Friday, June 29, 2007


I felt like I had played 2 good hours of poker last night in the RiverChasers event. Unfortunately for me, the tournament would last longer than 120 minutes.

I had dodged some bullets and avoided the land mines. I did my best to put Waffles on tilt early by stealing a pot from him. When he did a normal 3x raise from EP, I knew I would call with 9 9 in the SB. Having someone else call along with the BB was just gravy. The flop was 8 high. It checked to Waffles who c-betted 120. I made a smooth call with every intention to check-raise the turn as long as the card wasn't higher than a Q. It was a small card. I checked as did the other two. Huh? I now knew A K was no good and it was possible that the BB had absolute crap. With the river 3, I bet it out and took it down. That was the probably be the best hand I would play all night. I knew I could push him off, especially when he didn't bet the turn. Guess not betting the turn is something one learns that from $1 HU matches.

From there I chipped up a little more before losing some to a full house made on the turn. Can't recall who it was that took my chips but I thought they played the hand very well. With two Jacks on the board, the check on the turn had me thinking they may have hit their A. I was shocked to see the boat. Probably could have gotten more off of me. Hell, I even thought about popping the river bet, but decided not to be a total idiot like most of the field.

I would recover from that debacle and make my way back into the top 15. I would stay there until I hit my own tilt moment. My notes on this player told me he was an absolute goof. Wild and lucky; not bright at all. Thus, I started re-raising him a lot. If he limped, I would raise. If he raised, I would re-raise with any face cards. It was working well. Thus when he tried to raise in a blatant re-steal attempt, I had no problem insta-calling with A Qo. My read was solid as he turned over 9 4 sooooted. He promptly went runner runner flush to cripple me. Sonnoffabitch!

From there I would float aimlessly like a piece of driftwood in a river. Chipped back up but didn't see any cards that were remotely playable. That part pissed me off. I had read Miami Don's post about his Venetian score. I paid particular attention to what he did with a mini stack and how he was willing to toss it in with just about anything. I was going to follow that strategy but it is hard when everything is a 10 2, J 4, or Q 3. Especially when the pots are raised before you can act. So when I found something that was remotely nice, A 10s, I would find myself up against 10 10. Done in 15.

I had fun last night. Did my share of re-stealing of pots, made some erratic bets to confuse and was satisfied with my play. With a couple of tokens sitting around, I really need to play one of the guaranteed events on FTP. I haven't played them in a long time and had some success there. I don't know if I will be able to play the Big Game on Sunday. I should be down at Summerfest drinking and catching some good music.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It is a cash

I finally cashed in a RiverChasers HORSE event today. I played most of them over the last couple of months and would make the final table and then bubble on the cash. Though it was only a fourth place finish, I will take it.

I led a good chunk of the tournament too. I got some nice hands and was able to consistently chip up. I had reached a high of 24k when most people were still below 10k. But when the blinds got up there, my hands started to fall. In the Stud events I was running two pair up against straights or sets. It felt like nothing was going to hold up. Before I knew it, I was down to just 3k. That was a heck of a drop.

But I fought back. It started with pocket 4s that managed to hold up against A Q. From there I played a nice conservative game. Sadly, it was the Stud portion that led to my demise. Three Kings ran into 3 Aces. Ouch!

Big congratulations to Mike Maloney for the win. He played a nice final table. You couldn't tell if he was just stealing or if he had a good hand. He mixed it up well.

Also, congrats to Pauly for his cash at the WSOP. Took 119 in one of the donkaments. Well done Pauly! Wading through a crowd of donkeys is a hell of a feat!

Also need to congratulate Blinders and Joe Speaker. Along with Pauly, they have launch a cool fantasy sports game- Fantasy Sports Live. Like fantasy sports? Like poker? Just like a Reeces peanut butter cup, they took two great games and combined them into one. Check it out!

Bonus code STB will get you 10 bucks on a deposit of $50. Deposit more and get a bigger bonus.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waffle free radio

For once, it isn't a I-busted-out-of-the-Mookie early posts. I went deep last night, all the way to 13th place. I was somewhat content with my play, but not totally happy.

I seem to find the wrong spot to either try to steal or put pressure on a player who has a monster. I guess my late game reads are going for shit right now. For example, I was over 6k when there was a raise in EP. I figure this person was trying to get some chips with a small pair so I re-raised with 7 7. They had A A.

This is a spot where I should have been either folding or calling and folding on the flop. Instead I played the greed card and gave away half of my stack. Not a good thing. I really need to work on patience and find the right spots to hit. Being aggressive is good, but finding the right time to hit is critical.

Later on in the Dookie, I would play loose, wild and free. Lots of raising with big pairs instead of solid O8 hands. It was a small buy in so I got my money worths of fun. I just need to learn to buckle down and take it slow and easy.

I listened to the Buddy Dank radio show as the tourney went on. It was good to hear the commentary of what was happening at the other tables. It provided another dimension to the game. Until they got Waffles on there and then it became a snooze fest. Unless you like to hear the best strategies for winning $1 HU SnGs or a full $6 SnG. Between him and the whisky, I was ready to pass out.

And what is with the music selection Dank has? It looks like he took over the apartment of a hippy lesbian that left her CD collection behind. More Melissa Etheridge than Metallica? He must have taken time to go around the country following the old Lillith Fair tour. Next thing you know he will have videos of the Indigo Girls playing. Need better tunes. Much better tunes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


After reading Pauly's comments about the donkfests that the $1500 NL tournaments at the WSOP have become, it really got me to thinking. Specifically, if I don't like to play online tournaments with over 1000 players, why would I want to play one live? Sure playing in the WSOP would be fun, but do I really want to try and out last 2000 players over a couple of days? Having read Hoy's comments about needed to ease his body and mind on a dinner break, the answer is quite simply, no. Hell, with all I drink, I would be drunk by the end of the first day and pushing with anything.

A couple days ago, I had a revelation. If I would win an entry into any WSOP event, I know exactly which one it would be. Razz. That might be the one game where any blogger could compete against the top players and make a good run if they got lucky.

Plus, after following PokerStar's Katja Thater's Razz run, it seems to be the most logical event to enter. Damn did she play well in such a frustrating game. But with 300 players avoiding bricks, it would appear to be the best event to catch a bracelet. As long as you are not at Katja's table that is.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing the rush

Both the Mookie and RiverChaser tournaments were total abominations for me last week. I played little poker because of it. Did some Triple Draw and went south. Tried some SnGs that didn't pay off. Thus when I finally got on a rush, I went for it.

The game wasn't poker though. It was a booze raffle at the church festival.

Saturday night is when I hit my rush. I won my first bottle of booze right away, good old number 6, the last paddle bought. I came right back with a quick second win. I knew the streak was good and real. How could I stop now? Only 2 bucks a paddle. 4 bottles of booze being won every round. I was finally on a rush and had to keep going.

The rest of the people began to fear me as bottle after bottle was pushed my way. The cute brunette on the side was eyeing me up. She noticed who her competition was and looked to be changing up her play. Others stayed away. It took some time to sell the rest of the paddles one they saw I was in. When I won a bottle of wine on the next draw, I think I heard someone say "Same winners all the time!"

But like all good things, even rushes come to an end. The paddles soon went cold. I stepped away, booked my win and went off for another beer.

It did feel good to win again.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Chicago Poker

If anyone is in the Chicago area and would like to take a shot at some live tournaments that benefit charities, here is a list and the info you need.

Check out Chicago Poker Consultants @
Here you can find poker events scheduled in the Chicagoland area and post your
own events. Email us your event and we will post it on the website!!

///Upcoming Events///

Poker @ the Tap: Benefiting Chicagoland Charities
325 N. Jefferson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60606

$50 buy-ins plus additional buy-ins
Cash prizes
Feature Tournament @ 6:30 PM
Cash Games
Sit-n-Go Table Tournaments

all events 6-11 PM
Tuesday, June 19, 2007 (benefiting Clearbrook)
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Links Presents:
Poker and Blackjack @ The Pyramid Club
236 W. Lake St.
Addison, IL 60101

Saturday, all times 2 P.M. – 2 A.M.
July 21, 2007
August 4, 2007
August 25, 2007

Sit-n-Go Tournaments
Two Blackjack Tables

Feature Tournament @ 5 PM: Double Shotgun Tourney
- 9 Tables, winner of each table gets seat at feature table and starts w/ $1000
in chips
- Start w/ $1000 in chips, $50 more to add on and double chips
- No add ons and re-buys once feature tourney starts

More information at: &

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I didn't last long enough to call it the Mookie. I believe I was in all of 17 minutes. Ran K K into A K and saw not one A, but a second as well to knock me out. All the money was in preflop and Zeem drew out. So it goes.

Now maybe I got spoiled by live tournament play this past weekend, but didn't these blinds go up pretty fast? Full Tilt has 10 minutes levels? Guess I never realized it before. I thought they were 15.

After the WPBT tournament on Saturday, I headed over with some of the guys to the Tilted Kilt before heading out to dinner. Just before I left, I realized I was sitting with some of the power brokers in the poker reporting world. Dr. Pauly of Tao of Poker fame was sitting across from me. On my far left was the Poker Prof of LasVegasVegas. You want to know what is going in Vegas? Poker, shows, shopping, news, pics? It is all at LasVegas Vegas. Also across from me was Dan Michalski of Pokerati. Though he didn't have a pink shirt on, it was nice to talk with him. His people have been attacking the WSOP both at the table and around. Spaceman from Bluff was at the far end with Rachel, the newly crowned WPBT Champion. Grubby, the bloggers slot expet- hey have I got a nice story for you on playing the Wheel of Fortune machine. Only people missing were Otis from Pokerstars and the Wicked Chops boys. Not that I left Change100 out, she of Pokerworks and Pokernews. I ran into her as I was leaving the Kilt.

Toss in the many other people I met for the first time on this trip- bayne, brainmc (you still owe me a beer), Irongirl, Alan's brother John, Poker Gnome, some of the Full Tilt forum people at the IP, among everyone else. Apologies for not listing you. A trip that I thought I may be disappointed with turned out to be very good.

Guess Metal Skool and strippers can do that for you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tournaments weren't good

There isn't much to say about the tournaments I played while in Vegas. Binions 2 am saw me out around 22 of 33. I may have notes at home on what happened but it doesn't matter. I believe I took a heck of a beat that crippled me.

I played in the World Poker Classic on Thursday. The H.O.R.S.E bucked me pretty good. Played loose in the H & O and found myself not hitting at all. So I tightened up. Really tightened up. It was until two hours into the tournament that I won my first hand in the Stud portion. It was that bad. I would soon be out when the H got back around. I played poorly in this event. No ifs, and, or buts about it.

The WPBT tournament was a cluster fuck. Bad structure and a dick for a director. I started off well. With Grubby on my right and bayne on my left, I knew I couldn't get too tricky. I chipped up early by restealing from Grubby when he acted like he would muck then tried to buy the pot. Even got away with laying down the Hammer and getting the pot with a pair of 7s.

But with the tournament in turbo mode, I knew I either had to chip up quickly or have no chance to get deep. I was willing to gamble to get there. When Fuel55 got aggressive, I followed his act. He pointed out that at level 3, we basically had an M of 10. So, I raised with 7 7 in EP and called his push. I knew I had him covered and if I won the hand, I would run over the table. I expected to see A high from him but was surprised to see J J. Ouch! The flop was live for both of us- 8 9 10. I caught a nice 6 on the turn for my straight. But in grand suck and resuck fashion, a Q hit to give Fuel the higher straight. Two hands later I would be out. Such is the game.

Ironically, cash game were better for me, especially playing the 1/2 NL at the MGM and Hooters. In the past I made bad moves, trying to be overly aggressive and push people around or make calls when I knew I was beat but talked myself out of it. I listened to what Blood had to say. If he said the table was beatable if I played conservatively, I went with it. I guess that is why I even sat down at the 2/5 at the Rio late one night.

Following his advice, I played some straight forward poker to begin with. Nothing fancy, nothing aggro. Once I got a read for the table, I began to loosen up against certain players. Yep, play the players, not the cards. I got a feel for who I could push off a hand, who I could maximize value with, who I should avoid, etc. I came away with a feeling of confidence. In fact, there was only one hand that I wish I would have played differently.

2/5 NL at the Rio. Again, Blood told me to take a seat saying I could handle the higher stakes with these players. I was up about $50 when I decided to call 10 more from the BB with 10 7s. Flop came 10 high. I decided I was going to check raise the guy. He didn't seem strong and I felt my 10 was good. He bet 30 and I raised to 75. He called. Maybe I should have raised more. I then checked the turn. Here is where I think I made a mistake. I should have bet out, showing strength. I believe he may have folded. He checked behind and the river was checked as well. He showed A 10 for the win. Would anyone have been more aggressive there?

Apart from that hand, I was pleased with my NL game this trip. I look forward to developing it next time I am out there. I may even make a trip to the Indian casino in town.

I only played a bit of limit at the MGM. 4/8 on a very loose table. I felt like I was just unlucky. People kept hitting on the turn and beating me. I didn't play my best because of that. Plus, I had to sit next to the mimosa drinking Falstaff. Guess that explains the skirt! But I got the waitress to call him mimosa boy and had her ask the bartender if he wanted to see the lady that was pounding down the girlie drinks.

Final thing. Big congrats to Mrs. Spaceman! She took down the WPBT event in a very tough, entertaining match up with Grubette. The head to head battle was very exciting to watch as these ladies dumped my horse at the table. Yeah, I bet on Waffles to take it down and had confidence he would. But a suckout later he was done. At least I had some side action against Grubette. Nothing against her, I just took a bet against the huge stack from winning it all. Once again, congrats to Rachel for the win.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Tournaments were bad. Especially the abortion that was the WPBT at the Orleans. Worst. Tournament. Ever. Falstaff did a great job with setting it up but the tournament director at the Orleans was a complete dick. Man, was he an asshole.

Cash games good. Miami Don was right. Things were on the soft side. That is why I avoided confrontations with other bloggers.

Dealer choice with bloggers at the was a drunkfest. Or at least I was but what do you expect. Downing Makers Mark for 5 hours prior to showing up can do that to you.

Oh, and Metal Skool totally fuckin' rocked!!! It was a great time hanging with Blood and hearing some good music.

More later.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Played like a fiddle

I had some fun in the last Wheatie. Wasn't playing tight, nor was I playing loose. I think my table would disagree with my claim of not playing loose. I was a tad loose in the blinds, but played like a rock from early position. When the time seemed right to snag a pot with air, I took it. I guess my instinct was on during the first hour.

But it left me in the second. I made a terrible play and got bounced. I didn't think about the hand my opponent had when I made the call. I was in the SB with around 3k and had been dealt A Jo. There was a raise from MP. I called to see a flop of K K x. It checked around. With the turn J, I bet half the pot, around 550. I was quickly raised.

That should have been the flashing light to get on out. I would still have enough chips to pick and choose a place to get back into the tournament. I was far from being crippled.

Instead I made a hasty decision. I put him on a mid pair and pushed. He flipped A Ks and I was done. My opponent played me like a fiddle.

I should know better than that. Laying down that hand isn't hard. I would have been alive and with an M around 15, could have found a better spot to make a play. But I had fun.

Big thanks to Wil for hosting these tournaments over the last couple years. It has been a good time. I can proudly say I won two of the Wheaties, though I am still awaiting my bracelets for doing so.

Now I need to sit at work for the next 7.5 hours. I won't get much done. My head is already in Vegas. Before the Wheatie last night I played some hold em, both limit and NL. I intend to play both out there. I know my NL game is weaker but I have had some success out there in the past. It has been my overplaying of hands that has cost me money. I know I can overcome that crutch. Hopefully I learn more this weekend and have some success.

I look forward to meeting new people out there. Just look for the guy with the Drinking for Jesus shirt on Thursday or the Brewers jersey on Saturday. I will be more than happy to buy you a drink.

Monday, June 04, 2007

3 days

3 days. That is what separates me from Las Vegas. 3 days of work.

Maybe I should put it in a better light.

69. Most people like that number a bit better.

69 hours until I should be at the Rio, cold beer in hand, looking to get my gamble on.

I know it will be quite a bit different this time around. It is the changing of the guard. Quite a number of people that had attended each event will not be present. That really sucks. That means I won't have the chance to spend time with old friends. I will have to spend the first night drinking until the sun rises. I will have to find someone to throw the dice with. Play Pai Gow with. To go see Metal Skool.

It would seem the crowd that is going out this time is more intent on playing poker than socializing. I will get some hours in at the tables, but the best part of the last couple WPBT events have been at the bars. Whether it be the Sake bar at the IP or the sports book bar at the MGM, it has been the conversations around the bar that are remembered most. Not the action at the tables. Something inside me says that may be different this year.

I hope not.

I look forward to meeting a new group of people. I know that someone is going to want to get their drunk on. Or at least do some drunken bowling.

Goals for this week...
  • Watch Blood play some NL. I am a total donkey at the NL cash tables. I need all the help I can get, especially with all the action that will be out there.
  • Win the majority of my baseball bets. The Milwaukee Brewers will be playing the Texas Rangers in Arlington. It should be easy money as the Brew Crew has a knack for beating up weak teams. They struggle against good team. But with this on the road, there are no sure things.
  • But Pauly, Change, Otis, Jason and others covering the WSOP a drink at a small token of thanks for the work they are doing.
  • Make money at Pai Gow. Or at least get nice and drunk doing so. Pai Gow is a drinking game. You will push a lot of hands. If you lost a lot, that is just really bad luck. One can spend a number of hours drinking Maker's Mark and ginger ale and catch a terrific buzz at a Pai Gow table. I intend to do just that.
  • Play a daily tournament somewhere. Don't know which one or the buy in but I will play a live tournament other than Saturday's game.

I just need to get through the next 69 hours.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Wrong time to gamble

I was doing ok in the Riverchasers tournament last night. Was. I gambled in two spots and was out. All I wanted to do was last long enough to hear the new Poison album that I was obtaining, but I couldn't do that.

In both gambles, I made a mistake. In the first, I misinterpreted some tight play for a short stack push. Yes, he was short stacked but I hadn't noticed he wasn't playing many hands. I made a call with A 7s in the BB and found myself up against A Ko. Though after the turn I had both a straight and flush draw, neither would hit. I didn't mind that one too much. I wanted to gamble and went with it.

In the second gamble, I thought I could push TripJax off his hand. It looked like a steal from the button as he had been raising a lot. So with J 10o, I pushed back. He bet about a third of his chips and I didn't think he would call. I was a bit surprised that he insta-called with K 10, but later thought I might make the same move. Probably not but I might.

At the very least, I have learned a bit. The middle rounds of these tournaments have been rough on me. I lose patience and try to chip up with not-so-great hands. Hopefully I get this out of my system by the time I land in Vegas. Just 5 days now.