Monday, July 24, 2006

Blah weekend of poker

I actually played some poker this weekend. Didn't win much, didn't lose much. Was pretty much even for the weekend.

I went back to my roots and started playing SnGs again. Whenever I am running rough on the MTT side, it works for me to go back to the beginning and iron things out. I especially thought it would help me with the Ipod tourney but it didn't. I was out early when my flopped straight rain into a full house on the turn. I figure he had trips Qs at best. Oh well. At least Dnasty used my chips to win the thing. Well done sir!

Also played a number of Omaha SnGs as well. Though I am still learning the nuances of the game, the plays I see people making are quite horrible. Calling down with two pair, high pair, calling the pot size bet with 4 outs. I really need to get some reading material on Omaha. I can see how the money can be made playing this game.

I watched part of the Aussie Millions (finally). Wow, there are some bad players on there. How did these guys get on TV? They should be embarrassed. Especially that Minas kid. He is looking like total donkey on the show. Ivey must think he is in heaven.

As the WSOP churns along, I think the biggest surprise to me is the performance of Phil Hellmuth. He is doing everything but winning a bracelet now. Two final tables, multiple cashes. He is playing well for someone who didn't seem to play much at all lately. Would be nice to see him win #10.

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