Friday, July 28, 2006

Make money last night? Absolutely!

After receiving 5691 emails from Absolute Poker about their $750 bonus, I finally decided to make a deposit there and work in earnest on improving my game. I figured if I made some bonus money as I played, it would be a nice add on/buffer against any losses. After I made the deposit, I looked through the bonus rules and realized it highly doubtful I will complete the bonus. After playing about an hour and a half, I had earned only 75 points. Later I would play about 45 minutes of O8 and earn another 30. At that pace, I would need 75 days to clear the entire bonus. That ain't gonna happen. Thankfully they pay out in $10 payments per 100 raked hands so I can earn a good portion of it.

I played 5/10 for just over 90 minutes. Ended up $105. Not too shabby. I was card dead for the first 40 minutes and migrated down as I saw flops mainly from the blinds. But then I caught some cards and had some fishes calling me down. Always a nice feeling to have people raising you when you have flopped a set and they have only top pair.

As I played hold em, I signed up for a Stud freeroll for shits and giggles. Got bored about 2 hours into it and donked my chips off. I got what I wanted to out of it. Some Stud experience. I didn't feel the need to put another couple hours in to win a buck or two.

But as I played Stud, I got bored with the monkey play and opened up some 2/4 O8. Drizz had recommended it and was dead on. Very loose play. All you need to do is play the nuts hard. It was an easy way to collect those bonus points as well. I ended up $33 for playing about 40 minutes. Not too bad for a guy that is still learning.

I believe I really need to get the Ray Zee book that Al and Felicia recommend for playing Stud/Omaha games. In the meantime, I will be scrouging the net for any strategy I can find. Anyone have any good sites for me to read? Beside 2+2.

The big one starts today at the WSOP. If for some reason you have not been reading Pauly or the gang at PokerBlog, you are missing out on some good stuff. Chips counts are boring. Get the real stories from the Amazon Ballroom. And less I forget, the PokerStars blog has been great as well. Otis and Wil are providing some great stories on their players. I wish I had stopped in the suite earlier this month. I would have if I had known they had the Battleship set up going.


Buffalo66 said...

Try for some beginner strategy - but the best site I have found is

The Absolute 2/4 game is almost always going, it's great for clearing bonus. Paradise has the worst O8 players on the planet - much worse than Party.

StB said...

Thanks Buffalo! I have started going over and find it to be useful. I had already checked out Badger's site.

Huge Junk said...

You should check out...

It's a phenomenal site about poker. There is so much poker content that it will literally cause your head to explode. That explains the low number of repeat visitors, but yeah, you should definitely check it out.

Drizztdj said...

The only other suggested place to play would be at Full Tilt above 2/4 BUT only if a pro jumps into a table.

The fanbois are usually horrible and just beg the "name brand pros" to take their money.