Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stop them in their tracks

Last night, I found myself sitting at the bar of the local watering hole, watching the Mansion Poker Pro/Am tournament. I think it was John Gale who just hit quad 7s, when a guy who was playing volleyball walks up to the bar to get some beer. I have no idea who he is. He notices I am watching the poker game.

Volleyball guy: "Want to hear about the bad beat I took last night?"
Me: "Sure, but you will have to give me a dollar."
VG: "What?"
Me: "Yeah, you need to give me a dollar if I have to listen to your bad beat story. It's a rule."
VG: "Uh, no." And he walks away.

That is how you save yourself from some unknown twit babbling on about a bad beat story. Enforce the rules.


jjok said...


i think i owe about 4 grand.

Easycure said...

Way to go!

I see a hole in your game, though. Every once in a while you're gonna hear a crappy bad beat story that you should have charged $127 to listen to.

Chilly said...

So Im in the BB with QQ. It limps four ways to me and I pop it. Four callers. Long story short the SB turned trip dueces with Q2o.

You can have my dollar when you put on a g-string and earn it.

TripJax said...