament at the Bourbon Street Casino?

I was watching Daniel Negreanu's video blog this morning and couldn't help but chuckle. He was talking about the WPT lawsuit and rambling on about how the players are wrong and it is a case they cannot win.

One item he pointed out was how the WPT had signed up the MGM resorts to only allow WPT televised events happen at their casinos. Nothing wrong with that, it is a business deal. DN then goes on to say it isn't a big deal because any place can have their own tournaments for these players to play at. The Barbary Coast could host a tournament. Bourbon Street could hold a tournament.

Bourbon Street? Where amongst the rubble? The place has been torn down. But hey, their website is still alive!

Guess Daniel doesn't go where the little people go.

I have seen a number of comments on blogs that held the same opinion. They wished that Phil Hellmuth would have lost just so they could have seen him cry. It is amazing how many people do not like this guy simply because of his confidence (read by many as arrogance) and success. Who hasn't blown up when hit by a bad beat after a bad play from an opponent?

I met Phil a year or two ago. Seemed like a really nice guy. His peers enjoy his company as well. People want to think he is the same guy at the table as in real person and hate him for it. I just wonder why. C'mon people, he was one of the first to donate to For Peyton. Have many other big name pros?

In the end, like him or not, you need to respect his playing ability. Or you can stew in your own jealousy. If you could make the kind of cash he is by the way he is acting, you probably would.


Easycure said...

The guy is seriously a wicked good poker player. And he's entertaining, to say the least. He's great for TV, and he's not the ass that Sheiky is.

Long live The Brat!

Huge Junk said...

I agree. Definitely wanted to see him win it and I wouldn't mind seeing him win the Main Event either. Although I have some cash riding on Gavin Smith to make the final table. 110-1. Phil was 30-1 and I dropped $5 on him.

Chilly said...

People don't give PH enough credit for lampooning himself. Look at the 2002 head shaving and his participation in the Fillmaff videos.

He knows what he is and isn't afraid to poke fun at it.