Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waffle free radio

For once, it isn't a I-busted-out-of-the-Mookie early posts. I went deep last night, all the way to 13th place. I was somewhat content with my play, but not totally happy.

I seem to find the wrong spot to either try to steal or put pressure on a player who has a monster. I guess my late game reads are going for shit right now. For example, I was over 6k when there was a raise in EP. I figure this person was trying to get some chips with a small pair so I re-raised with 7 7. They had A A.

This is a spot where I should have been either folding or calling and folding on the flop. Instead I played the greed card and gave away half of my stack. Not a good thing. I really need to work on patience and find the right spots to hit. Being aggressive is good, but finding the right time to hit is critical.

Later on in the Dookie, I would play loose, wild and free. Lots of raising with big pairs instead of solid O8 hands. It was a small buy in so I got my money worths of fun. I just need to learn to buckle down and take it slow and easy.

I listened to the Buddy Dank radio show as the tourney went on. It was good to hear the commentary of what was happening at the other tables. It provided another dimension to the game. Until they got Waffles on there and then it became a snooze fest. Unless you like to hear the best strategies for winning $1 HU SnGs or a full $6 SnG. Between him and the whisky, I was ready to pass out.

And what is with the music selection Dank has? It looks like he took over the apartment of a hippy lesbian that left her CD collection behind. More Melissa Etheridge than Metallica? He must have taken time to go around the country following the old Lillith Fair tour. Next thing you know he will have videos of the Indigo Girls playing. Need better tunes. Much better tunes.


lj said...

hahahahaha. i heart waffles, but i lost my shit reading your fifth paragraph (as in, people walking by my office are giving me funny looks). and just when i thought your post couldn't get any funnier i read paragraph 6. good shit.

Anonymous said...

Too funny STB.

Boring Waffles vs Hippy Lesbian is a tough call.