Sunday, June 24, 2007

It is a cash

I finally cashed in a RiverChasers HORSE event today. I played most of them over the last couple of months and would make the final table and then bubble on the cash. Though it was only a fourth place finish, I will take it.

I led a good chunk of the tournament too. I got some nice hands and was able to consistently chip up. I had reached a high of 24k when most people were still below 10k. But when the blinds got up there, my hands started to fall. In the Stud events I was running two pair up against straights or sets. It felt like nothing was going to hold up. Before I knew it, I was down to just 3k. That was a heck of a drop.

But I fought back. It started with pocket 4s that managed to hold up against A Q. From there I played a nice conservative game. Sadly, it was the Stud portion that led to my demise. Three Kings ran into 3 Aces. Ouch!

Big congratulations to Mike Maloney for the win. He played a nice final table. You couldn't tell if he was just stealing or if he had a good hand. He mixed it up well.

Also, congrats to Pauly for his cash at the WSOP. Took 119 in one of the donkaments. Well done Pauly! Wading through a crowd of donkeys is a hell of a feat!

Also need to congratulate Blinders and Joe Speaker. Along with Pauly, they have launch a cool fantasy sports game- Fantasy Sports Live. Like fantasy sports? Like poker? Just like a Reeces peanut butter cup, they took two great games and combined them into one. Check it out!

Bonus code STB will get you 10 bucks on a deposit of $50. Deposit more and get a bigger bonus.

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