Friday, June 01, 2007

Wrong time to gamble

I was doing ok in the Riverchasers tournament last night. Was. I gambled in two spots and was out. All I wanted to do was last long enough to hear the new Poison album that I was obtaining, but I couldn't do that.

In both gambles, I made a mistake. In the first, I misinterpreted some tight play for a short stack push. Yes, he was short stacked but I hadn't noticed he wasn't playing many hands. I made a call with A 7s in the BB and found myself up against A Ko. Though after the turn I had both a straight and flush draw, neither would hit. I didn't mind that one too much. I wanted to gamble and went with it.

In the second gamble, I thought I could push TripJax off his hand. It looked like a steal from the button as he had been raising a lot. So with J 10o, I pushed back. He bet about a third of his chips and I didn't think he would call. I was a bit surprised that he insta-called with K 10, but later thought I might make the same move. Probably not but I might.

At the very least, I have learned a bit. The middle rounds of these tournaments have been rough on me. I lose patience and try to chip up with not-so-great hands. Hopefully I get this out of my system by the time I land in Vegas. Just 5 days now.

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