Monday, June 04, 2007

3 days

3 days. That is what separates me from Las Vegas. 3 days of work.

Maybe I should put it in a better light.

69. Most people like that number a bit better.

69 hours until I should be at the Rio, cold beer in hand, looking to get my gamble on.

I know it will be quite a bit different this time around. It is the changing of the guard. Quite a number of people that had attended each event will not be present. That really sucks. That means I won't have the chance to spend time with old friends. I will have to spend the first night drinking until the sun rises. I will have to find someone to throw the dice with. Play Pai Gow with. To go see Metal Skool.

It would seem the crowd that is going out this time is more intent on playing poker than socializing. I will get some hours in at the tables, but the best part of the last couple WPBT events have been at the bars. Whether it be the Sake bar at the IP or the sports book bar at the MGM, it has been the conversations around the bar that are remembered most. Not the action at the tables. Something inside me says that may be different this year.

I hope not.

I look forward to meeting a new group of people. I know that someone is going to want to get their drunk on. Or at least do some drunken bowling.

Goals for this week...
  • Watch Blood play some NL. I am a total donkey at the NL cash tables. I need all the help I can get, especially with all the action that will be out there.
  • Win the majority of my baseball bets. The Milwaukee Brewers will be playing the Texas Rangers in Arlington. It should be easy money as the Brew Crew has a knack for beating up weak teams. They struggle against good team. But with this on the road, there are no sure things.
  • But Pauly, Change, Otis, Jason and others covering the WSOP a drink at a small token of thanks for the work they are doing.
  • Make money at Pai Gow. Or at least get nice and drunk doing so. Pai Gow is a drinking game. You will push a lot of hands. If you lost a lot, that is just really bad luck. One can spend a number of hours drinking Maker's Mark and ginger ale and catch a terrific buzz at a Pai Gow table. I intend to do just that.
  • Play a daily tournament somewhere. Don't know which one or the buy in but I will play a live tournament other than Saturday's game.

I just need to get through the next 69 hours.


TripJax said...

Have fun ya bastage!

BadBlood said...

Is Metal Skool really playing while we're out there? Seriously? 'cause if so, I am so in.

StB said...

They are playing at the Hard Rock on all Thursdays until July.